Love the simple drawings and links for additional help and safety issues. To make an alkaline solution for mooncakes, add 1 teaspoon baked baking soda to 4 teaspoons water; stir to mix well. Be aware that the mixture might be very hot at first—even around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Only a very small amount of lye water is needed when making these noodles, 1/2t to be exact. Food grade lye water(Amazon Affiliate) is a potent liquid alkaline (potassium carbonate) used in home brewing and baking, to raise the pH of dough. So don't place it near anything heat sensitive. Stir the water well to make sure the sugar or salt is completely dissolved. Lye noodles is one step up from the Easy Homemade Noodles, but still super easy to make. If using a pasta maker, I prefer the thickness of #5. There are two reasons to choose baked soda instead of baking soda. Here’s what I do in a nutshell: * Super Tasty Taiwanese Recipes with Locally Sourced Ingredients, #EatLocalGrown #TaiwaneseFood & #TaiwaneseRecipe made from scratch in #Rochester_MN However, baked baking soda is recommended for both mooncake and ramen making. After every hardwood fire you have, allow the ashes to cool for a few days. You should be able to find this bottle or something similar to this at your local Asian store, I’ve seen both Chinese and Philipino version of lye water or find it on Amazon via this link: Food grade lye water (Amazon affiliate). Keep it up. Add a 3 inch layer of straw on top of the stones and fill the remainder of the barrel with wood ash. Yup! Test the concentration of the solution by floating an egg in the barrel. Lye noodles is one step up from the Easy Homemade Noodles, but still super easy to make. Now it's time to add the lye to the water in the pitcher. Great stuff. I love it because it cuts my noodles into these perfect, beautiful, professional looking strips and I’ve got so many compliments on it! Lye reacts with metal. wikiHow's. The lye solution triggers a chemical reaction that turns the oils of a soap recipe into solid soap. Another option is to run the lye liquid through ashes again. amzn_assoc_linkid = "b009ed9155bd2834f1c5756239b773bb"; It is essentially the same process, roll it out, fold in half, roll it out, fold again, roll again. The coconut fronds are a good source of potassium. This is fine, as lye naturally gives off heat as it dissolves. Put the pitcher on the scale, and zero out the weight. Some Asian stores carry these products, but in most cases it’s very difficult to find them outside of Asia. The lye solution is ready to use when it cools down to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In summary: One method that has been used for hundreds of years, if not longer, is to process lye in a wooden barrel with a cork near the bottom. Make sure there's a filter on the barrel to strain out leaves and organic debris. Do the ashes from burning blackberry vines contain enough potassium? Click on another answer to find the right one... To learn how to test the strength of your lye water, keep reading! References It is the key ingredient in ramen making; it causes the noodles to have a yellow color and a special springy mouthfeel. You can boil the resulting liquid to get a lye powder. Clean up any spilled lye immediately. Try another answer... Not exactly! Nope! Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking, Asian inspired dishes, and classic recipes cooked in my small New York Kitchen. It’s probably one of the most used kitchen gadgets in my kitchen(not that I have that many). As soon as you have the correct amount, tightly close the lye container and put it in a safe place, so you don't accidentally spill it. You can keep adding water or ashes to produce a constant supply of the chemical. Read on for another quiz question. Additive and scent at light trace. If you feel reluctant to use an alkaline solution in your food, just consider that corn tortillas, hot chocolate, Oreo cookies, cured olives, and pretzels all have alkaline solutions introduced during their cooking processes to form their distinctive flavors and colors. Add a 3 inch layer of straw on top of the stones and fill the remainder of the barrel with wood ash. It is pretty strong and might burn your throat/stomach when accidentally ingested. ", "I came to know how to make lye from a simple thing. Make lye outdoors or in a well-ventilated shed. Lye can be either potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. Carefully combine the lye and water by pouring the lye into the water (never pour the water into the lye) and stir liquid until lye is completely dissolved. (Or shoot me a message on IG and ask me for more ideas!). Transfer baked baking soda to an airtight jar to prevent it from absorbing moisture from the air. Softwood doesn't work because there is too much resin and not enough potassium. Always add the lye to the water, not the other way around. Lye ― Water Solution. Your directions and illustrations made me very confident as I proceeded. Never add water to lye, as it will boil and splatter. Don’t use ashes from softwood trees, as these don’t contain enough potassium. It can be anything sweet! Let the water drain through the ashes again. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. Working with lye is dangerous, and requires a number of safety precautions. If it sinks, the lye isn't strong enough. Can I use the ash from fallen (dried brown) coconut palm fronds and coconut shell that is discarded after the copra is extracted to make my lye? wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Measure the lye and water — each in separate bowls — using a kitchen scale. Click on another answer to find the right one... To make lye water, drill 6 small holes in the base of a barrel and place a 1-2 inch layer of stones on the bottom of the barrel. If the lye has a pH of 13, the potato will float, which means the lye is ready to use. It is pretty strong and might burn your throat/stomach when accidentally ingested. Pipes in your home are poly vinyl chloride (PVC), which may be susceptible to lye damage over a long period of time, but this depends on the concentration of lye and the contact time. If working the dough with a rolling pin, every time the dough gets too elastic and hard to roll out, cover the dough with a wet cloth to prevent drying out and let it rest for 15 mins. Choose another answer! Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Do not breathe the fumes given off by the mixture. Prop the barrel up on sturdy blocks so you can place a bucket underneath and slowly pour rainwater over the ash. By Ron & Andrea Rennick, Copyright © 2012 to 2015, natural soap colorants from your kitchen and garden. Add the Lye to the Water . Lye water gets its potassium from the ashes, not the water. Separate the dough into 4 portions so it’s easier to work with, With a rolling pin, take one portion and roll it out, fold in the dough from the long ends, turn it 90 degrees, roll it out again and repeat for 10 times or until the dough is completely smooth. And remember that lye is caustic, so be very careful when retrieving your potato! I LOVE my pasta maker. In soap making, everything is measured by weight, even the liquids. Add ashes and water to the barrel. If your lye water is concentrated enough, it should be able to dissolve a chicken feather. Salt, water, lye water and flour and you get these super delicious, extra bouncy noodles like the traditional Japanese Ramen(Not the dried package stuff)! Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,105,634 times. But be careful as sodium hydroxide (lye) is quite corrosive to aluminum and dangerous to the human body. Be careful sodium carbonate is caustic. If a coin-size area of the egg floats above the surface, the lye is sufficiently concentrated. Make sure the barrel is sturdy and will not fall over. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. It's also fine to use a cast iron or stainless steel pot. Lime soap is also known as soap scum. Japanese alkaline solution – it contains 80% sodium carbonate and 20% potassium carbonate. This yields a slurry of residue in a potassium hydroxide solution. Potassium hydroxide lye is not ideal for making hard bar soaps. Main Course, Main Dish, Noodles, Side Dish, Mix the flour and salt together in a large mixing bowl, Mix the water and lye water together in another bowl. You're looking for a pH of 13. Learn more... Lye is an alkaline solution that’s often used for washing, making soaps, and curing certain foods. You can also mount the barrel inside an open wooden frame. When the dough builds up too much tension and hard to roll, cover it up with a wet towel and rest for 10-15 minutes to relax then repeat the roll-knead process again until the dough is smooooth. (Note: Always run your recipe through a lye calculator to be sure that you are using the proper amount of fats/oils, lye, and liquid.) Place the mason jar on the scale, and zero out the weight. While food and photograp, Yay! For both varieties, the alkaline solution can be replaced by a homemade one made from two extremely common ingredients – baking soda and water.