Pasted as rich text. That’s why our consultants help each of our members create a long-term weight loss maintenance plan. Messages may be send from an automated system. So many people are telling the public that you can’t diet, and if you diet you can’t keep it off. We're proud of our heritage, but even more excited about your future. Developing proper eating habits and staying physically active as you did during the weight loss period can have long-term effects on your overall health. If you’re reading this and have met your weight loss goal, you’ve got a lot to feel good about. But it is the first time that I have felt fully in control of maintenance. The program began in 1983 in Australia and started U.S. operations in 1985. That means that I reached my goal weight 2 years ago, after losing 77 pounds in about 10 months. Whatever your choice, meals are satisfaction guaranteed and delivered to your door. Once placed, the first order cannot be cancelled, but all subsequent orders can be cancelled any time before your order begins processing by calling 1-800-JENNY-CARE. Changing lives is part of our DNA. Learn more about what makes our Jenny Craig different and how our weight loss program works by booking a free appointment. Weight loss is a personal journey where it's proven that personal support makes a real difference. Weight gain and fluctuations are all part of the process. View Jenny Craig privacy policy at But I have to confess to feeling baffled when I realized something Read more…, Periodically, Social Security wants to confirm that our youngest daughter does indeed have autism spectrum disorder for purposes of maintaining her status as a disabled adult. Please Reply STOP to end text messages. We don’t sweat, but our blood pressures were ridiculously low (110/70 for Mr. F and 100/60 for me) at our annual physical. Weight Loss Maintenance After Meeting Your Goal. I can’t imagine skipping this. The Jenny Craig program has been around since 1983. Once placed, the first order cannot be cancelled, but all subsequent orders can be cancelled any time before your order begins processing by calling 1-800-JENNY-CARE. After the high-fives and hugs, your consultant will help you calculate a slight increase in your daily caloric intake — this will ensure that you’re able to maintain your goal weight.   You cannot paste images directly. View our privacy policy at for more information. Get a custom menu based on your weight loss profile to maximize your results. What you eat plays a critical role in weight loss success so we’re committed to having the best possible food to help make losing weight easier. One-on-one support is the proven way to lose 3x more weight than dieting on your own. Restrictions apply. Let’s start by saying congratulations! Right on schedule, a large envelope arrived in my mailbox with the very extensive research questionnaire the NWCR sends out. #Average weight loss based on Jenny Craig study was 5.27kg in the first 4 weeks for those who completed the Rapid Results Program (on the weekly Menu, with consultations), versus 3.83kg on our Classic Program. 2 Years on Jenny Craig Maintenance, 1 Year in the National Weight Control Registry Published by Laura Freberg on August 6, 2009 August 6, 2009. We do this so much that Mr. F often says, “in dieting, boring is good.” I don’t get tired of our food at all–we have made sure we include the foods we enjoy. ", "Since losing weight, I say yes to many things! Now that you’ve reached your desired weight, the goal moving forward shifts to maintaining your current weight. Along the way, you'll discover a community of like-minded women and men that support each other on a shared path to success. But I don’t even think about gaining weight now–I know that I’ll just go to the closet, put something on, and it will fit. Oh, that’s so reassuring. Whether you lost 15 pounds or 50, reaching your goal is an incredible accomplishment — one that we hope you’re celebrating. * It’s better to achieve slower weight loss on a higher calorie plan that keeps you sane instead of quicker weight loss on a lower calorie plan that leaves you feeling like a Tasmanian devil is in your stomach. That would be cheese and nuts for me and chocolate for Mr. F. Be physically active. way you won’t reverse all the hard work you just put in (by adding too many calories ^Individual results may vary. I was very interested in reading the “tips” Dr. Wing included in the packet. in your first 4 weeks. From Rapid Results™ Complete Weight Loss Plan to healthy meal plans. Our nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled meals helped you to get where you are today — so you won’t abandon this strategy just yet. Even after your transition month is up, we still recommend continuing to eat one Jenny Craig meal and snack per day.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Dedicating just 30 minutes to yourself each week can help you build healthy habits for real change. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.