It's fine, I'm not the kind of guy that pressures people to respond right away. Kirei notices Sakura to be very different to their last meeting and he is pleased that she conceived Avenger. She's the girl in the story most suited to using seduction to get what she wants. I was talking about dodging the excaliblasts. Basically, she is a worrisome girl that never resents others (not even Shinji or Zouken), and always blames herself for everything. However, before he does it, he thanks her. In the scene with her and Kariya’s death, the first draft of the plot was really too inhumane. Considering that Genin can already move at 40km/h comfortably (Boruto movie, chasing a panda which can run 40km/h just about) and that many animals can even go faster (e.g. Lee fights Team Dosu by himself, planning to make good on his earlier promise to protect her, but is eventually defeated. Does that mean Zouken was not in the house in the other routes? Kishimoto attributes this to his being unable to draw good heroine characters, and fashioned Sakura as a girl who cannot understand men, the best example of a heroine he could come up with. Sakura heals them, as well as the rest of those injured in the attack. 間桐桜【人名】 出番は序盤と終盤に二度あるだけなのだが、その間ず~~~っと轟貢め児ポ法発禁地獄に苛まれていたかと思うと、やっぽりZeroでも悲惨指数はこの娘が一等賞なのかもしれない。筆者が執筆の真っ最中に、キャラマテ木に幼少時代の桜の愛くるしいイラストが掲載され、「ああ、こんな子が凄烈虐待されまくってる世界を俺は今書いているのだな」と思うと、とてもとても精神的に堪えました。酷いよ武内さん!もっと虐めて! Sasuke accompanies them back to Konoha and spends some time with Sakura and Sarada, even posing for a family photo that their home has been missing. It looks insubstantial, as if a shadow were to stand with so light an existence that it looks able to simply be blown away. While the man emerged unharmed but fuming at Sasuke's interference, Sakura fished Sasuke out of the river and hid him while using her new medical ninjutsu to treat him. Japanese name: They infiltrate it, locate Sai, and restrain him so that they can go looking for Sasuke. is one of three main heroines of Fate/stay night and the Master of Rider in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets show that the high sandals Sakura wears in Part II adds 1 centimetre onto her height. [46] In the anime, she could perform a highly difficult operation alone to regenerate a missing section of a person's body. With this name she really seems like a brave and fierce Tooyama Sakura… While she can take in and blacken most Servants, Gilgamesh is unable to be controlled, so she must digest him in haste to keep him from tearing her up from the inside. She has a quiet personality, and all things considered is exceptionally patient and persevering. The number of magic circuits are fixed at birth and the number won't increase by other than external factors. Nasuverse character Also remember they have knowledge of each other, I don't think Sakura is stupid enough to stand still in front of a large beam of golden energy. Magic Resistance: B A famous one is a style in which the five great elements are formed from wood, fire, soil, metal,and water. Like most magi, her father chose only one daughter to carry on his family's tradition as he believed raising an additional child would introduce competition. Sakura later tries to carry Shion to safety, but they are followed by Kusuna and Sakura is injected with Secret Anaesthesia. Although it initially appears no different from a standard puppet, such that Chiyo is able to fight it with her Mother and Father puppets, the puppet is discovered to have access to the Third's Iron Sand, which has also been imbued with poison. While he's gone, Yamato goes through his belongings and finds evidence that Sai has been assigned to assassinate Sasuke. After becoming Dark Sakura, the Command Spell around her body has the same make-up as the Shadow. They finally locate Sasuke, but Obito is unable to keep the portal open long enough for Sasuke to run to it. Though she's always exuding an obvious aura of "senpai-adoration", it's hard to say if the all-important object of her affection, Shirou, has actually noticed or not. In this form, her face, dress and legs are covered in red markings. Upon graduating from the Academy and being assigned to Team 7, Sakura is initially devastated when she learns that Naruto Uzumaki is to be one of her teammates. However, in the anime, Naruto approves, and Sakura is disgusted, and violently reprimands him. So because it doesn't mention Sasuke's sound speed , then he isn't? The rogue student unleashed Nue onto the village. Sarada left the shop telling Sakura that she was going home. Dark Sakura fused her memories with her counterpart, although she is uncertain who actually died. While resting after a day of exploring the nearby ruins, Hinata voluntarily joins with Toneri and Naruto is badly injured by Toneri while trying to stop her. Her Element was changed to the water alignment with her acclimation to the Matou magecraft, so she cannot display her true talent. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Its original usage is not meant as a means to kill her, but the conditions of the Fifth War provide a unique opportunity. Sakura is saddened because she thinks Sasuke is not concerned about her. Sakura Matou Before the Chūnin Exams begin, Sakura is met by Rock Lee, who asks her to go out with him and offers to protect her with his life. Q: Sakura studied archery under Shirou’s influence? It is an "unidentified object" that gives the impression of a jellyfish on land or a deep sea monster. [57] In actual combat, Sakura frequently relies on misleading her opponents, either by letting them think they've outsmarted her so that they lower their guard,[58] or letting them think they've defeated her so that they will approach her, and she can defeat them with a single punch.[56]. If I saw the car coming and managed to carry two people out of the way, you'd be impressed by my strength and speed. [citation needed], Sakura during the Fourth Shinobi World War, 1.485 m
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, Land of Rice Fields Investigation Mission. Chiyo, Sasori's grandmother, ultimately decides to accompany Team 7 as they leave to find Gaara, helping them navigate the local country. She also wears light-coloured pants and high heels and a red headband. Some of the five elements will differ according to the school of magic. She can bring them forth without limit, and the amount of energy spent creating them for just a single battle, over one hundred million, is enough to run a department of the Clock Tower for one hundred years. After Sasuke helped in delivering Shukaku safely to the village, he was given some down-time. [3] Sakura has been developed to be able to act as the Black Grail (黒の聖杯, Kuro no Seihai? Sakura agrees, but Ino is dismayed when Sakura reminds her that she will be her junior during the course of their training. He is the strongest character in both Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero. So in the end, Sakura’s monologue was very mild and calm. If so I don't know. 間桐 桜 それも当然、初期コンセプトは「浅上藤乃タイプ」。これで血を見ないワケがない。 Still high, as it nullifies spells at B rank (activated within three counts) or lower, and it is difficult to harm her even with high thaumaturgy. The ringleader of the assault is Ino's family friend, Taidachi. [67][71], Sakura's most well-known physical characteristic is her broad forehead. Sasuke's match is interrupted by an invasion of Konoha and a genjutsu descends on the stadium where the finals are being held, putting most of the audience to sleep. Fate Sakura heals Karin's injury and, in her unstable mental state, joins the battle. Main article: Konoha Plans Recapture Mission Lastly in the case of Minato V Raikage, assuming humans see about 60 FPS and that the Raikage covers about 20 meters in that one frame, that's about a similar figure (4000km/h). Carrying the properties of All the World's Evil, fighting them would normally require something to dispel a curse, but a level of energy equal to that making up the shadows can eliminate them. To do either of these, the magic circuits are necessary. Sakura collapses of exhaustion, but is caught by Sasuke, who explains he used Amenotejikara to switch places with Sakura's flak jacket, before thanking them.