My typical settings are: (Humbuckers) This will add solidity to the bass and help it sit better in the mix. The Boss LMB-3 has 4 knobs, and for the most part it leans towards a classic compressor control set. The CS-3, to my ear, doesn't color the tone but single band compression can thicken it up so you can cut mids or boost highs to compensate. 6. To help even more, we have broken this list into two sections: guitars and bass guitars. If you don’t have time to read all our reviews, our top pick was the Xotic SP compressor pedal because it is reasonably priced and has an array of full-range compressor tones. Compression will make the bass sound more even and consistent. By turning down louder notes in a performance, it will help each note play back at a more equal level. The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals, providing smooth sustain without degrading the original sound quality. The Best Bass Compressor Pedal. I am using a Boss CS-3 as my compressor, but I am having difficulty getting a good sound. While some compressor pedals prefer ‘input’ or ‘sustain’ knobs that sets the threshold and/ratio parameters, if you grew up with old school rack unit compressor, you … Boss CS-3 Perhaps one of the most popular compressor pedals, the Boss CS-3 is a powerhouse of a compressor. The best compression settings for your mix. Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor. Set level and tone to taste. This is the perfect pedal for guitarists and bassists who want to sound their best. I apologize now if this is a shit post.. Serial compression is just using multiple compressors with low gain reduction on the same instrument. Although the boss has retained its signature outer layout, their bass has a great deal going on indoors. ... For example: Say you’re trying to tame the unruly attacks of a bass guitar played with a pick. It is also quite popular among beginners and advanced users. We have put together a list of the best compressor pedals for both new and seasoned musicians. Towards full clockwise, the attack and release times can create some modulation distortion (much like an 1176 compressor on some settings). Moving on.. I've owned/own a few other high end boutique compressors that seem to get all the kudos around here, but I always come back to the Boss CS-3. You want to set the attack time of your compressor as fast as possible to deal with the transients, but you notice that when you … Compact compression… I do this on every single bass I … I prefer having less tone-altering options in a bass or else I'll never be content with the settings. I just got a Music Man Stingray Classic 5, which is the coolest bass ever. Oftentimes, the settings aren’t even different – the compressor plugin is literally duplicated to the space beneath it! Still, even if you blast everything to max, the output signal is nearly impossible to tarnish. The port isn’t overly complicated with a degree, release, ratio, and threshold pair of controllers. Best Guitar Compressor . In general, I find the CS-3 to sound and react best for me when set with the Level control set above unity and the Sustain control set no higher than 12:00.