If you fly your ship back to the past and pick up a whale, you’ll likely get to have an unpleasant chat with Agents Dulmer and Lucsly. Q returns, but this time he needs Picard’s help. This more recent selection in our list of the best Star Trek books is a novel by Greg Cox which looks at the life of a character well known to Star Trek fans: Khan Noonien Singh. Even Han Solo makes an appearance. The first installment of a three-part series, titled Star Trek: The New Frontier, fan favorite Peter David writes another crowd pleaser. It’s no cheap cash-in. And as an extra surprise, it contains many of what are known as 'Tuckerisations'- real-life people inserted as characters in the novel. Some novels are not very good but for the most part they are decent. It's a huge cohesive timeline of dozens of novels, crossing-over and such, like the old Star Wars EU novels were. The books use multiple point-of-view characters to paint a complete picture of life in the Empire at all levels of their society, from lowly medics to mighty commanders. This series is all about the many different forms of artificial life that exist in the Star Trek galaxy. While it is unsure when the cloning will take place, it is inevitable. Learn how your comment data is processed. Half the book is dedicated to the history of Vulcan culture. Voyager are sent to the planet Kerovi where they will struggle between their duty to Starfleet and saving B’Elanna Torres and her daughter, Miral. Science fiction artist and illustrator Vincent Di Fate is a master of unseen worlds. Zero Sum Game is the first in a series of seven Star Trek novels and novellas known collectively as Typhon Pact. Can he find a balance within himself and save the Federation? Star Trek: Destiny is an epic Star Trek adventure featuring the crews from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager (with a few others thrown in). Filled with mystery and intrigue, it’s easily one of the best Star Trek novels published. Choose your favorite books for the television series 'Star Trek: Voyager'. You will find Destiny on many of the best Star Trek novels lists because it’s the next great chapter after the television/film franchise. The Captain's Oath (Star Trek: The Original Series), The Final Reflection (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 16), Millennium: Fall of Terok Nor/War of the Prophets/Inferno (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Endgame: Voyager: Endgame (Star Trek: Voyager), Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes (Star Trek: The Original Series), Infiltrator (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 42), The More Things Change (Star Trek: The Original Series), A Contest of Principles (Star Trek: The Original Series), The Lost Years (Star Trek: The Original Series), Star Trek: The Original Series: The Weight of Worlds, Star Trek: Destiny (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Agents of Influence (Star Trek: The Original Series), The Farther Shore (Star Trek: Voyager Book 2), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fearful Symmetry, Headlong Flight (Star Trek: The Next Generation), The Vulcan Academy Murders (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 20), Architects of Infinity (Star Trek: Voyager), A Stitch in Time (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Book 27), Typhon Pact #1: Zero Sum Game (Star Trek- Typhon Pact), The Wounded Sky (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 13), Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures (Star Trek: Enterprise Book 15), The Klingon Dictionary: The Official Guide to Klingon Words and Phrases (Star Trek), Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh: Volume 1, Available Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation), The Good That Men Do (Star Trek: Enterprise Book 11), The Fall: Revelation and Dust (Star Trek: The Fall Book 1), The Antares Maelstrom (Star Trek: The Original Series), Vanguard: Storming Heaven (Star Trek: Vanguard Book 8), Stargazer Book One: Gauntlet (Star Trek: The Next Generation 1), Doctor's Orders (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 50), Collateral Damage (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Ishmael (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 23), Strangers From The Sky (Star Trek: The Original Series), Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 1), Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh: Volume 2, Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. As a result of the violation of the Prime Directive, the Enterprise is in pieces, the most honored captain is disgraced, and the crew is scattered among a thousand worlds. These games are unique, and develop your creativity far more than other video games. With the addition of Admiral Janeway, the crew finds themselves in an ancient mystery that must be solved to save the live’s of the ones they love. In this non-canon Trek novel, he uncovers the hidden possibilities of that fictional universe to bring us a story which is as timeless as it is original. The Vulcan Academy Murders (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 20) Column by BH Shepherd August 24, 2020 In: List; Science Fiction; Star Trek; Star Trek has always been my fictional comfort food. Janet Kagan had little experience with the Star Trek universe when she signed up to write Uhura's Song. When Deanna Troi dies unexpectedly, Riker sets out on a time-traveling adventure to save her life. A grand work, Typhon Pact is a crossover between the universe of the TV shows The Next Generation, .css-1psntrz{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1psntrz:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}Deep Space Nine, and the Star Trek Titan novels. And is there anything Voyager and the Federation can do to stop them? He also writes about comic books at www.docawesome.tumblr.com. This is truly a rich character piece that only adds depth to an already strong character. Doctor Noonien Soong is surprisingly not dead, and leads the crew of the Enterprise-E on a merry chase as he carries out a crazy complicated plan to resurrect his artificial son. With a cybernetic plague ravaging Earth and turning people into Borg, is the return of the U.S.S. Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read. Kirk and Montgomery Scott revive the old U.S.S Enterprise-A and head for Chal and Teilani. Haldeman is a winner of both Hugo and Nebula awards for his non-Trek sci-fi writing, and is often thought of as one of the most underrated sci-fi authors. ), there is a lot to love. Full Circle is where the Voyager novels really begin to ramp up. We’ll begin with looking at the best Star Trek Voyager novels. The sequel, included in Forever, throws Worf into the mix as well. Under orders by Starfleet the crew of the U.S.S. Some of the games allow you to create anything you want, while other games just have a unique gameplay and plot. Aventine and delves into the endlessly intriguing world of the Breen Confederacy. The Captain's Daughter is a very engaging book which explores the Star Trek universe better than many of the best Star Trek books. The story takes place post-Nemesis and spans the entire galaxy. Powered by Vocal © 2020 Creatd, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Vonda N. McIntyre is a science fiction author who has won Hugo and Nebula awards for her work and has authored many Star Trek novels over the years, of which The Entropy Effect is a fan favorite. Barbara Hambly takes Star Trek for a comedy Western spin in this 1985 novel published by Pocket Books. There's nothing I love more than a good historical mash-up, and seeing Spock try to disentangle the reality going on around him with his Vulcan intelligence makes for plenty of laughs. The X-Men find this all too familiar, and together with the Enterprise crew, they manage to bring both sides of the conflict together to find a peaceful way forward. Captain Calhoun and the U.S.S. If you’re tired of reading about very polite and pleasant professionals working together in the post-scarcity utopia of the Federation, perhaps you’ll enjoy a rousing adventure with Star Trek’s beloved space vikings: the Klingons. He has once again kidnapped Picard to take him on a wild transcendental trip to learn about the secrets of the universe. At the same time, the united crews of Deep Space 9 and the Starship Enterprise work to stop a terrorist plot to annihilate the station and the ship.