A great composer and singer, she was already a well known singer/ composer independently in Sweden even before she joined ABBA. The obvious first sign of disrespect was not being inducted into the mockery they call ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 1995 I’ve been there and when you have non rock performers taking up space when the true talent is still waiting for years 20 yrs was too long who ever voted in the 1995-2000s era missed big time the voters waited so long to induct that she couldn't even attend her own induction you should be ashamed of yourselfs you took the pot at the end of her rainbow away from her. Who could forget Dionne? She is a Japanese actress. These make a huge impact on the charts along with the massive karaoke market that has flourished in Japan since the 1970s. Perfection, no-one has or ever will sing with the emotion passion and heartfelt despair that she has. What a career and range she had. Anne Murray is an all time favorite. Olivia "The Goddess" newton john! Just sit back & close your eyes, dream & listen to her Divinely-given Talent! This list may not reflect recent changes (). Thank you Anne for the voice, the music, and the memories. She is represented by the agency Sweet Power and is signed to Sony Music Japan. No one else sounds like her, no one. She can also change her expressions but still looks pretty. Olivia could sing almost every genre. I was thrilled to see Ms. Carr perform in Sept. 2012 and indeed, she continues to reign as The BEST girl singer ever! Very distinct voice makes any band the key to sucess. She is an Okinawan actress, model and singer. She and Karen Carpenter have provided years of dreamy alto music you can go back to time after time. (previous page) () Isoyama graduated from Ibaraki Prefecture Hokota Second High School. Unfortunately I lost part of my hearing and all the modern singers are just a mess of notes. Not many! That my friends is nine other than Karen Carpenter.There are many female singers from the 70's that I "liked" more like Roberta Flack, Diana Ross, Rita Coolidge, and probably at least a few more but without question, Karen Carpenter was the greatest female "singer" of all time. She doesn't take herself too seriously, but I wish other would! She should be closer to the top. She won the New Generation Award at the 7th Toho Cinderella Audition. Pages in category "Japanese folk singers" The following 23 pages are in this category, out of 23 total. Maki Horikita was born on October 6, 1988. Cass Elliot was big, fat, round, mean, vain, cruel, rude, evil, ugly, bratty, nasty 🤢, wicked, horrible, terrible, ruthless, sadistic, arrogant, annoying, impolite, obnoxious, abusive, conceited, bad-tempered, irritating 😠, and disrespectful old witch and nobody likes that wicked old hag. shows. Sorry...but Tina Turner, Cher, Cindy Lauper and many others are objectively NOT the singer Anne was...but often sneak onto these lists because of people's personal tastes and opinions...not because they were better vocalists than Anne Murray. Top Ten For Sure. A fantastic voice and beautiful interpretation of songs. Her and Karen Carpenter were the best altos of the 70's..and all time. Debbie Harry, and Donna Summer should both be in the top 5. This 26 year old but ageless and young looking actress is also a well-known model in Japan. There were a lot of great female singers of the 70's, but as far as vocal quality, control, and crystal clarity, Agnetha Faltskog is probably the best choice. Debbie Harry's voice is insanely beautiful, as exemplified in Heart of Glass. In the same year she made her acting debut in Rebirth of Mothra II. I could go on so I will. She was on her junior highschool when she told her parents about her dreams of being a model. Suzu Hirose is a model and actress known to be the dopple ganger of korean actress Bae Suzy. We are so lucky to have been able to hear her, and we still have access to her full back catalogue. This 24 year old versatile and gorgeous lady was an anspring model before deciding to become an actress. Shirley Bassey could always mesmerise an audience with her vocal delivery & presence.Loved by millions to this day... Dame Shirley's vocal abilities make her not only the best of the 70's, but the best for the last 50 years! She had such a unique styled voice and showed that in all of the great Blondie songs. She provided the Japanese voice of the protagonist, a young male fly who was determined to explore outer space. Look no further for affirmation of this fact. Erika Toda was born on August 17, 1988. Pages in category "Japanese female singers" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 526 total. Come on...should be much higher on this list. Many are missing in this list on December 03, 2019: She isn't Turkish, you are strange for your belief. Emi is among the well-known Japanese actresses of her generation. She slid to her notes at times and no one has ever been able to it like Anne. She was originally scheduled to star in the live action film version of Space Battleship Yamato but was replaced by Meisa Kuroki. 1 YUI. She was also the co-hosts for popular radio program Girls Locks from 2010-2012. Hikari Mitsushima was born 30 November 1985. One of the greatest singers and performers of our time! She gets 2 thumbs up! She is simply known as Nozomi during her fashion modeling career, is a Japanese glamour model and former professional fashion model from Akita. Stevie is by far in my opinion the most inspiring and influential 70s female musician, her voice just send chills. I don't know what her range is, but what she does within that range is astounding. An alto who sang with such ease. Her tremendous number of movie shoots as well as the preparation for her debut album resulted in her suffering from work-related stress in 2007. The powerful range of her vocals to at times subtle and very tender vocal performances. She is a pretty good actress of her generation. Mei nagano and kanna hashimoto..where they are?? Sasaki's debut album Nozomi Collection was released on April 18, 2012. She should be awarded the Best Female singer. But... when she goes into her lower register and brings out that deep, soothing, tender notes, she can make it sound like she's having dinner with you at a romantically-lit restaurant table at a steakhouse, where the waiter is pouring you both a bottle of red wine... the fireplace across the dining room adding to the warmth of the conversation that the two of you are having... about absolutely anything Karen wants. Aside from being an actress, this beautiful and talented lady is also a model and a songwriter. it would be Nana Mouskouri, not Helen. Sir Guy de Gisbourne on December 05, 2017: Ms. Fukada is the fairest of them all, make no mistake about it. I WISH I COULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY & HONOR TO SEE HER IN CONCERT! But I do think she is a skilled presenter than Cathy McGowan; or much more, Helen is the American answer to Top of the Pops.With all due respects, I hope Helen Reddy gets re-evaluated in easy listening pop like Nick ...more. Christophe (Belgium). She came to note as a pop singer but went on to star in films. Not only she is beautiful and pretty on the outside but also on the inside. So sad she can't sing anymore, I loved her work with Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris 3 superb voices together. She was the best vocalist with a great range and could sing songs from country, rock, ballads thru to classic including opera. She brought 3 multi-platinum double albums to the top of the charts in 14 months. Aside from that, she's a devoted mother. She also took the lead role in Kōji Maeda's movie Konzen Tokkyū, portraying a young woman dating multiple men in hopes of finding the right one to marry. So many 70 s female singers to choose from I find it hard to pick a favourite Ann Wilson, Kiki Dee, Linda Ronstadt, Melanie Safka, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Cass Elliot, Stevie Nicks, Karen Carpenter. Such a sad sad story yet what a joy was brought with her perfect voice. She is just so great, you should see her performing alive! She had a unique voice and wrote all her own songs. Variety shows were BIG on T.V. I have been a BIG fan of Vikki Carr since I was in my teens. Certainly one of the most influential with her verse; Tapestry spoke to my soul. She also appeared in the 2018 drama Hana Nochi Hare as Megumi Nishidome. Look at Grammy's she won. So in this post, I’m going to share with you nine famous Japanese singers and groups you simply must check out, as well as recommended songs to help boost your Japanese skills. Always makes me smile! This list tries to include all artists/bands from all genres originating from Japan.This list does not include artists/bands who perform in Japanese but are of different origin.