About 30 minutes before starting the smoker, I’ll pull the meat out of the fridge or brine to let it warm up just a bit. Grease Fire In A Pellet Smoker Grill – Are Pellet Grills Safe? Smoke will begin to appear after a couple of minutes then will really pick up. Being prepared for smoking meat can make all the difference. I’ve never checked the exact times and amounts myself, but according to my research, I’m seeing about 2 lbs of pellets for every hour of low and slow smoking, and about 4 lbs of pellets for every hour for temperatures above 275 degrees (F). Don’t be a Nervous Ned always opening up your smoker to see what’s going on. It’s a good idea to let your smoker reach at least 250 degrees (F) and then let it bake for a few minutes to kill any bacteria left behind from the last time you used your smoker. Then 6-10 minutes before the smoker reaches smoking temperatures. Usually, the day before I plan to smoke or grill, I’ll prepare the meats with rubs or a brine. Make sure the temperature knob is turned to the lowest smoke setting. After the first cook, I did clean the grill grates and vacuumed the burn pot. Check Lowe’s for current prices and availability. The Pit Boss Pro Series-4 smoker packs 1,322 inches of cooking space on five porcelain-coated racks in a relatively portable size. The smoker is built on four easy to maneuver wheels, making it easy to use and store wherever it is convenient. Once you add your meat to the smoker, you’ll want to keep the door shut as much as possible. Check to see if the firebox is clean and leave the door or lid open. Hopefully, you’ve planned out your smoke time with meaningful activities. Most of the assembly involves getting the bottom of the smoker put together and is quite simple to do. But here’s my whole sequence of events start to finish. A more discerning palate might be able to tell the difference, but I can’t. I say that because I had some issues with my Traeger pellet grill. CookinPellets also makes some good, smoky pellets. Try different kinds and see if you can taste the difference. Pit Boss recently gave me the opportunity to try one of their upright smokers. The smoker is built on four easy to maneuver wheels, making it easy to use and store wherever it is convenient. I cannot imagine what I could smoke that would take 50 hours, but the capacity is nice to have. The Pit Boss Pro Series-4 Vertical Pellet Smoker is a lot of bang for your buck. I honestly cannot tell if a meat was smoked with hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry or a mix. The process to starting a Pit Boss vertical smoker or pellet smoker grill is fairly easy. Make sure to add water in the pan above the heat source. Always start the smoker with the door open. At this point, the fan will begin to race, and the smoke will kind of blow out. Spraying can make the difference between scraping or sliding. The hotter you plan to smoke will obviously add more time. He is a Mac convert and has drank the whole pitcher of kool-aid! Make sure the dial is set to SMOKE. As stated above, this smoker has a huge amount of cooking space. For more info on Reviews & Disclosure, click here. As far as which flavor is best, I don’t have an answer for you. Whether they ever would catch fire or not, I still didn’t want smoke in there. Smokers smoke best with the door closed. It’s good to check in on the smoker now and then to make sure it hasn’t gone out for some reason, but keep yourself busy while the smoker smokes. I did two cooks first day to run the Pro Series-4 through its paces. Spray the grates with a non-stick cooking spray.