initialHours - 12 : initialHours; month[3]="April"; Travel about 7 km west of Stony Plain on Hwy 16, about 7 km south, then 5 km west and south. You can fish from the North Saskatchewan River. Travel 50 km West of Edmonton on Hwy 16, 19 km North on Hwy 43 to Gunn Corner, then 24 km North. Travel 42 lm West of Edmonton on Hwy 16, then 6 km South on Hwy 770. Fishing on shore or in a boat is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Best shore fishing places for me are little streams and and rivers to catch trout. Reading from different posts that the water is lower than it has been in years. month[7]="August"; Anne. NSR, pembina River, narrows at lacstanne.. Rivers are a great option for shore fishing, lots of holes can be found right close to the shore. Big Island is located in Alberta, Canada. Some good walleye in Evansburg-Entwistle area. month[8]="September"; 1 comment. Thanks! All. Just make sure to bring your license. The closest lakes are Yekau Lake, Cawes Lake, Kirk Lake, Kinokamau Lake and Horseshoe Lake. Travel 51 km West of Edmonton on Hwy 16, 14 km Noth on Hwy 43, turn right into Onoway, then 8 km East. Watch for signs. Keep in mind wabaman is catch and release only also remember to pinch those barbs! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you would like to add your own fishing spot near Edmonton, find the lake it's on and add it from there. Follow Signs. Will anybody please give me some spots for shore fishing near Edmonton? Muir Lake is good for fishing rainbow and brown trout, Rowley said. Best near mouth in June when North Sask is high, and at lake inlets and outlets. Copyright 2015 - Fishing's Social Network | All rights reserved. Located just South of Chickacoo Lake. Travel 50 km West of Edmonton on Hwy 16, about 10 km North on Hwy 43, then 10 km West to Alberta Beach at East end. ... Best near mouth in June when North Sask is high, and at lake inlets and outlets. Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.5Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Leaves Lac Ste. Shore Fishing - near Edmonton « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Author Topic: Shore Fishing - near Edmonton (Read 2975 times) Fendi. North Sask just past Tomahawk is slow but you can get some big ones. }, Tel: 780.991.5107 Our users also add their own spots that offer shore fishing access or are hot spots for fish. Watch for signs. Upper river paralleled and crossed several times by Hwy 40 in Fairfax Lake area South of Edson. New Member; Posts: 2; Shore Fishing - near Edmonton « on: July 23, 2015, 11:14:46 AM » Hello, I am new into fishing. } else { Travel 50 km West of Edmonton on Hwy 16, 19 km North on Hwy 43 to Gunn Corner, then 24 km North. Foot access only; Just a short walk; No motors allowed; Eta Lake. Watch for Signs. Planning a fishin trip for Saturday May 7 with family; any recommendation of good perch lake near Edmonton. Anne so expect company. They are bautiful and scrappy. Just west of Edmonton lies the well-known gem that is Lac Ste. Lower river accessible almost anywhere between Drayton Valley and the Athabasca River. Hands down some of the best shore fishing for walleye. Travel 80 km west of Edmonton on Hwy 16, then 1 km north. Sports Clubs (780) 429-4263. Best shore fishing near Edmonton . Please help listing best shore fishing lake near Edmonton (within the 50 to 150 KM range). var initialHours = currentTime.getHours(); Below are fishing spots near Edmonton. } There's also wabaman which is always really good fishing for pike (i always had really good luck with the red and yellow 5 of diamond spoons). The spots include islands, bays, points, shoals and other water features where fish will congregate and fishermen can access either with boats or from shore. Towns and cities near Koney Island are Beaumont, Hay Lakes, Edmonton and Tofield. Travel 5 km West of Stony Plain on Hwy 16 to Beach Corner, then 5 km South. Travel 14 km North on Hwy 751 from Junction with Hwy 16 at Nojack West of Chip Lake. Hands down some of the best shore fishing for walleye. document.write("pm"); Is it true that most lakes water has receded at least 10 to 20 feet from shore from last year. Reclaimed mine pit 2 km North of Wabamun; Notes. month[1]="February"; Flows into and out of Chip Lake, joins Pembina about 3 km below Evansburg. Travel 5 km north of Drayton Valley on Hwy 22, 31 km west on Hwy 621 to Cynthia, then about 20 km NW via any of several oil roads. That sounds like the perfect spot for a little day trip. if (minutes < 10){ Use a pickerel rig with leeches and you will catch walleye all day long! Not every where is open yet so make sure you double check! Most of river is marginal fishery. Watch for access sign. I was hoping for any recommendations for any fishing spots around Edmonton that are good for a beginner and are accessible from the shore since I don’t have a boat.