[68], Jon (Jonathan Q. Arbuckle) is Garfield's owner, usually depicted as an awkward clumsy geek who has trouble finding a date. United Feature Syndicate accepted the strip for national distribution, which had been retitled Garfield on September 1, 1977, in March 1978 (ending its run in the Times on the 2nd) and made its nationwide debut in 41 newspapers on June 19 of that year (however, after a test run, the Chicago Sun-Times dropped it, only to reinstate it after readers' complaints). Jon was portrayed as a cartoonist in the first strip[76] and occasional others in the early years; Davis stated his intent had been to express his own frustrations as a cartoonist. [29] Some examples date from 2006. Though this is rarely mentioned in print, Garfield is set in Jim Davis' hometown of Muncie, Indiana, according to the television special Happy Birthday, Garfield. Another story involved Jon going away on a business trip around Christmas time, leaving Garfield a week's worth of food, which he devoured instantly. Paws, Inc.[94] was founded in 1981 by Jim Davis to support the Garfield comic strip and its licensing. Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal is a 1987 video game for the Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and the Amiga based on the comic strip. Inking and coloring work is done by other artists, while Davis spends most of the time supervising production and merchandising the characters. Another commonly recurring character, although hardly ever seen, is Jon's neighbor, Mrs. Feeny. [92] Jon and Liz began to go out more frequently, Jon has started hiring pet sitters to look after Garfield and Odie, though they do not always work out. It has been wondered by many readers if Garfield can actually be understood by the human characters around him. Reaction ranged from 'Right on!' The strip's focus is mostly on the interactions among Garfield, Jon, and Odie, but other recurring minor characters appearing as well. In 2012, a series of Garfield video games was launched by French publisher Anuman Interactive, including My Puzzles with Garfield!, Multiplication Tables with Garfield, Garfield Kart, and Garfield's Match Up.[55]. The website now redirects to Nick.com, with an alternative link to GoComics. (UFS did, however, allow Davis to use the format for his later U.S. However, the original black and white daily strips and original color Sunday strips remain copyrighted to United Feature Syndicate. On the farm, Jon's mother will cook huge dinners; Garfield hugs her for this. On June 19, 2007, Garfield was given the greatest birthday present: "I'M OFF MY DIET!" Odie is a yellow, long-eared beagle with a large, slobbering tongue, who walks on all four legs, though occasionally he will walk on two like Garfield. Joseph Papp, producer of A Chorus Line, discussed making a Garfield stage musical, but due to some complications, it never got off ground. Though he will eat nearly anything (with the exception of raisins and spinach), Garfield is particularly fond of lasagna; he also enjoys eating Jon's houseplants and other pets (mainly birds and fish). Reception was largely positive: at its peak, the site received as many as 300,000 hits per day. 1/1/2002: 2/1/2002: 3/1/2002: 4/1/2002: 5/1/2002: 6/1/2002: 7/1/2002: 8/1/2002: 9/1/2002: 10/1/2002: 11/1/2002: 12/1/2002: 13/1/2002: 14/1/2002: 15/1/2002 : 16/1/2002: 17/1/2002: 18/1/2002: 19/1/2002: 20/1/2002: 21/1/2002: 22/1/2002: 23/1/2002: 24/1/2002: 25/1/2002: 26/1/2002: … One of the recurring storylines involves Garfield getting lost or running away. It was implied that Jon is inspired by a drawing of Davis himself when he was first drawing the strip. "Newswatch: Garfield Hits 1000th Newspaper". Garfield seems to take both enormous pride and excess zeal in doing whatever it takes to harass her, to the point the she even erects an electric fence (which of course, does not stop him). By 2002, Garfield became the world's most syndicated strip, appearing in 2,570 newspapers with 263 million readers worldwide;[1] by 2004, Garfield appeared in nearly 2,600 newspapers and sold from $750 million to $1 billion worth of merchandise in 111 countries. Also, there was a storyline involving Garfield catching Odie eating his food and "kicking Odie into next week". On June 19, 2020, the website was shut down during the strip's 42nd anniversary, following Viacom's acquisition of Paws, Inc. in August 2019. January February March April May June July August September October November December. The strip is currently distributed by Universal Press Syndicate, while rights for the strip remain with Paws. There are also seasonal jokes, with snow-related gags common in January or February and beach- or heat-themed jokes in the summer. Jim Davis will continue to make comics, and a new Garfield animated series is in production for ViacomCBS subsidiary Nickelodeon. [57], In 2016, Hermes Press signed an agreement with Paws, Inc to publish an art book on the art of author Jim Davis, titled The Art of Jim Davis' Garfield. [30] A webcomic called Arbuckle does the above but also redraws the originals in a different art style. To manage the merchandise, Davis founded Paws, Inc.[11] In 1982 the strip was appearing in more than 1,000 newspapers.[18]. Jon starts to get lonely, so he offers a reward for the return of Garfield and Odie. He is not descriptive, so animals including an elephant, monkeys, a seal, a snake, a kangaroo and joey, and turtles are brought to Jon's house for the reward. This started happening after his sixth birthday. Garfield is also shown to manipulate people to get whatever he wants. 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Understood? The book Garfield: His 9 Lives (1984) retcons Odie's origin: there is no mention of Lyman, and Odie was a puppy when he was acquired by Jon as company for Garfield (when Garfield was a kitten). 1/1/2004: 2/1/2004: 3/1/2004: 4/1/2004: 5/1/2004: 6/1/2004: 7/1/2004: 8/1/2004: 9/1/2004: 10/1/2004: 11/1/2004: 12/1/2004: 13/1/2004: 14/1/2004: 15/1/2004 : 16/1/2004: 17/1/2004: 18/1/2004: 19/1/2004: 20/1/2004: 21/1/2004: 22/1/2004: 23/1/2004: 24/1/2004: 25/1/2004: 26/1/2004: … Most of December is spent preparing for Christmas, with a predictable focus on presents. January February March April May June July August September October November December. This is the world as he sees it. This is his story". Many gags focus on this; his inability to get a date is usually attributed to his lack of social skills, his poor taste in clothes (Garfield remarked in one strip after seeing his closet that "two hundred moths committed suicide";[72] in another, the "geek police" ordered Jon to "throw out his tie"),[73] and his eccentric interests which range from stamp collecting to measuring the growth of his toenails to watching movies with "polka ninjas". Originally published locally as Jon in 1976, then in nationwide syndication from 1978 as Garfield, it chronicles the life of the title character, Garfield the cat; Jon Arbuckle, his human owner; and Odie, the dog. Jon was born on a farm that apparently contained few amenities; in one strip, his father, upon seeing indoor plumbing, remarks: "Woo-ha! Other gags focus on Jon's poor social skills and inability to get a date; before he started dating Liz, he often tried to get dates, usually without success (in one strip, after failing to get a date with "Nancy", he tries getting a date with her mother and grandmother; he ended up getting "shot down by three generations").