Affirmation cards often work well as answers to open-ended questions about how to improve an area of your life. Whether you’re looking for the best oracle decks for beginners, the most beautiful oracle cards, or the most popular oracle decks, I can almost guarantee that there will be a deck in this list for you or to gift to someone you love! This oracle deck is a modern spin on the traditional oracle decks. Known as the ‘Spiritual Junkie,’ she is a New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker, and life coach. All relationships reflect our own relationship with ourselves, so if you’re looking to deepen your friendships or find richer more fulfilling connections with others, use this affirmation deck to first find that connection with yourself. Self-love allows you to have healthier relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, and most importantly, yourself. The internal shift this deck can offer you is truly priceless. This fun online fortune-telling method will enable you to find out how a person feels about you and may also give a piece of valuable advice. If you have a particularly good sense of humor, the Rebel Deck might connect you with your intuition in a way you haven’t accessed before. Created by top spiritual author Louise Hay, this deck includes 66 square cards that are perfect to place around your house and office. This little affirmation deck contains 36 cards that give you writing prompts that will help you find positive perspectives. Eligible for Free Shipping. We have scoured the Internet for the best affirmation cards and oracle cards that will help you stay positive and inspired about developing a better relationship with yourself. This deck is great for elevating your perspective to a higher realm. For each of these decks, we’ve listed what we think they could be used best for depending on what you’re in need of. There are a number of artists who have contributed to this deck, most notably Shiloh Sophia’s art (featured on the cover). Each picture is a message in itself! When I feel in need of loving guidance and support I pull an Angel card. Mystical Wisdom Oracle Cards Deck, Inspirational Inner self Guidance Cards to Assist with Decisions, Relationships, self Esteem, 128 Spiritual Card Deck with Instructions. This deck is perfect for you when you want to feel your soul majesty stepping up to the throne and gracefully wearing the crown of your own light. Oracle cards are often themed, but they do not follow any particular rules. This deck soothes my soul with the presence of angels. This deck is great when you need a quick shift in energy to pull you back to the reality of love. I love pulling these cards when I want to feel my inner majesty rise to the occasion and take the reigns of my life as a sovereign being. Self-love allows you to have healthier relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, and most importantly, yourself. This deck breathes fire into the passions of your majestic heart. Try Daily Reminders: DIY Your Own Affirmation Cards. Using affirmation and oracle cards is a process that you can develop based on what you feel you need. Great for Parents, Teachers and Therapists. Some of the best medicine I’ve received to help realign with my soul has come from Oracle Cards. Great for Kids Activities - Therapy Games, Empowerment and Stress Relief, [Language: Hebrew] Meditation Cards for Kids - Premium XL Mindfulness Cards Activity with Guided Imagery Meditations. Sometimes a deck will resonate with you for a short time, sometimes for a lifetime; decks in both of these cases are equally valuable. In other words, there are no hard and fast rules. Whichever type you choose, these decks are tools to help you practice self-care, mindfulness, and develop self-love. This deck is all about helping you keep yourself positive while sharing that positivity with those around you. Perfect gift for kids. This is the very first Oracle Card Deck I ever got over a decade ago. The theme of her oracle deck echoes the uplifting spirit of her books, which offer a soul pick-me-up so that you can shift from feeling down to being aware of your potential. This deck makes me feel like an exotic princess from another realm. Whenever I feel stuck in day-to-day tasks and to-do lists, I pull one of these cards to help put it all into perspective and see the higher plan at work. Related Article: 5 Ways You’re Using Your Intuition Without Realizing It, Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Sometimes we need to build our confidence, tap into our creativity, or deepen our spiritual life. This deck has five suits like a Tarot deck, but they’re much more straightforward and practical: The Work Your Light oracle deck offers a wide variety of insights to help you align your thoughts and actions with your soul. Meditation Cards for Kids - Spanish Version - Premium XL Mindfulness Cards Activity with Guided Imagery Meditations. So much of the Oracle Card market is devoted to the Divine Feminine, which of course I love, and I also love connecting with the empowered masculine. Each deck typically comes with its own unique way of using them, so always be sure to reference your deck’s guidebook to understand how it works better. Our free Love Oracle is able to give an answer to all of your relationship and love life related questions and issues.