This easy biscuit recipe contains only TWO ingredients! Needed more flour than what the recipe called for but trial and error created the perfect dough! I’m not trying to be a bossy jerkface, it just is what it is. As Nathalie Dupree, the great southern cook and cookbook author (her book, Southern Biscuits, makes very good reading) says, “Biscuits are not health food.” But they are the most wonderful treat and following this recipe, very easy, and are equally delicious plain, with butter or jam or honey or with gravy. This is the best grape salad dessert recipe made with cream cheeses and brown sugar. They were delicious though! The only problem was that because I knew they’d taste like banana, I ate them with chocolate spread. My grandmother, from Mississippi, made the absolute BEST biscuits i’ve ever had. This seriously is awesome and so easy! I love no cook play dough though so we’ll try this! We’ve had 3 snow days this year. Seemed to be missing something, and too sweet for my taste with syrup. I definitely could taste the banana. And these biscuits were everything I was hoping for–quick and easy, fluffy and layered (but not too flakey), perfect for butter and jam or biscuits and gravy. Just made this & omg I’m in love. For taste I used cinnamon and, because waayyy too much poured out, a little bit of natural peanut butter to mellow it (just mixed it in the same bowl as the egg/banana). I used Trader Joe’s citrus conditioner, which smelled great. Fun to play with, but mostly just mushing it up. Keep covered when not in use. No. I prefer to use a store brand version of gold bond healing lotion with aloe (the white bottle) it has great consistency, isn’t horrible expensive and leaves you’re hands feeling hydrated but not sticky or greasy. Silky soft and plyable! I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across your recipe for “cat head” biscuits…that is so funny! Thank you so much for this recipe! Great recipe! I buy the packets too, I stash one in my purse for a snack (yup I can the whole thing in one go eep!). I don’t like a lot of toppings so I just used cinnamon sugar. I had to turn the heat way down because they burned on the outside before they were done on the inside. I am loving the randomness of that size comparison! He loved them!!! Candra, I find them at Walmart and Target. no, it does not stain~! Southern style biscuits are my FAVORITE and (like you) I have not been able to find the ‘right’ recipe – but these ones look absolutely PERFECT! Or do you use both?????????? It’s amazing and swoon-worthy. Add enough milk to bring the liquid up to the one-cup line. It smelled wonderful and was really easy to clean up, but stuck every where when sticky and then crumbled everywhere when too dry. So I made a batch of the cooked playdough (flour, salt, cream of tartar) and mixed this in. We're so glad you're here!Learn more about us here. Like I mentioned a second ago, you’re not using regular flour here. It was either too sticky or turned to crumbles after a while (I tried adjusting the amounts of conditioner and cornstarch). These look fantastic! Do you think it would be okay to do the buttermilk substitute (lemon juice and milk)? Makes sense to me that if it was too sticky you might automatically add more corn starch. for making flaky biscuits when I don’t want to haul out the food processor: before I start with the dry ingredients, I grate butter that is frozen and then put the bowl of frozen and shredded butter back into the freezer. Is this because I didn’t mash the banana thoroughly? Add almond extract to the batter before cooking. Topped with fresh strawberries and Justin’s hazelnut spread…. Thanks . I was pleasantly surprised! dinner recipes. . The concept is great…but this is one recipe we will definitely not be attempting again. My daughter spread some Nutella on hers, I tried mine with lemon (as that’s how I have normal pancakes) but preferred these plain! I just had one problem making them- the flipping process. Doesn’t really matter what I put it over, sometimes just grilled chicken, but the sauce is key. Back in business!!! I tried with other molds, too. “yes El Guapo”. I’ve had the best luck with lotion and hair conditioner. We got these free sample eco-friendly playdoughs that are horribly sticky – to the counter and everything. Your voice comes across like you are sitting across the table chatting with me. I tried it and it started to look like a pancake. Plus, I feel way better when I don’t eat actual pasta. If you didn’t know this fun fact, one of my favorite foods in the whole world is pigs in a blanket. Anyway, I love reading the parts of your posts that are “bossy.” JUST TRUST KATE AND SARA…THEIR RECIPES HAVE NEVER FAILED US. Simple, healthy, and tasry! Kind of crazy. I had same issue and when I tried to flip them just made a huge mess if they weren’t burnt. They are amazing! I am wondering if i could pinch off pieces of dough and gently roll the biscuit in my floured hand before placing in the pan rather than folding and cutting. I ended up having to manhandle it a lot while it was on the counter trying to add enough flour that it was even possible to fold it. And I like funny people. topped mine with white chocolate PB. I added a few drops of stevia and these came out FANTASTIC! She died from cancer in 2006 – thank you for helping me think of her and smile with this post today . But over the past year or so I’ve seen this popping up in more and more reputable sources, so eventually I gave it a try- fully expecting to laugh in the epic failure it surely would be. Remember back in my Healthy Thai Chicken Salad recipe when I introduced you to PB2 (powdered peanut butter)? they weren’t flipping right and not cooking very easily :/, Made these this afternoon, really enjoyed them. Fold the dough in half horizontally, then vertically, repeating until you’ve folded the dough 5 times. Turns out all we needed to make two of the three happy (the third needed Sprite and saltines) was making this play dough. Ingredients are almost the same as yours. And thanks for posting the weights of the flour . Stir and let stand for five minutes. but I just read about using sour cream or plain yogurt mixed with milk as a substitute and they turned out soooo good! Haha, yes, that’s spot on, lol! It was very good. Any suggestions would be welcome. There are certain things that I love to eat, and if I knew the calories and fat it would just take the joy out of it.