But he kills him with his showrd giving Abhimanyu relief from the sadistic activity of Kauravas.Now to Abimanyu, Krishna knows very well that the day Chakravyuha was formed was the last day of Abhimanyu not becasue he knows he will meet that cruelty but he knows the Boon of Brahma to His Son Chandra. "SutPutra" I'll not marry you. You have nailed it. Duryodhana’s life could have been saved if only Karna used his intelligence rather than his loyalty and gratitude. Karna asked her if she would like to marry him. he is very loyal to his friend and and wears his loyalty proudly. It might have been just a political propaganda of Lord Krishna to over down him Because after acknowledging he promised kunti that he wouldn't kill four pandvas) and prevent the pandvas from him. All of you guys ask yourselves - when you are being rejected and mocked by a certain group and everyone and you know you are capable, there comes a person giving you the opportunity. Actually I would like to make one point here. Supriya was a friend of Duryodhana's wife, Bhanumati. But if this. Do right things and right things will happen to you!!! God wants no one to do that cruel things. This has become a trend now a days that we relate these fictional events to Science. Unconsciousness vs. Consciousness. Suryaputra or not, how can someone be born with an armour that protects the heart and the ears? This blog really opened my eyes.. its all in us after all, ~ to stay in bitterness or to be in happiness. yes true. The point is simple it was a myth to save the reputed image of Kunti, And it is not only about divine , You can read many story in Mahabharata and Ramayana they are written in dramatic and poetic ways such as Drona wadh, Shikandi and Bhishma story Krishan lila, Story of Jaydharat and his boons . Why did he not let Arjun and Karna fight fair? In other words, he wasn't pure and he did not achieved entrance to heaven. It is easy to sit behind a screen and type - Do the right thing whatever the society does to you but a completely different thing to implement it. Intelligence will pay off in the long run. Afterall duryodhana was a stubborn person who just wanted to hear what he wanted. He was just a grateful person who stood by his friend and leader. You have a great social responsibility so you might have told like that. Any soul's Existence be it a human or any living being is based on Karma. Later, one wife of Karna is mentioned by Gandhari. a fraud ridden death." However, they are mentioned by Karna in the Udyoga Parva and Gandhari in the Stri Parva book of the epic. no other epic, gives this much prominence to fake dharma. Moreover Science is base on the theories and logic. in those Karna comes in maybe 4-5 parvas. Different stories and folktales mention different. Real life is not not that interesting and don't have twist and turn But if you read ancient and history books such as Ashoka , Akbar, History of Europe, Roman Empire, Reformation. Both Ramayana and Mahabharata, are a historical incidents added with lot of myths and fictional stories to make them look interesting to read and to hide some controversial facts. Most modern sources believe that he had two wives, Vrushali and Supriya. Karn is one of my favourite characters, always. All of them fought against the other group(Arjuna, Bhima didnt fight each other and Bhishm, Karna didnt fight each other). Life doesn’t work like that.". it will be a matter of discussion now. Adhiratha, Karna's adoptive father, was a good friend of Satyasena. So who was suryadev. But it is not a living being that have a sperm and give birth to a child.