The hole between the two gears is where the main planetary drive shaft fits. The back cover. Cooking, crafting, organization, and tips to make your life easier. Watch your inbox for your free guide. Here I’ve just put the plug in a baggie and tied it up. var sc_partition=33; hobbymommy Take the small Phillips screwdriver and gently tap the pin out of the planetary housing. If you are more of a visual learner like me here are videos to show you. You may have to fiddle around with the pin and the shaft to get them to line up. Outside, starting to clean the gearing. I replace the grease in the gear heads of my KA every year or so. 4. You’ll be rewarded with reminders of just about everything you’ve made in the mixer since the last cleaning. Here it is, cleaned up and back in service. These attachments are made from aluminum and washing them in the dishwasher causes oxidation which is that nasty black stuff. I have had it since the fall of 2009 & bake only 15 to 25 cakes a year. I've had mine since 2000 and haven't ever serviced it. Periodic Deep Cleaning – Before cleaning any part of a Hobart mixer, unplug the power cord. // ]]> Here’s a shot of the mixer and all the tools you’ll use. Thanks,Crystal. It will be an opportunity to go into the city. See those four screws? A small dish or bowl to hold the parts you remove from the mixer. The KA mixers need to be serviced to be oiled/greased to keep them in good working condition.Is it an inconveniece? The large gear on the left drives the accessories. I make it stops to make it worth while. Checking the old grease for metal shavings. Put grease on all gears and on the shafts. Replace the chrome strip and the back cover and we’re done. // ]]> //