If it looks dumb but it works, then it ain't dumb! You can see from the photo that this pizza got a bit burnt around the edges. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. You should be able to cook most of your meals in under an hour, so with very efficient use you might be able to stretch one tank out over a month. Let stand 5 minutes. 3. The side handles help you move the stone easily, and the glazed surface is micro-crazed to promote even browning of your pizza… For grills … Our trays are flammable and must be protected from direct exposure to the heat source. Cut and serve. Since its beginnings in the Little Italy section of New York City, American pizza has become a common staple for dinner, sporting events and late-night indulgences. It will cook in 5-10 minutes, but the temperature will get around 700º if you have your burners on high. As you can see, you don't need a fancy new grill to get amazing tasting pizza. Remove plastic wrap. Grill until the underside is lightly toasted. The downside to this method is that you have to make the foil cover yourself, and it cant take a bit of practice and planning to get it the right shape/size to fit your grill, as well as fit a pizza underneath it. 3. Also, try smoothing out air bubbles with the rolling pin so that your dough stays as flat as possible as it bakes on your grill. To prevent scorching or igniting the paper tray or Fresh Pan aluminum pan, place it on a heat-shielding surface, such as foil or a pizza stone. Use more oil if needed to keep the mixture from sticking to the larger bowl. Gas grill pizza oven enclosure allows optimum cooking temperatures for cooking pizza outdoors, Made of the highest quality American Made stainless steel for years of use, Does not include grill, stone or pizza peel, 2 Very Basic Grill Options To Get Started. Or you can shape the dough into personal-sized portions. Once you achieve your pizza cooking temperature in your gas grill (400º-500ºF), you can test your stone to make sure it's hot enough. It's more expensive than BakerStone, plus, you need a pizza peel and pizza stone. Toss some beads of water on top. You may want to have a friend handy with a spatula to give the pizza a nudge if it gets stuck. Start on SMOKE, allowing pellets to ignite. Below are some of the pizzas that I've personally cooked on my gas grill (shown above). No thin-crust pizza! Amazing ! Turn off the gas grill and remove pizza either by sliding a cookie sheet or large spatula underneath the pie and transferring to a cutting board or large plate. So cook one side, flip it, then add toppings and cook until finished. After 10 minutes have passed, add the yeast-water mixture to the larger bowl and knead the dough for about 6 minutes. This is another very cool device that's specifically designed to make pizzas on a gas grill. Use oven mitts to remove pizza and heat shield from grill. You can use a pizza peel to flip your dough to the other side, or use tongs if your dough is small enough. I saw everyone from seasoned grillin' dads, to stay-at-home moms, to kids making their pizzas in the backyard like this. Flip the pizza over so the grilled side is facing up at you. Roll out homemade or premade pizza dough onto a floured counter space. Filed Under: Outdoor Cooking Tagged With: Backyard Barbecue, BakerStone, Barbecue, Barbecue Pizza, DIY, Gas Grills, Grilled Pizza, KettlePizza, Outdoor Pizza Ovens, Artisanal snacks, craft beer, monthly clubs, international cuisine, outdoor grilling, sous vide... and more.​​Get a weekly curated list of the BEST content from Food For Net. Though it's not as sturdy as a stainless steel KettlePizza cover (indestructible! Grill surface should be at least 16” x 16”. Depending on the size of foil you have in the house, it may take a bit of craft-making skills to fold a little cap for your grill. Once it's well kneaded, form the dough into two large balls and place them in a clean greased bowl and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Place pizza back onto the grill and close the lid of your gas grill. Below are some pizzas I made with the KettlePizza Gas. Bake for approximately 20-30 minutes. I also make my own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and sake… and am a whiskey enthusiast! Do not leave grill unattended. Alternately, use cooking spray to spray the underside of the pizza itself before placing on the grill. Good, but not as good as the pizza you get with a pizza stone at 800º! Grilling on both sides is essential. There's nothing worse than biting into a pizza where the middle is still soft and stringy like uncooked dough. Even then, turning the pizza may be a bit of a chore. By the way, How’s the taste, Is it like the pizza cooked in normal oven or we get that special grilling taste in Pizza? You'll feel the liquid inside moving unless it's empty. However, they recently released their Gas Pro version, made for gas grills. My favorite was the jalapeño, bacon, pineapple pizza on the top right. Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. In my research for this post I was surprised to find how common it was to grill pizza on a gas barbecue. I just never thought of using gas grill like this, , although I just love Pizza, but most of the times I used to order it from outside as I never thought of using grill for making pizza. It's a bit of an investment, but the thing is indestructible, and works as expected. Combine the yeast, warm (never hot) water, and sugar in a small bowl. Again, this won't reach proper pizza cooking temperature of 700º-1000ºF like wood-fired brick ovens, but you'll still get a really good pizza. Let stand 5 minutes. When you click links to Amazon.com and other websites, we earn a commission. Add all of your toppings to this grilled side of the pizza dough. That's how you get those 800º temperatures required for Neapolitan, thin crust, crispy pizza! If you have a gas grill and a pizza stone, quickly create a pie your guests will love. Having a pizza stone will make a big difference. Do not leave grill unattended. It will help cook your pizza evenly, and remove that worry of your the dough sticking to the grill grates. Turn on your gas grill to high heat. This will make a pizza, for sure, but you'd probably be better off doing method 2 above, and just getting the pizza stone for your gas grill, without the extra bricks. Shape the dough into a circle or square as large as your grill will handle. 2. Place the pizza onto the grill either by gently and carefully placing it with your hands or sliding it from a greased cookie sheet or pizza stone. Pre-heat pizza stone for 10-15 minutes for best results. 1. Some people spread oil on once side of the dough so it doesn't stick, or use non-stick spray on the grill first. Combining this method with a pizza stone and pizza peel may be a bit difficult, and using a pizza peel is part of the fun of grilling pizza in the backyard! Some people prefer to make “personal pan” pizzas, especially when barbecuing with friends or kids where everyone wants different toppings. Ever tried just raising your stone ( I use a steel) with 4 tin cans the same size and get it up in the dome of the grill? Spray the foil with cooking spray. Remove pizza and tray from heat-shielding surface. Actually, it looks quite like the foil method above, right? Unfortunately, using bricks doesn't make the pizza taste any better or worse. Take the pizza off of the grill using a spatula or by sliding a cookie sheet underneath once the one side is browned to your liking. However, for many people and many events, this is good enough, especially since it doesn't require that you buy any equipment! To me, oven pizza is always a little floppy. Use oven mitts to remove pizza and tray from grill. Not all pizza stones are made for the grill environment! In a separate, larger bowl, combine the all-purpose flour with the salt and olive oil. There's an art to grilling pizza. Check pizza frequently by lifting crust with a spatula. A typical 20-pound propane tank will power a typical gas grill (set on low heat), for 18-20 hours. Some grills, such as the Weber model I own, have an indicator inside that shows the level of the propane based on the weight of the tank. Remove pizza and tray from heat-shielding surface. Use oven mitts to remove pizza and heat shield from grill. 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