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What sets us apart from other medical billing companies is our cutting-edge technology, which anticipates and prevents coding and billing errors while maximizing output. Our experienced personnel apply the most updated guidelines to your claims. As part of our services, we provide automated data entry by integrating with your EHR and providing fully transparent Revenue Cycle Management reports.


Medbillingusa understands the multifaceted needs of their clients and offers a wide range of services to fit each individual practice and specialty. We have the medical billing skills, experience, and resources to provide solutions that simultaneously increase revenue and productivity while reducing cost. We bring value to our clients by implementing industry best practices, streamlining decision making and providing top-notch timely medical billing management services.

We are your certified billing and collections experts providing complete revenue cycle management for your practice. By putting us to work, you will enjoy substantial cost savings, improved collections, increased efficiency and productivity, better transparency and control leading to higher profit margins and consistent cash flow. This will provide more time to dedicate to your practice and focus on the most important aspect- your patients.

At Medbillingusa, no medical billing job is too small or too big. We have medical billing experience in every specialty. Give us a call today to discuss your medical billing needs and take advantage of the medical billing services that Medbillingusa has to offer!

Medbillingusa is a Medical Billing and Medical Coding company. It serves medical doctors, clinics, and hospitals as a Revenue Cycle Management Consulting company. We are innovative in helping providers, small to big size clinics & Hospitals in implementing EHR/PM Software, Billing, Coding service & Transcription services.

At Medbillingusa, we collaborate with our customers and partners to accelerate the journey to a value-based medical billing system. We partner with our customers to reduce costs, build efficiencies, and efficiently manage complex workflows. We embrace technology to solve problems that makes the medical practices and our billing more efficient and productive.

Our Vision

To be a leader in health information systems and services. To be your preferred medical billing partner and provide innovative solutions to streamline operations utilizing industry standards and best practices thus maximizing revenues and savings and minimizing expenses and liabilities. To proudly serve every healthcare facility small or large by partnering with Physicians, Hospitals, EMS, Specialists and transform the clinical and administrative operations to save time and effort and maximize value and returns.

Our Mission

To be an extension to the medical facilities and practices and to keep medical billing and coding simple, efficient, and cost effective. We will introduce industry best practices to increase revenue percentage and patient satisfaction. We understand that it is mutually beneficial to correctly bill, collect and maximize revenues as we help you help us.

Our Plan

To increase your revenues by filing medical claims within 24 hours electronically; consistent follow-ups to make sure claims are paid within weeks and to lower the cost of billing. Provide simple, graphical, and intuitive online reports that give a snapshot of your Revenue cycle management focusing on increased bottom line.


By utilizing our experience and best practices, we accelerate the revenue cycle management process leading to increased cash flow and collections, faster payments, higher productivity, and reduced costs.

Typical benefits realized by healthcare practice are:

  • Increased Cash flow cycle
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced non-medical staff
  • Reduced technology related expenses
  • Reduced compensation, insurance, and other employee benefits
  • Training cost elimination
  • No cash-flow interruptions because of staff turnover and training
  • Reduced business office and record storage space
  • No long term contracts

Some of the expenses that can be reduced or eliminated:

  • FICA
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Salaries
  • Bonuses and yearly raises
  • Vacation and sick leave
  • Office Space for billing staff
  • Training time and cost
  • HR hiring and firing
  • Technology hardware purchase and upgrade
  • Software licensing fees
  • Clearinghouse fees
  • Stationary
  • Postage


We offer truly Custom and Technology Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Medical Practice.

Medical Coding Services

We offer top quality services in medical coding.

Medbillingusa provides exceptional quality and efficient coding and auditing services to a plethora of customers, including providers, hospitals, and payers. Our intense training, audits, compliance, and education are what sets us apart from the competition in being able to offer top quality services in medical coding.

Charge Entry Systems

We have a clean claim rate of 97%!

Once the charge-entry team receives the coding they enter and file the claim within 24 hours. Before being sent to the payer, another audit is performed to ensure everything is in order.


We follow up until the claim is paid.

Our team starts following up in a timely manner to verify that the insurance company recieved the claim. We make sure every claim has been recieved by the payer and will be processed.

Payment Posting

We will keep your receivables upto date

When we receive Explanation Of Benefits from the insurance company, your records will be updated immediately enabling you to access revenue stream information on real time basis.

Denial Management

We believe no claim is too small to appeal!

Claims can be denied for any sort of reasons. Claim appeal experts do extensive research and determine what needs to be done to appeal the claim and get it paid. We believe no claim is too small to appeal!

