The wax is intended to completely cover the hand (or other body parts such as the feet). Get it now on Paraffin Wax Machine Moisturizing Paraffin Bath Warmer Kit for Hands & Feet Skin 8.2 7.7 8.3 7: Paraffin Wax Machine with Booties and Mitts Foot & Hand Care Smooth Soft 8.1 7.6 A paraffin wax unit is a machine that heats and holds paraffin wax, a type of wax used for candles. Lavanya Paraffin Wax Warmer, Paraffin Wax Machine, Quick-Heating Paraffin Bath. This wax does well to eliminate the effects of arthritis and it also provides exfoliating benefits as well. Forget the side effects of arthritis by using the Lavany Paraffin wax warmer. Paraffin Wax Machine for Hand and Feet - Ejiubas Paraffin Bath Quick Heating 2500ml Paraffin Wax … Its warm temperature is meant to provide relief from arthritis pain, sore joints or sore muscles.