But when it is over heated, then there is definitely a problem in your phone.If you have this problem then you had better read, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Location, Hotspot, Sync  is switched on, Sometimes, When we reset our phone because battery issue or slow. It is not better than using a normal charger but still quite a good solution. Charging by USB cable may be universal but they use less than 1 amper and the modern devices usually need 2 ampers or more. Even though Android consumes a significant portion of your battery, there are times when an unstable version ends up consuming an overwhelming amount of battery. XDA's official marketplace for buying and selling tech. That is why when you charge the device in that mode, it should charge up a little bit faster than in the usual mode. I highly recommend checking out Jerry Rig Everything’s video about HTC U Ultra on YouTube to grasp how badly the internals were placed. ” In this post, we are going to explain why is that and how to deal with it and save your HTC U Play Battery life. Go to, Setting–> accounts..  To remove these unnecessary accounts. Then phone is starting to slow down and battery will go down. You fell for the latest HTC scam that is called HTC U Ultra and now you’re stuck with a subpar device that has a slew of hardware-based problems. The HTC U Ultra is almost universally panned by critics as well as customers, so I think HTC has to take drastic measures in the design department if they want to capture lost glory. Another method is to go to Settings -> Accounts and disable sync for the apps you don’t need. The Following User Says Thank You to nvidia94 For This Useful Post: Redmi Note 9S / Note 9 Pro (Indian Model). How to manage auto-updates in HTC U Play? You don’t like certain aspects of it, like the camera, the display, the battery life, the lack of headphone jack, or why it is so big. Actually Now smartphones is smarter than you think When it’s fully Charged, it Automatically, How to calibrate the battery on HTC U Play. This would limit the functionality of your device to phone calls, texting, and basic internet connection. Users have same problem “Why is my HTC U Play battery dying so fast ? The battery consumption might look like this. Set it to either 15 or 30 seconds to get best results. Wait 2 minutes and check CPU activity. After that, you can re-update Google Play services, but don't reboot the phone or the problem is going to be back. But It’s battery specification is not satisfactory i think. When you check in settings the battery report, you see nothing interesting about an app draining you battery? So, if you drop your phone accidentally, you can easily replace it. If it stays in either stage 1 or 2 for most of the time, then it might create a battery problem. You don't know what to do anymore to save your device's battery? Additionally, keep these tips in mind that can increase your battery life. How Raziel Dungeon Arena Works on Vivo Y20s – Performance Test, Gaming Quality Checkup on Vivo Y20s - Riders of Icarus Gameplay, Discover Cover Fire Performance on Vivo Y20s - Gameplay. Chances are that this third-party charger might not be recommended by your smartphone company. Read- Speed up 200% internet without any software – 7 methods. Despite being a gigantic smart phone, HTC decided not to include a standard 3.5 MM headphone jack on the HTC U Ultra. While the HTC One M8 is packed with abundant of features like GPS, LTE, MCF, Wi-fi, and more, chances are that you might not need them all day long. You can use Calibration when your battery performance Decrease. it will be great if you helping me to recover my phone. Only problem that remains is that you cannot charge your smartphone while listening on them. You can try: Always use a branded, company-approved, and compatible charger while charging your HTC One in order to avoid a frequent HTC One battery replacement or any other kind of overheating issues.