The game will be played rain or shine. He wears a black tracksuit zipped right up. Although the main stem is still thin and whippy, it is an attractive, Or will the crisis spark a breakthrough that takes us into a whizzy futuristic world of flying cars and, No doubt when we arrive the press will be wondering who all these, Those of you whose grubby mitts have not reached for this, Then Ruby's smile set the screen aglow as the Chief of Police handed her a, The light grey chalk dust sticks on motor vehicle windscreens and other, A weekly wiping with a little liquid ammonia on a soft cloth will help keep unlacquered brass, Others were woven with thin copper wire, creating a seductively, When I was a Girl Guide we used to go to our local dawn service, badges, Six large white and pink peeled crab claws were placed on the plate, basted with oil that made them, It is important to work the dough until it is nice and, Giorgio Armani has harmonized beads and sequins to create a, Sure enough, Fishy tugged the rod back and clicked the button and a, She wrung her own tiny hands, peering up and down the street for any more sign of the, They favored innovations such as pedestal tables, modular sofas, sleek sideboards, and, Her footsteps echoed loudly as she shuffled across the foyer, dimly lit by the beams of moonlight lancing across the, The London Ambulance Service is giving us poor ambulance staff, His golden hair wasn't lathered with gel, but rather stuck out in messy clumps, urging girls to run their fingers through the, I have booked it in for a respray at the end of this month. 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Titanium exists in two allotropic forms, one of which is a dark gray, The walls and the podiums were made of some kind of, When cooked, the filling should have set like a custard and have a smooth, Two toffs were promenading towards Knavesmire, attired in, Another unique characteristic is the emergence of, Tonight on the sidewalk, a father and son coming home, the boy carrying a, Most hair masks contain moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or avocado, which help your mane stay pliable, supple and, Land and water resources departments all over Australia have been shedding their developers' clothes and putting on, On entering, I switch it off, the better to concentrate on what a, She rode onstage astride a motorbike, a bevy of similar bikes swarming around her, Wilderness always trumps humankind in Alaska, despite the mini-malls and, When used on already dry hair, a flat iron, explains Romero, locks in moisture, creating smooth and, Constantine shimmied until beads of perspiration gathered on his, Continue to do this until most of the egg has set, but still retains a soft, One school friend said one vivid memory was of May as a child with long black, Beneath the postmodern gloss of its bright, My eyes darted to the point of the noise and saw a small, When he looked back up at me, I realized what had been making his eyeballs so. 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It would be casual, but with her manicured nails, Around my finger I twirled a strand of hair that was no longer a dull mousy brown, but a, The fruit is shaped like but smaller than a pear, and has a, Another woman eats an ice cream as her young daughter eyes the sparkly hair bobbles and, There are catwalk skyways, a mezzanine bar, and lots of roomy, Steven Seagal-era power banquettes made of, Wiesmann then does its thing with lots of leather and, Both visually and musically the whole show is as bright and, The weather has been great so far, sunny all day, and Andy is looking a bit red on his, Now we have a batch of purloined clear plastic buttons, ready to sew on his, It was a fitting gown with long slits, black in color and had, A brand spanking new computer souped up with all the bright, Dogitt walked onto the stage wearing a top hat, a bow tie, and, The look was relaxed, and the illusion hemlines, also achieved with stripes and, Before working with gold bracteates, I practiced with, Stephens set up night-vision cameras and baited a trap at this construction site with two, Sheep once again graze the surrounding hillside and, Two or more coats of clear gloss varnish will give you the traditional, We talked and examined the barrels and plastic buckets filled with fish, crabs and, Use a small amount of Kerosene in a bucket of water for a, A day later, the moulds were emptied, and out came a hundred brand new. (28) The trend now is towards "lifestyle" electronics — black, (29) An occasional wipe with a soft cloth will keep the surface, (30) The old gentleman likes to put grease on his hair to make it, (2) He puts grease on his hair to make it. After rummaging through the drawer Jimmy pulled out a small, The underside of the panelled floor can be painted any colour, and the glass is sandblasted for a raised texture and given an acid polish for a, After a week of jackhammering the basement, we had ourselves a, If you ever get the chance to sail the seven seas on one of those deluxe cruise ships and admire the, Behind the door was a modernized kitchen, all, Ready to get out of that old clunker and slide into a, It's one of those letter jackets with the, Also, I can't stand to have money and will automatically spend all my hard earned savings on any, A police spokesman said the fake notes can be identified by their feel, as they will appear limp, waxy or, In my undergraduate day we came out of medical schools with, I just look at my computer, at how nice and silvery and, Beyond having safe, reliable access to towns, many of the.