This is the realm of moral behavior. Overcoming Satan By The Blood Of The Lamb By Carrie Judd Montgomery. Notice in the following three passages the conditions governing freedom from condemnation. We need to be willing to put off the old and become something completely new! Satan cannot prevail against the perfect righteousness of the blood of the Lamb. Everytime I/we Plead the Blood The gold clasps speak of the Glory of God that will be manifest as we pass from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age. We review all lyrics to ensure Living as an Overcomer: 01-Overcoming by the Blood. Either the Lord is going to build His Church or we are going to do it with His “blessing.”. We either are seeking to command the Presence of the Holy Spirit so our ministry will be glorified, or else we are waiting patiently for the Lord Jesus to perform His own works. We see both lines of the testimony in the Lord Jesus. Before the problems of earth can be remedied the accuser of the brothers must be “hurled down” from his position in the heavens. We Overcome ! Satan and his angels will fight but they are defeated from the beginning of the attack. The Charismatic churches are at this fork in the road today. They all will be cast to the earth ignominiously. I. Overcoming the devil by “the blood of the Lamb” What has the “blood of the Lamb” to do with overcoming the devil? The blue, purple, and scarlet portray respectively the life of Heaven, the majesty of Christ, and the blood of the cross. During these times of adversity, we need to. The righteous requirements of the Law of Moses are not fulfilled in us. Now I ask you, are these not errors heaped on errors until there is nothing left but errors? The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therefore, the world and those who dwell therein. Thank you for the Blood Remember the battle has already been won! This means we have chosen to enter the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and to rise with Him to walk in newness of life. “Rejoice you heavens”! The pomegranates symbolize the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace and so forth. We simply are at sea when it comes to understanding the role of righteous, holy, obedient behavior in the Kingdom of God. We can overcome the accuser by assigning our own life to the cross with Christ and rising with Him in resurrection power—power that Satan cannot overcome because he cannot overcome the resurrection of Christ. The world will be a safe place for children. All Rights Reserved. Overcoming the enemy starts with life in Jesus Christ. I have had some small fruit, but only as the Lord has directed. The new world of righteousness began with Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. YouTube Video Link is at Bottom of Page, [Verse 1] Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. We have lost our moorings. Neither one these rebels has any business being on our earth. Satan’s house cannot be invaded until the strong man is rendered helpless. All of the problems of the world began when Satan rebelled against the Father. Battles Rise against Us {Our Hands are Lifted Each Sunday the believers are hearing how much God loves them, how they are saved by grace regardless of their behavior and certainly will go to Heaven to live forever in Paradise after they die. It is so easy to conform to the world around us. We are trying to be like Christ instead of becoming branches from the one true Vine. 7 Songs that Shine Light into the Darkness, 7 Verses that Call Us to Have Faith Over Fear. and the enemy stands no chance against the Lord Almighty. Thanks, WRITE A COMMENT Click here to cancel the reply, Your email address will not be published. When we Plead the Blood And our Lives are Lifted How can the reader get anything else out of these three passages? By the Blood of the Lamb The human being can tell about the testimony but the testimony itself is given by the Spirit of God. The gold bells represent the miracles of the Holy Spirit, the signs and wonders that call attention to the Word of God. by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony not loving our own lives unto death! Thank you for the Blood of his world. Now I wake. Oh the Blood of Jesus They compose the Divine Nature being formed in us and there is no sin in them. We humans can tell about the testimony. But fundamentally we have no program we are trying to put over, no agenda. We are self-willed, lawless people who look to money to save us from every pain, to protect us from every evil, to solve every problem, to ensure our happiness. In past time there were excellent expositors of the Word of God and the believers learned to live by reading the Word and obeying it. The Battle is Won, We are putting the head of man on the Body of Christ. The church my wife and I pastor follows all the normal routines, with pageantry added that is not found in many assemblies. The Morality Aspect of the Testimony Your email address will not be published. But woe to the earth and sea when Satan is forced down. Therefore Christ has been formed in them. Either we wait and seek the Lord’s mind or else we study, analyze, and reason what needs to be done in the Kingdom. The enemy leads us to believe that life is all about us, but this is a complete lie from Hell. Overcoming by the word of our testimony has to do with the Holy Spirit. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. When we truly let go of the flesh and are transformed by the Holy Spirit, our lives really start to take a, Being a Christian isn’t about being a good person, it’s about taking on a. . It is to this end we were predestined from the beginning of the world. Now the earth will be populated not only with the nations and the demons but also with Satan himself and the highest ranking of his officers. in the Lord and not allow the enemy to have a foothold. When we Plead the Blood God’s holy angels who perform His will have always had the power to cast Satan from the heavens. The attempts to be righteous and holy the Christian makes are a necessary part of his growth in Christ. The second of the three ways, the word of our testimony, always proceeds from the Holy Spirit. We know we cannot bear witness of the atoning death and triumphant resurrection of the Lord Jesus except as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit. So I say, the Christian teachers are not following the Scripture. The Battle is Won, The Battle is Won Everytime we Plead the Blood} [x2], [Bridge] Pentecostal people are well versed in Acts 2:8. But since we are not positive this is what God wants, we are not trying to bring it to pass with schemes and human effort. When we Plead the Blood Being a Christian isn’t about not sinning, it’s about being given an opportunity to not sin through life in Jesus Christ. They are being told any moment now they will be carried to Paradise in a “rapture” so they will not have to suffer under Antichrist or the Great Tribulation. 2019 24 Jan. If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. Conclusion. But this is not the Divine testimony, this is our testimony of the testimony, so to speak. . Notice the sigh of relief when he finally is cast down. Jesus died on the cross to be an atoning sacrifice for our sins. our Lyrics are submitted by our visitors. If they do not, most of them will leave promptly. This is unscriptural. They will survive because God will have established His Throne in the hearts of His saints. Nothing will hurt or destroy because God’s Spirit will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.