Thanks! Hi Gloria! Add the cumin, oregano, garlic cloves, orange juice, Coke and bay leaves to the pot. If the bottoms seem too wet, flip the pork and broil the other side for another minute or two. Cover and simmer over low heat for 3-4 hours, turning the meat at least once during cooking, until the meat is tender (it falls apart when forked). I use Le Cruset cookware, can I use the cast iron pots with lids instead of foil & parchment paper? Hope that helps – and please let us know if you have any other questions! Cover with parchment and foil and bake for five hours. This is exactly what I came here to ask! Do you bake it with the whole 1 lb of lard for the 5 hours? As for the leftover juices, you can first freeze/refrigerate it, and then skim the fat. Her specialties are baking, desserts, vegetables and pasta dishes. I usually buy precooked Carnitas, but my husband found a great deal on bone-in pork shoulder at the grocery store. Assuming you are not afraid of lard this is the way to go. If you are using suet (if lard isn’t available) that would be cut into cubes as well so it will melt quicker. So I have learned to develop my own recipe. This takes about 6 minutes. In a large Dutch oven or Cast Iron Pot place the pork, lard, water, garlic, and salt. Dying to make this, too Ö. The Big Green Egg is perfect for cooking North Carolina pulled pork. This is our recipe for the tamale dough we use in our Instant Pot Tamale Project. Then add the meat and allow it to brown without moving it for around 30 seconds per side. Martha is part of the husband-wife team that creates A Family Feast. These Pork Carnitas are slow cooked in lard and bacon fat with garlic, onion, oranges, lemons and spices until super tender. When I ate them I used hot sauce. Hi Eleisha – For the carnitas, you really want to use a wide, flatter and more shallow pan so the meat will caramelize. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Thanks so much Steve! They get a nice golden look on top, not to mention a yummy crispiness for your carnitas tacos. You can certainly omit it if you don’t think it will taste right. So glad to hear that your family loves carnitas. The spices were fantastic. The possibilities are endless. I never comment on recipes, but had to for this one. Crispy Pork Carnitas (Mexican Slow Cooked Pulled Pork) is a winner! We need a carnitas night here. If I use the same spices and smoke it, will I get the same results? You can cook on high for a shorter time or low for a longer time. Copyright © 2020 Website managed by Melt the lard in a heavy, deep pot, over medium-low heat. Thanks for the great recipe! My husband always puts a tray of water in the bottom of our smoker to add some moisture while smoking pork shoulder so it does not dry out. So much flavor packed into a flour wrap. amzn_assoc_asins = "B000PKQ3YW,B01F9XPPZW,B000G0KJG4,B00FN3M480"; I am so excited you are making carnitas for Christmas! Now we live up in the Pacific Northwest and it’s just not the same. One type of stew that really stands out in my mind is Hungarian Goulash. I’ll have to try this and see if it tastes the same! Be sure to use the real cane sugar Mexican Coke, if you can find it. You simply melt the lard in a large oven proof pan, cut the pork into chunks, add it into the pan with the lard and cook it in the oven for 3 hours. My boys said they need more salt, but I thought they were perfect. I love making carnitas in the slow cooker. finely sliced (with or without seeds for spiciness). Use a large, sharp knife to trim … Filed Under: Gluten free, Latin American, Main Dishes, Mexican, Paleo Diet Tagged With: bay leaves, chili powder, lime, oregano, pork shoulder. Sofrito: You need to have this tomato based ingredient for Latin style beans and shredded chicken. Carnitas is a classic Mexican pork dish. You do want to brown the meat at the end to get the caramelization – so if your broiler isn’t working as well, you can brown the meat on the stove top in a pan. Are there any alternatives? Is there a substitute for the can sugar Coke if it is not available? The equivalent beef cut would be a chuck roast. Coke. I also like to use my very own chili powder blend. She also runs a popular travel blog and spends a lot of her time traveling for food. Cuban Ropa Vieja: A true comfort food of slow cooked beef served over rice. Your recipe calls for a 6# pork. © 2020 A Family Feast®, All Rights Reserved. They also need citrus/acid and a sweet element. Those crispy fried chunks sound fantastic! Now, you would expect that something that tastes this good has to have a secret ingredient, or lots of ingredients. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Buying a fatty piece of shoulder is the best way to do it. Super yummy. Choose your favorite carnitas recipe. You are welcome! The spice blend was perfect! It doesn’t change the flavor drastically to use regular Coke, though even if you don’t add the brown sugar. 1/2 tablespoon salt. And yes, the pork is cooked in a huge amount of fat. Reduce to simmer for about 45 minutes until pork is almost … Place the meat in a single layer on a baking tray, and broil for about 5 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Is there anything you can substitute the lard for? Can I buy bacon fat or do I just cook bacon and drain the fat? A Family Feast ® is a registered trademark of A Family Feast, Inc. All content, including recipes, text, visual elements, and photographs are copyright © A Family Feast, Inc. 2012-2020, unless otherwise stated. Lard is known in Mexico as manteca. True carnitas are cooked in a caso (large mexican copper pot). We prefer the tangy spicy version. Enjoy! Thanks! wow,these sound really good,,,,will try sunday…. It’s a huge favorite at my house. ¡Buen provecho! Heat the lard in a deep roasting pan over medium heat. This step needs to be watched – you want the meat to caramelize without burning it or drying it out. s.type = 'text/javascript'; Super easy to make in the slow cooker and then crisp up in the oven. Can I use a slow cooker on low for the five hours? Pork shoulder and pork butt are the same thing. I live in San Diego, home of some of the best Mexican food, and have NEVER had carnitas as spectacular as these. Add a little oil and heat on high. Hope you enjoy the recipe! Carnitas without deep frying? LOL Jeannie! Hi Georgina! I am going to show you how to cook pork carnitas on the stove. Thank you! And the smell for the five hours it is cooking is divine. If you love Latin food then you have to try some of my all time favorite dishes or bookmark them for later. If you’re using a slow cooker, set the cooker to low and leave it for the day. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s just as easy to make and can be used in many dishes. Actually, authentic Mexican pork carnitas is such a humble dish that you probably have everything you need in your fridge and pantry. Preheat the oven to 325°F. Carnitas are my favorite and this slow cooker recipe is great! Erin has a great recipe for them that can also be done using shredded beef or chicken. But we actually like the carnitas simply served – the meat is SO good! Q: Can I freeze the pork carnitas for later use?A: Yes, set aside and portion the amount you want to freeze before you get it crispy under the broiler. Thanks Staci! And there’s very little preparation involved. We hope you both enjoy the recipe! Thanks so much! Adding the Coke might seem like a strange addition, but believe me – it’s really integral to the outcome. The pork does not retain the fat from the lard – and in fact, it gives up some of its own – and all you are left with is amazingly tender, delicious carnitas! Our tried-and-true cooking secrets + our favorite go-to recipes. 2 pounds lard. I began experimenting with my own authentic carnitas recipe after that. Place cooked pork on a foil-lined sheet pan brushed with the olive oil and place under broiler for five minutes.