For more information, check out the Privacy Policy - It never failed to pick anything up. The iRig Mic HD is purely digital, so those of you producing music — keep that in mind. Review – iRig Mic Cast HD from IK Multimedia A pocket microphone with a big sound. This is a dynamic hand-held microphone that will record at 24-bit, 96kHz. The iRig Mic HD 2 is $99.99 and available now. I’ll be testing the iRig Mic HD out with an iPhone and the Beastgrip to see just how versatile it can be for video production, too. The best part about the Mic Video is you can use this with your favorite camera. If you want to do interviews, sing into your phone, podcast, or simply have video using a handheld mic, then the HD2 is for you. The bag also isn’t there to protect the mic, so be sure to keep it in something else when traveling (if you’re concerned about damage). It’s got a comfortable circumference, too, so if you were going to use this to conduct some interviews, it would be just fine. This is how I’m doing @pepcomevents #interviews for Geekazine #conference #virtual #content ... You are awesome for coming to my website. If you’re producing music — and that’s IK’s main aim with their lineup of hardware and software — you’re familiar with what they have on offer. I tested this with a myriad of input software. The iRig lineup is familiar to iOS and OS X users who produce their own music, or similar media. The iRig Mic HD is solidly crafted of a plastic body with metal mic housing up top. Geekazine covers consumer tech, enterprise tech, music tech, and video tech. I never had any quality or gain loss on any platform, so it’s easy to say this one marries well with just about any software you have. You found the Footer and copyright information! It’s a plug-and-play operation, but you’re not limited to their apps. Using Mic Room can turn this microphone into whatever sound you’re looking for. There is no analog, here. You can even record to camera, and through your USB device to get the audio in two places. A small LED light tells you when you’re connected and ready to go, while a small gain knob around back adjusts your input range. While it’s brilliantly simple, keep that in mind for longer recording sessions — your battery life will suffer a touch. Have an Awesome day! 2020 . IK Multimedia has a great line of microphones that can improve your phone’s audio. When you hear about peripherals for your iOS devices — or even your desktop — the immediate concern is quality. The iRig Mic HD is IK Multimedia’s attempt to build on that, but does it live up? Both are plastic, but don’t inspire the confidence of the iRig mic HD itself. Your phone will never be the same. 3.5mm jack allows to plug into a DLSR, sound recorder, or other type of audio/video recorder to get sound at a distance. This is a pocket-sized microphone that hangs on your phone. 2020 tech review, external mic, ik multimedia, iphone mic, irig mic, irig mic cast hd, irig mic hd 2, jeffrey powers, microphone for iphone, portable mic, Technology @geekazine #geekout. I’ve used the handheld microphone in conference situations, and know how important it is to condense the ambient noise. Just like the other two, the Mic Video records at 24-bit 96 kHz sound. I have a fairly low voice, and tested the iRig Mic HD on several gain settings, speaking at a normal tone with the Mic roughly two inches from my mouth. Everything from notes on the iPhone to Garage Band on the Mac. In the hand, it breeds confidence; you’d probably be okay if you managed to drop this for some reason (mic drop moment!). This was a defining summer for me. We’ll find out! The iRig Mic HD can be found via Amazon, direct from IK Multimedia. If you have this book, you might have done what I did 27 years ago. Well balanced and solid, the construction here is top-notch. iRig Mic HD digital handheld microphone debuts for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, iRig Mic HD plugs audio straight into your iPhone. It can do a stereo split audio to get a good one-on-one interview. Though very solid, the iRig Mic HD is also light. The mic holder did it’s job, but I would have preferred a more solid solution — say, one that locked the mic into position. Thank you. This is a pocket-sized microphone that hangs on your phone. If I slipped both included cables (Lightning to micro USB and USB to micro USB) along with the peripheral pieces into the bag with the Mic HD, it left no room for anything else I may want to tote along. iRig Mic Cast HD is a pocket-sized dual-sided microphone … The Mic Cast HD is also $99.99, and available now. Memories... #entrepreneur #firstbusiness #business #southwesterncompany #geekout #1993, This is how I’m doing @pepcomevents #interviews for Geekazine #conference #virtual #content, Streaming with DJI Osmo Pocket, Cosmostreamer, and…, I fell in love with the DJI Osmo Pocket the…, HP Reinventing SMB Printing with Office Jet Pro…, I went to New York a couple weeks ago to…, My Pi Camera looks like Johnny 5 or Wall-E, right?…, For the last few months, I've been keeping tabs on…, Elgato Stream Deck XL with Companion and VICREO is…, I have been a fan of Elgato Stream Deck for…, iRig Mic Series to Get the Right Audio from Your Phone, ThinkPad Legion 7i Laptop, ThinkPad X1 Fold Tablet from Lenovo, ViewSonic Adds 4k Projectors, Portable Gaming and ELITE Gaming Monitors, Gateway 14.1 inch Ultra Slim Notebook with THX, Subscribe to Geekazine for New Notifications. Again, for the price, the iRig Mic HD is superb. The iRig microphone was among the top of its class, bringing a straight-line way to record via your Apple devices. If you’re already digital or going that way, this one will not let you down. The iRig Mic HD 2 has outperformed expectations on all fronts. #Geek #Podcaster #influencer of tech and music tech at, #Youtube [email protected] for press events, conferences. Today, I’m looking at 3 iRig mics that can help you with your VLOG, interview, or whatever you plan to record. iRig Mic Cast HD. Congratulations! The bag is also fairly rudimentary, but gets the job done. The iRig Mic HD is solidly crafted of a plastic body with metal mic housing up top. Geekazine is a participant in the Amazon Services associates program, and earns from qualifying purchases. A wind screen is also available to attach on the boom.