I have a Makala shark and it works like a charm. […] Makala vs Kala: What’s The Difference? Traditional looks, great tone and it’s made by Kala which is a great endorsement in itself. Is this affordable Kala ukulele a good value? So there you go, 5 beginner ukuleles for you to take a look at. The Makala Red Burst is a great option for those looking for a beginner instrument that also shows some flair and creativity. 534. For those that don’t want a dolphin bridge Kala have a slightly cooler version that features a shark instead. I didn't get to feel the specific ukes beforehand, but it all turned out fine. Hopefully the advice on this page will help guide you and help you make an informed decision. Looking forward to your podcast in the future.Thanks for all the info…..Ken. If it’s your first time buying a ukulele, or you’re looking for a great uke on a budget, Makala is a fantastic brand. Think about it, if your first experience of getting to grips with an instrument is attempting to play something that would be hard for a good player to actually use, it’s gonna be exponentially more difficult for a newcomer. Clip-on tuners start at around $7 so it’s not something that’s going to break the bank. Kala is known for high-quality instruments that sound amazing, and the Makala line is no exception. For those that don’t want a dolphin bridge Kala have a slightly cooler version that features a shark instead. The Dolphins are available in a range of colours. A solid ukulele that is really popular with Youtubers. Whatever you decide, you’ll be sure to love it! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As we said above the Makala’s are the cheaper models of the Kala ukulele brand, and this particular model is getting very close to the “too cheap” amount. Very informative. Key Features. my mahalo doesn't actually go outta tune that often. The neck was really thick, but it played much nicer than I expected, and had good intonation. It is a Amahi penguin Don”t know about quality, I just want to learn to play the damn thing. It gives a fuller sound than the soprano and everything is generally a little bigger. All impressions are based on the how the uke performed “out of the box” with no tweaks or adjustments. The Makala Shark is the exact same price online, so I guess it just boils down to which kind of sea life you prefer! They work fine, but they have loose plastic washers on the top of the headstock that can occasionally vibrate when certain notes or chords are played. When it comes to beginner brands that I’m happy to recommend I keep returning to the same list. The MK-SD’s build quality is reasonably good considering the price. Required fields are marked *. Do you have any tips to holding it? Or should I spend a little more on this "Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele"? Makala ukes are made by Kala, one of the best known ukulele brands in the world. View entire discussion ( 12 comments) More posts from the ukulele community. http://goo.gl/Z2fa4Y, And If I were to spend more... Is this Lanikai LU-11 any better than the other 2? The important stuff was all there: Straight neck, even fretwork, and decent playability. Check out our guide to ukulele brands to avoid…, Top 5 Best Electric Concert Ukuleles - Electric Ukulele Review, Active Shadow NANO-FLEX system (on the KA-TE), Passive PS-900 system (on the Makala MK-TE). I forgot to tell you I will be 80 this year. The only difference between the two ukes is that the Dolphin has a dolphin-shaped bridge while the Shark has a shark-shaped bridge. Makala shark or dolphin is a good choice. Hi, The Shark is available in many of the same colors as the Dolphin; I’ve posted a few examples below. Keep reading to find out. If you’re looking for premium build quality, be prepared to spend a lot more. Also known as the MK-SD, the Dolphin is part of Kala’s budget-friendly Makala brand. For a first uke, it's great. Don’t just go and buy the first ukulele you come across, it’s worth a little time and investigation. I own one. A few years ago I was in Hawaii and purchased a Kamoa tenor uke not knowing anything about what I should start out with. Read on for some tips and some of the buys that I think represent the best ukuleles for beginners. As for Makala's dolphin, I heard they are "ok" but made of plastic... Is there any downside to this? Kala feature pretty prominently in this list and rightly so, they have a great reputation for making affordable, quality entry level ukuleles. Improved playability is just one of the many reasons people pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for a higher quality uke. It sells for $80 in most music stores. The nut and saddle are plastic. I'd really appreciate your advice, I want to order my ukulele as soon as possible :D, Makala every time - quality control is leagues above Mahalo, As for Makala, would you recommend the dolphin/shark series? 2 Answers. When you’re first starting out you’ll be pleased to know there isn’t a huge list of added extras that you need to buy in order get playing but one thing I would recommend is that you buy up a clip-on tuner at the same time as making your ukulele purchase. The action could be brought down with a bit of basic setup work, but that sort of thing may go beyond the skill and comfort level of a beginner. Mahalo is pretty cheap toy like quality. I've had my mahalo for maybe a year and a half. Looking for a good uke you can plug into an amp? If you want something with good intonation and decent sound for 40 bucks a shark or dolphin is a great choice I think it's the best very affordable beginner uke on the market. I own one. The MK-SD is a decent-sounding uke, and I found myself liking the tone more than I expected. Use the links below to dive right into the content that you need…. While the Sharks and Dolphins are technically two separate lines, the only difference is the shape of the bridge. It can be tough to compare Makala vs Kala ukuleles, especially when they seem so similar! Sure, they’re mass produced but Kala have established a solid reputation in the industry. If you’d like to dig a little deeper into the best brands, head over to my ukulele brands page. Well I am glad I chose well, I went to a research bender when a friend bought her ukelele (a contralto) I fell in love and ordered online my kala 15s xD I was gonna buy a contralto but it was out of my budget so I bought a soprano. Bone is the traditional material used on historic and high-end ukuleles. They are made with a plastic back and sides and a laminate agathis top, the same wood as the MK ukuleles. I tried to look it up but couldn't find anything, but I don't know anything about music anyway so it probably wouldn't have meant anything if I had. You’ll get so much more from picking it up and playing it and getting a feel for it. The design is eye-catching, and the sound is rich, clear, and authentic, creating a winning combination which is only enhanced by the inclusion of a gig bag to keep the ukulele safe. That doesn’t mean that Kala ukuleles are expensive, and they’re a brand well-known for producing quality affordable instruments. Tenor ukuleles are the next up. Here are my main takeaways: My final verdict is that if you like the Dolphin’s unique design and interesting color options, it’s a reasonably good uke for the money. Do not under any circumstances just be tempted to buy the cheapest ukulele you can find. At $89 it’s a little bit more expensive than the other ukuleles on this list but if you can afford a little extra, it’s worth the step up. From around $60 you’ll be hard pressed to find a better beginners ukulele. See my picks for the best acoustic-electric ukes at the beginner price range. Clip-on tuners are pretty much a necessity for beginners as ukuleles are notorious for going out of tune and it’s very difficult to tune a ukulele without one as a bit of a newbie.