Yes I am a black man. It looked like it had only just recently left the nest.”, “I’ve seen birds with odd colouring before, but never a completely white blackbird. Yesterday I found out what it was, an albino blackbird. The oystercatcher on the left has some dark feathers, it is not white all over. Albino Blackbird Couple of days ago I spotted a flash of white disappearing over shed at bottom of garden, was not sure what it was so kept eye out for it again . In most cases it is inherited, but can sometimes be caused by other factors. Unlike albinism, it is caused by a reduction in several types of pigment, not just melanin. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said it receives calls about sightings of full albino blackbirds from around the country most years. "Most small birds only live two or three years, although albinos rarely survive to their first birthday," an RSPB spokesman said. At this time of year – Spring – more baby birds can be seen in our gardens. Scotland lockdown: what are the new Covid rules and Tier 4 restrictions? Despite their vulnerability, Devon Wildlife Trust urges people to leave them well alone. This white blackbird recently spotted in North Devon has been extremely lucky to have survived for as long as it has. Welcome to the Taste of Home community of cooks! Their feathers are completely white, while their legs, eyes and bill (beak) are pink. “All I can remember was thinking how beautiful he was and how unusual he looked. The couple sent pictures of the bird to the RSPB to identify it. If you want to help, try keeping cats and dogs away. ''He has been the talk of our household.''. An extremely rare albino blackbird or ‘white blackbird’ has been spotted in Hatherleigh, North Devon. (Images: Left – RSPB. Jo Pullin, who has worked at conservation charity the Devon Wildlife Trust for the past fourteen years, said she spotted the amazing bird in her back garden. Richmond Park.One of a few young animals. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Felt it in my youth, feel it when I'm old. Across the UK there have been reports of moorhens, coots and crows with all white rather than black feathers. Blackbirds are one of the most common species in the UK; the population is estimated at about 5 million pairs. Mr Fairchild, a welder, sent the pictures to the RSPB so they could identify the bird. Extremely rare albino blackbird observed in North Devon England, Audubon (a large US conservation society) writes. The RSPB said: “These blackbirds are quite unusual and nature does not always favour them. They are one of the UK's most ubiquitous and beloved species of garden guests, coming third in a recent vote to find Britain's national bird. Regarding the survival chances for pure albino birds, Steve Hussey, who also works at the Devon Wildlife Trust, said: “Being pure white isn’t a great survival strategy for a blackbird, particularly as a fledgling. A rare part albino blackbird with a white head and a black body has been spotted in a garden in Somerset. This one stands freely like the others but is a bit of a pain to pose because of the tail. Albino girl with white skin ... Blackbird with a rare condition called Partial Albinism. Being so conspicuous, they easily fall victim to cats and other garden predators. England team analysis: Eddie Jones elects to rival the Springboks Bomb Squad with second set of Duracell bunnies. And the reason they don't have this pigment is because they don't have the enzyme that makes melanin.