About Gary T. Marx Gary T. Marx is Professor Emeritus from M.I.T. This new paper is worth reading: "Soft Surveillance: The Growth of Mandatory Volunteerism in Collecting Personal Information -- 'Hey Buddy Can You Spare a DNA?' Chevigny, New York University . Dave Blair rated it really liked it Dec 03, 2013. . Gary Marx on Surveillance. He has written a sociological map for surveillance, giving it a structure that it has never before had."—P. He is the author of Protest and Prejudice, The Harvest of American Racism (with others), Undercover: Police Surveillance "Gary Marx's book is one of the best of the rare species, thoughtful and analytic books about police surveillance. Mac-Corry Hall, Room D207 NEW Queen's University 12:30 - 2:00pm Windows into the Soul: surveillance and society Gary T. Marx will offer an overview of his recently completed book, which suggests a conceptual framework for analyzing the structure, means and goals of surveillance and the attributes of types of personal information. Write a review. and he makes a solid study out of them. Shellyt rated it really liked it Apr 16, 2020. Gary T. Marx is a sociology professor at MIT, and a frequent writer on privacy issues. Gary T. Marx is Professor Emeritus from M.I.T. Julia rated it it was amazing Jun 25, 2017. I find him both clear and insightful, as well as interesting and entertaining. Gary Marx was a 1960s UC Berkeley activist and civil libertarian who once took a "sky is falling" view that privacy was gravely endangered; he opposed virtually all intrusions. Gary Marx's book, Windows into the Soul, provides a telling look into the underlying .... Gary T. Marx, Surveillance & Society Biennial Conference, Barcelona, April 2014. We live in an age saturated with surveillance. He is the coauthor (with C. Fijnaut) of Undercover: Police Surveillance in Comparative Perspective, 1995; Undercover: Police Surveillance in America, 1990; and Protest and Prejudice: A Study of Belief in the Black Community, 1967.His work has appeared or been reprinted in over 300 books and articles in over a dozen languages. ... Start your review of Undercover: Police Surveillance in America. He has worked in the areas of race and ethnicity, collective behavior and social movements, law and society and surveillance studies. He has a thousand stories, most of them current . Our personal and public lives are increasingly on display for governments, merchants, employers, hackers—and the merely curious—to see.