Salvador Dalí was a leading proponent of Surrealism, the 20-century avant-garde movement that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious through strange, dream-like imagery.“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision,” he said. Dalí is specially credited with the innovation of “paranoia-criticism,” a philosophy of art making he defined as “irrational understanding based on the interpretive-critical association of delirious phenomena.” In addition to meticulously painting fantastic compositions, such as The Accommodations of Desire (1929) and the melting clocks in his famed The Persistence of Memory (1931), Dalí was a prolific writer and early filmmaker, and cultivated an eccentric public persona with his flamboyant mustache, pet ocelot, and outlandish behavior and quips. Working alongside his father, Victor Vasarely, he discovered and explored the beauty of geometry in art. Limited-Edition Prints by Leading Artists, Gouache, with graphite, on commercially printed magazine pap, SALVADOR DALI Original Woven Tapestry Signed Persistence Of Memory Melting Clock, 1975, Salvador Dali Ones Identity Color Etching Hand Signed Clock Watch Surreal Art, 1979, Salvador Dali American Clock Color Lithograph Hand Signed Surreal Framed Artwork, 1976, Andrew from the Twelve Apostles Suite, 1972, Salvador Dali Color Lithograph Hand Signed Time And Space Surreal Clock Artwork, 1973, "Tear of Time" Hand Signed Salvador Dali Lithograph, 1931, Anenome per anti-pasti, from Florals, 1972, Hippies Suite: Femmes Fleurs Au Piano , 1973, Mythology: Leda and Swan - Leda Et Le Cygne , 1963-1965, Self-Portrait on the Border Line Between Mexico and the United States, 1932, "Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910–1950" at Philadelphia Museum of Art, Au rendez-vous des amis, 1922: Aragon, Breton, Baargeld, De Chirico, Eluard, Desnos, Soupault, Dostoyevsky, Paulhan, Perst, Arp, Ernst, Morise, Fraenkel, Raphael, 1922, The Table, called Still life with Hare, 1920, Private Collection of Gustav Zumsteg, Zurich, Instruments de musique sur une table (Musical Instruments on a Table), 1926, © Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, Some fabulous buys! Art Brokerage is the first online fine art brokerage. It was made in 1940 right after the end of the Spanish Civil War and before the beginning of the second World War. Join our 167k + members and register for our daily email, to save your favorite listings, and take advantage of our buying/selling systems. Art - The easiest way to buy and sell art online safely! The famous surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí, gave us several works of art that are considered masterpieces by many.
The artist juxtaposes pure colors next to one another to achieve the illusion of three-dimensional forms. It was painted during a brief period when the artist lived in California. The inspiration of the French Impressionists and Pointillists is evident in Yvaral's vibrant paintings. It's a perfect title, because it drives home two nails at once. Watch for bargains & see our more than 10,000 Must Sell and Steal This listings. Give the gift of art with Art Brokerage. Make an offer. “The Face of War” is one of the rare works of Dali, which does not have several interpretations or different interpretations.

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

The Face of War is Spanish artist Salvador Dali’s attempt to impersonate war itself. Low price guarantee, fast shipping & free returns, and custom framing options on all prints. Faces of Salvador Dali: Suite of 6 1977 by Yvaral - Limited Edition Print | Suite of 6 Serigraphs in Folder | 35.00 x 24.00 inches | 89 x 61 cm View well priced listings! The Face of War (The Visage of War; in Spanish La Cara de la Guerra) (1940) is a painting by the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí.

Dalí i Domènech, Salvador.

Salvador Dalí was a leading proponent of Surrealism, the 20-century avant-garde movement that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious through strange, dream-like imagery. All Rights Reserved. The trauma and the view of war had often served as inspiration for Dalí’s work. Gift cards now available!