Firefly CLEAN Fuel is just a simple, safe product. Sometimes, we call kerosene as paraffin, but there are distinctions between these two terms. It’s thin but a little amount goes a long way. Michael Hogle – Amazon Review As the main difference, they have different odors that help us to say which one is paraffin and which one is kerosene, just by smell. No smoke visible, no foul odor, and smells great when not burning. Absolutely no smoke or soot. We probably spent a few hours in the garage this evening watching them glow and talked about our grandfather, as well as, the history of these particular lanterns. (Besides Wearing a Mask All the Time). This is a flammable hydrocarbon oil, typically a refined and purified version of kerosene. If you like the 4L pre-pac type Class I paraffin then it can be had in 205 litre drums, bringing the cost down to about 1/3rd of the price of 4 litre drums. Substitutes Specific to Lamps Generic lamp oil can be used as a substitute to kerosene in lamps. I did learn that if your lantern previously had kerosene or another fuel in it, it may take a while for the old fuel smell to burn off. My wife and I wonder what kind of pollutants these heaters give off and how much we have to worry about it. In terms of heating oil, the likelihood is that if you hear an oil supplier referring to kerosene or paraffin, they are both referring to the same fuel. It was east to fill the lamps with a funnel & wait until the new wicks absorbed the fuel before lighting. – February 22, 2020. The clearest oils are labeled "ultra purified" because they have been through several filtering processes. These effects may occur shortly after breathing in these pollutants or may occur after years of exposure. @media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } She is the Editor of Islands America, a travel website for visiting islands within the United States. coolant for electrical systems and petroleum jelly. Firefly CLEAN Fuel Lamp Oil – 32 oz. If I do find it, and I can get that one fixed up again, I will definitely be using this fuel in it as well. 2.”Kerosene bottle”By Longhair at English Wikipedia  (Public Domain) via Commons Wikimedia. Since they do not require electricity, many people find them to be an attractive supplemental heating method. Kerosene is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid and its name derives from Greek κηρός which means wax. Then I made the mistake of getting an alternative product that claimed the same benefits at a lower price, and started getting more scents in the home from the fuel burning. Fortunately, the lamp oil was in perfect condition. Light of Mine Rock Candles, LLC This is why many paraffin heater manufacturers recommend that the heater only be used when a window or a door to another room is opened at the same time. Mon – Fri, 9 am – 4 pm Eastern I plan to purchase this product again. Citronella oil works well in outdoor tiki torch lamps, both for lighting and for insect control. But Kerosene smells and puts off more smut. This fuel is odorless, and does “freeze” up like paraffin will in cold temperatures. I will buy again and recommend to others. Forget about the burning coils. How to Make a Wick for an Oil Lamp Using Recycled Materials, Mother Earth News: Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp, Apartment Therapy: How to Make a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch, How to Safely Use an Oil Lamp in the House. Perhaps it was kerosene, I don’t know! I am mostly happy other than the amount of smoke it puts off. Please keep in mind that her answers are just her interpretation of available information and should not be taken as the only viewpoint or solution to a problem. July 16, 2016 In the UK, people often use the term paraffin to refer to kerosene so it’s likely that you’ll get the same product, whatever you call it. However, the most common use of this term in chemistry is to name alkanes. Ask TreeHugger: Is Mercury From a Broken CFL Dangerous? Generally, paraffin is used to describe a group of hydrocarbons that have the chemical formula CnH2n+2. Works wonderfully. I inherited an old oil lantern from my Uncle that I mainly use whenever I lose power or when I want some subtle light while on my patio at night. I usually end up cleaning my globes every day, but went a full seven days before I noticed a very faint white soot on the inside of the globes after I started using the Firefly clean lamp oil. ), there is absolutely no smoke. Essential Information They had cushioned it completely and it arrived with no leaks at all. Using paraffin wax in making chocolates is a holdover from older candy-making techniques. I’m SO glad I kept looking for lamp oil! While lamp oil is generally inexpensive, there are ways to save even more by using oil that you already have in your kitchen. I didn’t want to restore them to “brand new” condition as I thought that the paint scuffs and other age related imperfections gave them a bit more character. Do note, while we always aim to give you accurate product info at the point of publication, unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first. Makes it very pleasant to sit and relax and enjoy the pleasures of nature without the pests!