Indexing Medical Records

Information is the biggest element in taking any decision.

We keep accurate medical records to serve our clients the best. Information is the biggest element in taking any decision. By maintaining proper medical records, we help in better decision-making process.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Achieving the goals utilizing revenue cycle management efficiencies.

We will maximize your revenue cycle by efficiently improving the areas of medical billing, medical coding and accounts receivables management. We are experts in Revenue management lifecycle and will improve your practice's financial health by maiximizing and getting the payments faster and minimizing denials from the payer.

Credit Balance Resolution

Valuable information for better decision-making.

Our Credit Balance Resolution helps keep the management up to date with the excess payments received against claims thereby ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Credentialing Services

We make credentialing easy for your practice

Provider credentialing is being able to accept patient's insurance plans and is crucial for healthcare practices success. Medical practices that wish to bill insurance company as an in-network provider must clear their credentialing formalities for physicians and non-physicians. We at Medbillingusa make the credentialing process from difficult to hassle free. We also offer professional medical credentialing for Nurses, Doctors and Physicians.....

Accounts Receivables Collections

Valuable information for better decision-making.

Healthcare providers have large sums tied up in ageing accounts receivable leading to high write-offs and insurance compensations far below expectations. Medbillingusa provides expert professional services for medical accounts receivables. We review the ageing reports to analyze receivables and build strategies to increase collections.

Life cycle management

Need analysis, customer goals.
Business Process reengineering and implement Best practices
Software, hardware and resource analysis
Implementation, migration and transition process
Submit electronic and manual claims after thorough scrubbing
Claims follow-ups
Resubmit unpaid and reduced claims
Appeal and follow up calls for denials and difficult payers
Address aging receivables and patient collections
Provide extensive financial reporting and data analytics


Allergy & Immunology



Family Practice



Internal Medicine



Occupational Therapy


Pain Management


Physical Therapy

Physician Billing & Coding Services




Urgent Care

Medbillingusa IS GREAT FOR YOU

We are your certified billing and collections experts providing complete revenue cycle management for your practice.

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Eighty to Ninety percent of a physician's income today is cycled through medical insurance companies. In today's regulatory environment the majority of physicians do not have the time to keep abreast of the latest regulations as well as developments in Revenue Cycle Management. While you may currently be doing your billing in-house you need to ask yourself these questions?

1) Are we maximizing re-imbursement for the patients we cater to?
2) Do we have the services of a professional coder, who could perhaps catch items that are not presently being billed?
3) Are we presently over-coding, which could possibly cause an audit down the road?
4) Are my office staff members always behind and always playing catch-up, when submitting claims?
5) Are we able to allocate resources to work on Denials and Account Receivables?
6) Have we done a write off analysis, to see if our billing department is writing off denials correctly?
7) Have we done a cash flow analysis, to see how much we would save using an external billing service as against paying for an in-house billing department?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, it is time to contact us and switch.

Our expert team strives in maximizing our client's revenue dollars and minimizing the revenue cycle period in the following ways:

  1. Have your data entry done and claims submitted on a daily basis, as opposed to on a "when time permits" basis.
  2. Have your secondary claims submitted, and balance billed to your patients immediately.
  3. In Coding team, all our Coders are ICD-10 certified. We have a separate coding team to deal with insurance coding-related denials.
  4. Reduce the number of employees involved in doing your billing.
  5. Enable your staff to concentrate on the practice instead of being swamped by the data entry tasks.

All providers have different challenges and goals, so it is important for us to be flexible in the services we provide. Our first priority is to offer services that promote the best interest of your practice in the long term. Our services include:

1) Medical Coding Services.
2) Authorization Process.
3) Patient Registration/Demographic Entry.
4) Charge entry Services.
5) Electronic Claims transmission.
6) Insurance Benefits & Eligibility Verification.
7) Payment Posting.
8) Accounts Receivable Management.
9) Denial Management.
10) Indexing Medical Records.
11) Patient AR Management.
12) Facility/Physician Credentialing.
13) Credit Balance Resolution.

Fees are based on a percentage of your receipts. The success of us is tied to the success of the practice; We do not get paid unless you get paid. The percentage charged is based on many factors - specialty type, average adjusted charges, volume, interface capabilities and customized services required by the provider. Also, depending on the type of client, there is an option of a fixed dollar value per Full Time Employee (FTE). No matter which solution you choose, you will almost surely experience significant cost savings and an increase in your overall collections.