You'll be able to choose how to explain yourself why you did it. Deal with the guards and burn the supplies (two outside, one inside the cave) then return to Periktione. Don't fight any of the wolves as you enter, and a cutscene will play once inside. If you lie to him at least twice, you'll get a bonus objective at the start of the next quest. The witch is nearby, marked by the waypoint marker, kill her, then return to the actor. Travel south from the ruins to a small village just north of Mycenae, on the east side of the Grove Kromyon region. You have to fight Daphane to the death for the honor. You will then have a choice of two quests, Everyman's Drink, or A Sophisticated Tipple. Such is the life of a murderous mercenary I suppose. After a short scene, interact with the armor to the left of the altar, the parchment on the altar, the bracelet behind the fire pit, then the table and money bag next to the ramp leading south. Kill Them – If you kill them there is no one to report back … The top or bottom option will lead to a fight with Hypatos as the bottom option leads to him wanting a public killing of the Monger. Travel to the Foundry of Hephaistos and dive into the hole at its peak. Help us fix it by posting in its. Dive into the water inside and follow it through to a large room with a chest on some rocks. After returning to Circe and drinking the wine, you will end up in the nearby Alkaios Tomb where three boars will attack you. Choose either option if you found the letter at the ruins, it doesn't make a difference. Whichever option you pick, the quest will end, unlocking; Speak to Herodotos aboard the Adrestia, then sail or fast travel to the south-east coast of Samos and to the dock in Pythagoreion (if you fast travel you'll need to call the Adrestia to you). Travel west to the Ruined Temple of Zeus and eliminate the bandits there. You'll have to try to hit the boy twice. She will be surrounded by a lot of lions and boars, but they won't attack you. With all three actors (or the alternates if you chose them) found, return back to Thespis. Travel to the small island to the north of Samos and speak to the glowing woman behind the statue of Poseidon. Once they're all dead, a cutscene will play introducing you to Hypatos. Continue south to the coastline to find some small spiky shells to pick up, two in the water to the left as you approach, and one  in the sand at the tip. Speak to her, then climb up to the top of the nearby waterfall a dive off the tree branch overhanging it. This section of our walkthrough for Assassin's Creed Odyssey contains a list of all the missions that have been added to the game along with Old Flames Burn Brighteradventure.This is one of several adventures from "The Lost Tales of Greece" series. After a small scene you can either choose to pick the soldier in the play, kill the solider and his guards to free the actor, or do the actors work to free him. Travel back to Herodotos's house and speak to Theodoros, and after the cutscene you'll have to fight off five guards. Talk to Brother Lion nearby where you'll have a couple of choices to make; If you choose to kill him, return to the village leader, then back to the mysterious woman. 0203 551 8750. After getting a taste of parenthood, Alexios enjoyed some one-on-one time with an old friend. Sweet wine. You keep turning in skins you collect from these beasts, and as you do so, you can flirt with Daphnae, the Daughter of Artemis quest giver and you’ll make out with her in a few of Odyssey’s always-awkward romance sequences. And I definitely made the wrong choice when it came to poor Daphnae. Regardless of the options you have chosen throughout the quest, after the cutscene with Thespis after the play, you will unlock; Head to the eastern coast of the Kraneion Plains region of Korinthia and speak to the mysterious woman outside the Temple of Aphrodite. Finally, talk to Arion again. Follow Herodotos up the nearby hill and talk to him upon arriving at the grave. Follow Anais. Follow Herodotos to his house, and once inside, interact with a tablet to the left as you enter, the vase to the right of the room, and the small toy at the back.