2.6.1 Opening Wave; 2.6.2 The Bosses; 3 Objectives; 4 The Whisper Secrets; Summary . When not doing that, he's out and about playing Pokémon Go or continuing to amass his amiibo collection. This timed mission has to be completed in 20 minutes. There are a couple of new and returning areas in the game - here's how to track down Perdition, Bunker E15 and Concealed Void on Europa and Exodus Garden 2A and Veles Labyrinth on the Cosmodrome - and new collectables to find in the form of Entropic Shards. As Square Enix admits sales were "lower than expected". Please enable cookies to view. And you though you had your work cut out completing all the Moments of Triumph, eh? For weapons, I'd recommend the EP Shotty (duh) and possibly Riskrunner/Graviton for shield zapping/mob-clearing. Destiny 2 Whisper quest is a bonus mission quietly added to the game as part of the July 2018 update.. Learn about new Beyond Light Exotics, including post-campaign quests for Salvation's Grip, The Lament andBorn in Darkness, plus how to reach the new Destiny 2 max level cap and how sunsetting works. So, how do you do it? Now, this isn’t even over yet. First comes a lengthy platforming section. It has the same signature perk as Black Hammer, White Nail, which will reload the magazine of the sniper after three precision hits. So, how do you it? All Rights Reserved. The first is a spread-out maze like something you’d see in a raid (this entire mission is practically a raid lair itself). Players can’t even get to 400 light until Solstice of Heroes starts handing out 400 light armor, and only a few people in the world have even beaten the normal version of the quest at this point. just what the title says, I went there - no bad guys. And then, the Black Spindle….errr the Whisper of the Worm was theirs. 1 Summary; 2 Walkthrough. The way to obtain it is probably the best secret Destiny has ever had pic.twitter.com/eWqGePWeyI. Comments for this article are now closed. More to come. Log in or sign up to leave a … Crazyreyn. This is….quite simply, awesome. Question. Bungie promised that they were going to put Black Spindle-like secrets back into Destiny after they seemingly disappeared for D2, and it seems they were being quite literal about it. The Whisper quest is empty. The second part of the puzzle will take you to a seemingly empty room, but you will have to jump up a series of tiny ledges all around the edges of the room to make your way to a secret area. Best of luck! Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. You can die and you don’t auto-lose or anything, but you will burn valuable time you’re going to need later. In brief, they are: Thanks to Datto and WistfulAether on reddit for filling in the gaps of the above steps. Did I do something out of order? 2.1 Jumping Puzzle; 2.2 Encounter Room 1; 2.3 Encounter Room 2; 2.4 Encounter Room 3; 2.5 Encounter Room 4; 2.6 Boss Room. Close. Somewhat of a remake of the famed Black Spindle quest from the original Destiny, the mission is accessed through specific steps in a seemingly ordinary activity. There's also a Heroic version of the mission you have finished it for the first time. The final room will spawn a collection of three bosses that you’re going to have to kill while dodging an entire room full of shielded elite mobs. Ubisoft investigating missing Watch Dogs Legion, Assassin's Creed Valhalla PS4 upgrades on PS5, Galactus descends upon Fortnite 1st December, Valhalla is the biggest Assassin's Creed launch ever, Next Mass Effect teased again in new artwork, FeatureAvengers' Kamala Khan is this year's most important hero, GTA 5 will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. Contents. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Complete the challenge of the Anomaly before it … Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. It’s a secret quest sparked by a public event, something that escalates into one of the craziest, hardest encounters the series has ever seen. Update: I just watched xGladd beat the Heroic version, which seemed to actually be easier once you knew what you were doing and could use the Whisper to burn the end bosses. Did I do something out of order? 3. You don’t have to beat the event, but once it starts, you have to go to a little cave in the cliff wall (see the cursor on the map above) where you’ll find a Taken version of Urzok, the bullet sponge Hive Knight from Destiny 1. Posted by 1 month ago. Phew - that's a lot to be getting on with. Posted by 2 years ago. I saw a brief glimpse of enemies before the room went empty. Earlier today, players discovered something new that was apparently added in the July update on Tuesday. Update 2: The unlock the catalyst you just need to re-run the Heroic mission a few times and kill blights/bosses. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. We suspect like Black Spindle this quest will hang around in Destiny 2 for sometime yet, so if you're struggling, then waiting until you're well into Forsaken might be a good tactic, giving you a Power level boost - though we suspect it'll still be a challenge. Same here. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. The Whisper quest is empty. The aim is to simply wipe out all the enemies, including a number of Blights that populate the room. Cookies help us deliver our Services. which are spawned and 'sing' out a tune once you have found all five of these hidden chests. You unlock it by getting "Blighted Essence" in the Heroic Whisper mission, but it remains to be seen what exactly that means. Can’t you launch it from the Director now? You will almost certainly get lost your first time or two. Question. GTA 5 money and stock market assassinations - BAWSAQ, LCN, Lester missions and how to earn money fast in GTA 5 story mode. Question. FeatureThe storm chaser of Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5 cheats: PS4, Xbox, PC cheats list and how to enter all cheats, phone codes and console commands. This is easily the most exciting I’ve seen the Destiny community in months. just what the title says, I went there - no bad guys. The Whisper Walkthrough (No Commentary) | Destiny 2 - YouTube First, it should be noted 'The Whisper' - the mission Whisper of the Worm appears in - can now be started and played at any time by picking up the quest from the Drifter. Just a count down to anomaly collapse and a loot crate I couldn't open. Complete 'The Whisper' with the following weekly modifiers to build this ship.". The Catalyst gives you the Box Breathing perk, boosting damage after aiming after a short period of time. Anomaly Collapse is an Objective in the Quest The Whisper in Destiny 2. There are two main jumping puzzles after this point. share. The second and final room has three bosses to take down. After beating this, it unlocks a heroic version of The Whisper quest which is recommended 400 light. Once downed, a portal will spawn. An Exotic sniper rifle named Whisper of the Worm, which is essentially the Black Spindle, making it one of the game's most useful weapons. Stay tuned for more info about the catalyst and anything else that might be discovered. I’m going to have to link to a video guide once those go up because this is literally impossible to fully describe (Update: here's one), but try it a few times and eventually you’ll get the path down. Complete it to get the weapon's Catalyst. It was originally a time-limited event appearing on Io from Friday to Monday, starting and ending at each day's weekly reset time - but is now more accessible to everyone. You'll want this to be the 'Taken Blight' one in particular. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. (And again, this is a time limited event, so make sure it's active before you start.). All GTA 5 cheats for every platform, in one place. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Standalone GTA Online free on PS5 for three months. Pre-order my new sci-fi novel Herokiller, and read my first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on audiobook. The reveal of both the mission and the weapon has sent the community into a frenzy, but be warned - unlocking it isn't easy. Archived. Completing The Whisper on Heroic powers up the Catalyst (up to an apparent 36% cap per week), with 12% gained for the mission, and 2% for opening chests that have been added throughout the Heroic version's platform section. The three modifiers are Arc, Solar and Void, which is set to be introduced each week. How to get the Destiny 2 Whisper of the Worm, Getting the Destiny 2 Whisper of the Worm step-by-step, The Whisper's other secrets: Chest locations and Oracle puzzle, The 20 best Xbox One games you can play right now, Starting the 'Taken Blight' Public Event in Io's Lost Oasis area (likely during the planet's Flashpoint), Kill specific yellow bar enemies, then enter the portal it spawns, Complete secret mission 'The Whisper' within 20 minutes.