Great gate opener system. I would highly recommend this product and company to anyone looking for a high-quality gate control! Since posting, we had an issue with a couple of our cows getting into a scuffle and breaking the black plastic housing on the gate arm, so I called tech support to determine the best course of repair. The technical service is the best I have received in a long time...Our control board started acting up, sometimes would not respond to open or close commands, initially I thought it might have been a power problem, bought a couple of new batteries and kept them charged and used to rotate them with the originals (my solar charger also gets some shade from mountain and trees) but even with fully charged batteries the system would falter. If you are looking for a great product that the company will stand behind, you will not one better than GHOST CONTROLS. Wow! All shipped promptly. I will be adding a wireless keypad soon. The hardest part in my driveway was cutting a ditch (then filling) across the concrete to install the conduit for the wiring for the far gate. Fortunately i found Ghost Controls opener that could work up to 1000 ft. Overnight, I received another email from Ghost Controls issuing a ~$100 (15%) refund, no questions asked!Terrific customer service, which I wanted to recognize! We recently had issue where we had a car run into the one of the gates on a dual gate system. I put a note at the bottom of the order explaining the situation, but didn't expect much. I would, and have, recommend Ghost Controls to anyone looking for quality and service after the sale! System is very quite, alarms can be turned on/off. The gate it’s self was nice and easy to install and worked perfectly during the day. It produces a beam between the 2 units. I don't have any problems endorsing this fine product. The opener is an Elite SL3000 from 2010 with an "Elite OmniControl Surge Suppressor unit" where the photo eye should connect. The installation was very easy and the instructions clear. Buy one of these!..or two! I would highly recommend Ghost Controls for their quality, and customer service. Plus with great tech support-you can’t buy a better product!! In addition, the price was very reasonable and affordable. When the GHOST CONTROLS® gate system controller is switched to Monitored mode, When the GHOST CONTROLS® gate system controller is switched to SafeForce® mode. However these tired eyes read the font as 11/28, so when I ordered the discount had already expired. I highly recommend these over the other brands as we researched and did much homework before deciding to go with Ghost Controls. Quality product as far as we can see. I installed the single gate opener and followed the directions provided. Within 24 hours they diagnosed an improper installation, sent me a few parts and everything was resolved. Also very poor customer support. I would recommend this product and I would buy it again. The gate has so many different settings you can tailor to your needs. He immediately told me how to properly fix this problem not only by giving me explicit directions, he emailed videos to me to show me. Well thought out engineering and easy to install with simple hand tools. This company sells a great product and stands by their product. These guys are great. Knew the issue and helped us quickly to solve it, even sent another board when we realized it wasn’t going to work. My husband didn't have any trouble installing it, but it had a glitch a few days later he couldn't figure out. Is that right? The arm was installed correctly (not upside down) and I called the company to let them know that they some sort of design flaw that allowed rainwater in. Yes, NO means that the contact closes on activation.