By far my favorite part of the Inzer Forever belt is the lever buckle. The price is worth it. Enclosed in a sealed plastic bag were the metal lever buckle, a metal plate with 2 holes in it, and a couple of screws. This is because it is made of a high-quality leather material finished with superior quality suede. Not only that, but they’re also much easier to adjust. Inzer belts have a well deserved reputation as one of the best belts on the market. It offers the perfect support for lifting weights and also impresses with the modern look. To get the best belt, you have to consider the following points: In this section, we’ll analyze the features that can make or break your workout. Regardless of the types of buckles you’re opting for, Inzer puts a lot of attention to the metal used in that buckle. Amazing lever belt. Now, if you train for real and are a beast in the gym..THERE IS NO OTHER BELT. It’s definitely better than the classic chrome/black design. ●       This one doesn’t have a 13 mm thick version, There you have it. After all, what's more important than slaying PRs. ●       Approved in IPL and USPA powerlifting competitions, ●       Quite flimsy construction and stitching. It took a few workouts to get used to this belt. The ease of use depends on many factors, including the closure mechanism as well as the rigidity of the belt and how long it takes the belt to break in and conform to your body. In terms of comfort, the belt provides a snug fit around your core with the suede layer making it much more tolerable. However, these borders might feel slightly uncomfortable when they’re pressed against your skin. Nearly every powerlifting belt should feel rigid at first. The Inzer Forever is IPF-approved, which makes it usable at … Lever mechanism stays locked during my lifts, easy to pop off. The belt was $100, and taxes/shipping was $19.97. I’ve also read some horror stories about people ordering from the official Inzer website, and not receiving their products for several weeks. These two reviews praise the experience but with some negative comments on the shipping and sizing. The performance of the Inzer Forever belt can be measured in a wide variety of ways. The most important difference between these belts is the certification. By following this method, you’ll get a belt that suits your body size, as most users claimed that the sizing chart worked for them. ●       This belt is much more affordable than the Inzer belt. There are 12 notches which are spaced about 1” apart. The density of the leather is also similar, as they both feel the same around the waist. Ever since I started taking strength training seriously, I was bitten by the Iron Bug. Here’s a couple of pictures below comparing the Inzer Forever 13mm belt to the Schiek L2004 belt. Overall I’m pretty happy with it, you can leave it on unclamped through the work-out and it only tighten it up when you need to do a lift, this I find very handy. The belt is made of good quality leather genuine leather, which gives it an excellent level of durability and longevity. During the set, I’m focused on getting the weight up and not being pinned while squatting. It is made out of top grain leather. The moment you clamp the belt down, you start feeling your body tense up. In this RDX lifting belt review, we’ll dive deeper into its features to see whether it actually deserves your money. In fact, a lot of customers have complained about the flimsy quality. Their powerlifting belt is the perfect example. ●       Lifetime lever warranty (a huge plus! However, if you’re not annoyed by the adjustment, the lever version should be your choice to go. Lastly, the edges on this belt aren’t rounded at all. Easy on, easy off. © 2016-2018. It seems like every online review for weightlifting belts follows a trend — “This belt is good, but it’s nothing like my Inzer!” Now, this can be for one of two reasons. Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. First and foremost, I like how the shiny lever fits with the brown body. While Inzer Forever is specifically designed for powerlifting whether casually or competitively, this belt can be used for other activities as well. This will not change over time so to soften up the belt you have to roll it like a burrito. Its heavy nature can be a problem for some, especially carrying it in a gym bag. Inzer Lever Belt Review I really can’t speak much on the packaging of the paperwork of the Inzer forever belt since my review piece was borrowed from a friend. While it doesn’t have a direct impact on your performance, anyone should consider being comfortable in his own skin. The company’s headquarters is in Longview, Texas. I thought I should start with a brief introduction about powerlifting belts in general so that beginners could quickly catch up. My first experience with the Inzer lever belt was nothing short of amazing. At 10mm thick and constructed of genuine leather material, this belt will be 100% resistant to all sorts of ripping, stretching, and breaking during even the heaviest of lifts. Lifting with this belt feels so much easier and safer. I thought I had to break in the belt, but apparently this applies to non-lever belts. Some users said that their levers started failing while lifting. With that said, you now have an excellent idea about Inzer Forever powerlifting belts. It’s a nice alternative if you’re looking for a decent lever powerlifting belt that can save you some money. Even worse, a lot of these belts aren’t as durable as Inzer Forever. This might take around 5 minutes. But the RDX lever may not be strong enough under heavy loads. I don’t know whether the stitching is made by hand or machine (probably machine), but all I can say is that it’s extremely well made and stays put after years of beating. Let’s have a deeper insight into the best features and benefits of the powerlifting belt. As of now, RDX doesn’t produce a 13mm-thick belt. At first, I had it on too tight, and I felt light headed just walking around! Belt feels like it could last a lifetime, definitely recommended, Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2018. Coincidentally, the Inzer Forever 13mm lever belt is appropriately named for the types of products I like to buy - stuff that lasts Forever! However, once you have the setting for your waist established the first time, you don’t need to adjust it again. Check out my side-by-side comparison of the Inzer Belt vs Pioneer Belt. On the downside, RDX doesn’t reveal the purity percentage. To do adjustment with this lever, you’ll have to release the lever, slide it over, and tuck it back into the needed adjustment. The sleek design makes it suitable for both men and women power lifters. Great belt. I no longer have that uncomfortable and painful feeling of pinched stomach fat while I squat, but I do have bruises on my hips and red marks on the sides of my waist after a workout. Also, IPF releases a list of the approved brands from competitive powerlifting. All you notice is all your gainz and how solidified your core is when performing the three kings. In the beginning, it’ll be very uncomfortable for you to use the belt. A 3 inch, 10 mm leather lifting belt is appropriate for men and women because it provides excellent support without being too stiff or bulky. You can’t do this by hand unless you have steel nails! A 4″ wide powerlifting belt may restrict their mobility too much to be comfortable. Inzer lever belt measurements and review I spent forever searching around for some definitive measurement guide on Inzer belts but couldn't find anything, so here is my attempt at clearing up some questions. First, the belt weighs around 4 lbs, which is a heavier than almost all other belts I have reviewed or used till date. I actually felt like I had some more left in me after completing my usual sets. Back pain. The lever design offers ample back and abdomen support. Thankfully, for this review, I did not spend a single penny as I borrowed it for a couple of days from a friend of mine. You can find the Inzer Forever belt in this list. They don’t offer any true addition to single prongs. All I needed to do was push the belt down so that the bottom of the belt was just above my Illiac crest. That’s one of the most important things about the Inzer Forever belt. Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. In my search, I made sure to check for testimonials of both beginners and advanced users who tried this belt. It was ME that needed to be broken in!