1989). Biol. Hasse Fen is our largest venue at 17 acres and is situated near Soham, Cambridgeshire.. Peters and W.E. Sign up for our newsletter, Conservation Magazine, or the Alberta Discover Guide. Univ. The influence of phosphorus and zooplankton on chlorophyll levels in Alberta lakes. Rec. 1985. The arability of the soil in the basin is considered to be mostly fair to fairly good. Mgt. Although designated as a farm reservoir it has seldom been used for irrigation since the lake was first dug in the early nineties. Zool. Under ice cover on 14 March 1982, the total phosphorus concentration was 91 µg/L at a depth of 9 m (Prepas n.d.). For. By late August 1983, the total phosphorus concentration was 292 µg/L at the bottom of the lake but only 19 µg/L at the surface (FIGURE 8). Unfortunately, I gave up on it because the crowds were just too much for me and the old man. I was there today. When you purchase our Lake Maps App,  you get all the great marine chart app features like fishing spots, along with Hasse Lake lake depth map. The oldest trout caught were age 5; the longest was an age-5 female with a fork length of 618 mm and a weight of 3.2 kg (Berry 1986). J. Unpubl. Alta., Edmonton. Prep. Hasse Lake is unique in Alberta because it harbours a vigourous population of threespine stickleback. In 2019, we also investigated the potential use of alum treatment and lake aeration as alternative approaches to improve water quality and support a year-round population of stocked fish. A detailed fishing report for the Hasse Lake will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. Envir. /* year */ null, Div., Edmonton. Prepas. Last time I fished hasse would have been back in 07. 1987. Alta., Edmonton. $('#mainSearchField').keyup( function () { J. The dominant ions are sulphate, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium (TABLE 3); their concentrations are relatively high for a freshwater lake and are likely strongly influenced by groundwater inflow (Prepas n.d.). Average of 50 ratings as of Nov. 23, 2020, They stocked over 25,000 trout into hasse this year . The total hours fished over the course of the survey were estimated to be 185,635. Can. For. The lake is weakly thermally stratified in summer (FIGURE 5). Aquat. The park is open year-round. © 2020. In recent decades, changes in watershed land use have resulted in increased nutrient runoff, particularly phosphorus, into Hasse Lake that has led to increased intensity and frequency of 2 algal blooms, especially blue-green cyanobacteria … Prep. A nice lake to canoe with lots of reeds around the perimeter. & L. Envir. only perch and pike and some trout..nothing more. it claims that they stocked over 10000 walleye in if in the months of october and september of 2012?! Fish and Wildlife Division stocked the lake with rainbow trout in 1953, 1955 and 1956, and with brook trout in 1954. Ld. "sDom": '<"H">t<"F">', Leggat. Each, year we monitored summer and winter water quality conditions; however, we did not conduct surveys during the summer of 2019 due to the departure from ACA of key project staff. All Rights Reserved, Landowner Compensation and Damage Prevention. Prep. There hasn't been fish here for a couple years ! Alberta Hotel Association. Hasse Lake, a quiet little lake in the rolling hills west of the city of Edmonton, is a beautiful spot for canoeing, fishing or birdwatching. It was once a very good trout fishery. Rotenone was applied to the lake in 1968 to kill all pike, perch and suckers. Busse Lake – Cook County, IL Busse Lake Facts. Prepas, E.E. 2020 fish stalking report shows it for this year. Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. Hasse Fen is fisheries' largest venue at 17 acres and is situated near Soham, Cambridgeshire. Tips, tactics, gear reviews for everything from bass and bluegills to stripers and bluefish - if it's fishing related, we cover it. Ltd. 1987). there is no walleyes in hasselake..never was. summaryTable.fnFilter( $(this).val(), 2 ); Babin, J. In the winter, much of the water column was anoxic under the ice by mid-February. The drainage area lies on the eastern edge of the Duffield Moraine, which consists of glacial till laid down during the last glaciation. Macbook ChartPlotter, and Windows Marine Navigation App now available -. Chambers, P.A. Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife. }); Sci. There are no data on algal species in Hasse Lake. That lake is dead, you aren't supposed to touch that water, warning signs everywhere. n.d.[b]. } ); Modelling winter oxygen depletion rates in ice-covered temperate zone lakes in Canada. Bist LLC is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited. 40:1412-1418. Can. The pike and perch provided a modest sport fishery until the winter of 1952/53, when they were eliminated in a severe winterkill. The Hasse Lake fishing map contains information about some of the best fishing spots this lake has to offer as well as the nearby cottages, campgrounds, and bait and tackle shops. The highest catch rate was 150 fish/100 m z (R.L. J. Wild. Parks in Alberta: A guide to peaks, ponds, parklands & prairies. Anyone could catch pike here as we could not keep them off, and released..." Buck Lake, "At the moment, the Perch are plentiful at Mink Lake. Berry, D.K. Envir., Res. Groundwater input is likely significant, but has never been measured (Prepas n.d.). The Pike seem to be in hiding. Was 13in of ice, the family fished for 4 hours with no luck. "aoColumns": [ Hasse Lake has only two indigenous species of fish: fathead minnow and brook stickleback. There is an area where small boats and canoes can be launched; boat speed is restricted to 12 km/hour on the entire lake and all boats are restricted from posted areas near the beach (Alta. Geological map of Alberta. Mgt. Foundation, Edmonton. & L. Environmental Services Ltd. 1987. Hasse Lake provides a popular trout fishery in both summer and winter. Don, just saw on the news that alberta health has issued a blue algae warning, warning indicated no contact with the water, I am sure this will be on the provincial website by now .... cheers .... doyle. Alta., Dept. The total number of trout caught was estimated to be 25,977, with 40% caught in winter. is out of date. for Alta. Resour., Resour. Tech. Too many pelicans, seagulls, and Geeae, these two bigger birds need to be relocated. Fish Wild. Although designated as a farm reservoir it has seldom been used for irrigation since the lake was first dug in the early nineties. 1983. Parks Div. The predominant vegetation is trembling aspen and balsam poplar, with willows in less well-drained areas and sedges in poorly drained boggy areas. Land was later purchased by the provincial government, and in 1970, Hasse Lake Provincial Park was established (Alta. Hasse Lake Map Edmonton Location: 14.4 km from Stony Plain.