If everything goes well, if they were on the fence before, hosting a live event will convince them to touch base with you and maybe, work with you on a future project. It can also mean potential revenues. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So how you create your messaging/pre- and post-promotion determine your web traffic. Also, choose your lead nurturing flow based on where your ICP is in the buyer journey. Social media is a major tool for all kinds of businesses, so make sure you leverage it before, during and after the event. This is your chance to create personalized experiences with demos/emails/swag, etc. Some participants will likely be existing leads in your nurture funnel. Do you have an accurate framework for measuring ROI? Nowadays, people are suspicious, and there is a need to have brands to be relatable. When done right, it greatly benefits a brand in gaining more following. Spend more time on your event sponsorship strategy and generate more leads. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Enter email to Subscribe. Thus, event sponsorships are a great way to drive positive PR and build credibility. Hosting a local event might seem very different to planning the company Christmas do (and it is), but they do share one common purpose: to engage attendees. Rather than just registering in people’s minds as another company that sells a product or service, you will have established yourself as a thought leader in your field. Created your marketing budget breakdown for 2019 yet? Event marketing is vital. Getting to know them face-to-face lets you market to them directly by showing them your products first-hand. 2. This helps build their confidence to reach out and negotiate a partnership. These are the individuals who have expressed interest in your brand and would be glad to hear more from you after the event. Hand these out at the event and give potential customers an incentive to visit your store at a later date. 80% of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success, according to another report. What you gain from events fall under two categories — measurable and not measurable. NextCon: Nextiva’s largest partner event in 2019. Subscribe to the Nextiva blog newsletter for the latest content on Customer Service, Productivity, Marketing and VoIP. Normally, as a result, this also means that sales also go up. Hence, they are more open to discover new products and services. These Are The Top 3 Cryptocurrencies You Can Buy! Benefits of Event Marketing to Businesses. 14) Platform for post-event interactions. They also give you a strong push when it comes to driving sales. Promoting discounted early bird tickets and even ticket giveaway campaigns on your Facebook well in advance is a great way to kick off proceedings. Basically, close the deal before you can progress any further by impressing them at the first point of contact. For that reason, go in with a game plan and outshine competitors on the sidelines. Sponsorship benefit #1: Meaningful access to your event audience. Non-measurable benefits are those that generally add over time. Events are fantastic opportunities to drive a connection between your brand and ICP. They want to know that the people they are supporting have real people behind them and not just another name on paper. You can’t get enough of these so demand them at the onset. Besides visibility, event sponsorship can also help generate leads and sales. Attending and sponsoring other people’s events is an effective way to raise your local profile and reach an entirely new set of customers. This is how your rivals gauge how successful you are as a brand, and how they will benefit from a partnership. It’s not always a question of whether you should adopt an event marketing strategy, but how. Once you know what you want, it’s time to get the word out. Think of the long-term benefits, because if you are short-sighted, you may be trading long-term success for immediate gains. Almost all event organizers gather data with surveys, ticket sales, and social media activity. It’s your opportunity to build meaningful and long-lasting industry/community relationships. Having proof of the living appeases uncertainties, and by doing so, might even improve sales even more. A decent campaign should drive website traffic, content engagement, and conversion rates. Hosting an educational event, like a class or seminar, will demonstrate not just that you know what you are doing, but that you’re so accomplished at it you feel confident to teach others. Over 90% of consumers feel positive about brands after participating in an event. Studies show that events and experiences improve how audiences feel about brands. Because up-close interactions with warm prospects help you close the deal, go in prepared. Our new social display product spreads your social media posts across our trusted local news network.