A parable utilizes the full story to produce the spiritual lesson, whereas a proverb, metaphor, simile, or figure of speech centers usually on a word, phrase or sentence. Our greatest need, of course, is that of redemption. Parables #1-2-3-4 New cloth, New wine. He claimed to be “The Truth” (John 14:6) and God in the flesh. All parables are short, but some are quite brief. Jesus' parables was "the kingdom of heaven" 1. … Here is a list of parables in the Bible, defining parable as “a fictional yet realistic story that illustrates a spiritual truth”: Parables Told by Jesus. Wise & foolish builders. Wise and Foolish Builders. The Lord Jesus Christ taught with authority. A parable concerning the importance of doing the will of the Father. This List of Parables is ideal for Bible Study for Adults, Teens and Children and is a free, printable Bible Study resource which can be used for Bible lessons and at a Christian Sunday School. There are 105 Parables in the List. Since parables … Discover the many parables of Jesus from the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke in the collection of Bible verses below! You may exclude the columns that you don’t want to see using the “Columns” option to make extra room for the columns you do want to see. … Some count about 100 parables in the Bible; others see over 250. There are over 30 parables of Jesus recorded in the Synoptic Gospels (the Gospel of John has none). Great stories illustrate our need for something. There is a formatted downloadable document listing all the parables with all the text and references in the Download Articles and Books Page. Lamp on a stand. List of Parables in Order Brief descriptions and scripture references for all 46 parables. Many of the parables start with "The kingdom of heaven is like..." - Mt 13:24,31,33,44,45,47 2. In explaining why He spoke in parables, Jesus said this in Matthew 13:11 - He answered and said to them, "Because it has been given to you to know The List of Parables are taken from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, taken from the New Testament. One of Christ’s go-to teaching tools was the Parable.