Although swimming is possible, most users prefer the Loch Leven Lakes. Continue straight past the Hwy 49 Bridge for mile and park either on the right or left side of the road. Build relationships with key people who manage and lead nonprofit organizations with GuideStar Pro. Description • Land Stewardship includes monitoring of easements, general land management and restoration for improved habitat or recreation. Continue approximately 2½ miles to the trailhead on the right. Fire permits are required for campfires, backpacking stoves, BBQs and lanterns. Park in the day use area and follow the signs to the trailhead (to the right of the historic guard station and between the equestrian campground and the meadow). The trail drops off quickly into Eldorado Canyon and switchbacks down to the footbridge over Eldorado Creek. This free workshop is…, Activities on our preserves have been postponed until further notice due to Covid-19. Click here to resend it.). The Preserve contains oak woodlands, seasonal wetlands and aquatic habitat that are valuable for a diverse range of wildlife including waterfowl and other migratory birds, and provides public access and recreation opportunities including fishing, birdwatching, and hiking.- The Loera-Harvey North Fork Preserve (near Weimar) is 42 acres of beautiful canyon land that will help preserve our water quality, and provide critical habitat for wildlife, including the foothill yellow-legged frog which has just been listed as a threatened species in California.We also secured more than $6.4M of public funds for acquisition to protect agricultural and natural lands in the coming years, and hope to complete four projects in 2020 to protect more than 550 additional acres. Continue approximately 5 miles to Baker Ranch. Foothill Greenery and wildflowers are on full display, while Tru Difficulty: Easy, but the trail is narrow with steep drop-offs to the river. This area may also be reached by driving approx. The first set of stairs is wide but uneven. Description The trailhead to the Fuel Break Trail that accesses the upper [north] end of the Culvert Trail is behind the green gate [#114] at the end of the parking strip farthest from the Foresthill Bridge. Outdoor experts including REI and local mountain bike trainers offer ways for people to gain new skills and competencies on our preserves. Trailhead and parking are behind the fire station in Cool. Side trails on the canyon side offer panoramic views of the North Fork American River. 0. The trail continues along the shore and will bring you back to the picnic area. An NOP was previously issued for the Project, inviting comment from January 31, 2017 through March 1, 2017. Distance: 3.6 miles; 1½ hours each way (hiking). Exit at Colfax and turn right (west) onto Canyon Way. Continue 26.5 miles on Foresthill Road and turn left on Sailor Flat Road. Trailhead is off Yankee Jim’s Road on the North Fork American River near Shirttail Creek. Motor vehicles are prohibited on the trail. Trailhead is beyond the parking area at a green gate (#151). Trailhead is at confluence area, 1¾ miles south of ASRA Park Headquarters. Caution:  Poison Oak is plentiful along this trail. Sugar Pine Trail (H, B, P) 3.5 mi each way; Easy, Distance: 2.4 miles to river; 1 hour down, 2 hours up (hiking), Difficulty: First 1.7 mi:  easy down, moderate up; last 0.7 mi: mod. This is a popular trail to the North Fork of the American River and is used by hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. Turn right onto Old Foresthill Road at the sign for Cool, Placerville, and Hwy 49. From I-80, take the Foresthill exit to Foresthill Road and proceed 15.5 miles to the Foresthill Ranger Station. Auburn State Recreation Area – select areas are open with limited parking available, including The Confluence – Parking is still closed for Upper Lake Clementine; Folsom Lake State Recreation Area  – open to vehicular traffic at Granite Bay, Rattlesnake Bar and Beals Point. The wildflower displays here are rarely matched elsewhere in ASRA, particularly during April and May. 1.5 miles. It also provides a good view of the imposing Foresthill Bridge and some opportunities to watch hikers and bikers below on Stagecoach Trail. From Interstate 80, take the Foresthill exit to Foresthill Road and proceed 15.5 miles to the Foresthill Ranger Station. Distance: 5.6 miles; 2¼ hours each way (hiking). Self-Guided Historic Bridges & Nature Walk, Distance:  2.6 miles total; Two independent sections (0.8 mile loop and 1.8 miles out and back), Difficulty:  Easy hike; nearly flat except for 0.2 mile uphill on loop section. It is the safest way to traverse the busy Foresthill Rd to go from the North Fork American River to the Middle Fork American River side of the Foresthill Divide. Another set of stairs, not as wide but generally in better shape, is just ahead around the bend. Placer Land Trust. In-Person Participants: Face coverings will be provided for attendees. The trail intersects with the Placer County Big Trees trail. Add this club to your Hiking Project profile. Loch Leven Trail leaves the South Yuba River Canyon, crossing the ridge above to reach the glacially formed Loch Leven Lakes chain, small bowls in the granite. This is a good year ’round trail due to its wide, gentle gradient and alternating stretches of sun and shade. All Rights Reserved. Good fishing is available at times and limited camping is available along the trail. Indian Creek Trail (H) 2 mi one way. Its steep gradient offers a good aerobic workout, climbing 1000 ft in 1.2 miles. Campfires, backpacking stoves, BBQs, and lanterns are permissible only within the facilities provided in the campground. Motorized boating is permitted on Folsom Lake; Kings Beach State Recreation Area – very limited parking available. It connects with the Lake Clementine Rd, the Culvert Trail and the Lakeview Connector Trail. Try a low commitment monthly plan today. This beautiful loop trail, which parallels Hwy 49 on one side and the American River Canyon on the other, passes through open, rolling hills with several species of oak trees, and wildflowers in spring. After about ½ mile, the road turns left and becomes Ponderosa Way. This month, we’re enjoying Canyon View Preserve near Auburn, brought to you by our colleagues at the Placer Land Trust. At the top of the ridge, the trail descends gradually into the Loch Leven Lakes Basin. Confluence Interpretive Trail (H) Self-guided historic bridges & nature walk – 2.6 easy miles. Our volunteer docent program enables access on land not yet public accessible for people to hike, do yoga, or learn about the landscapes surrounding them that makes our region unique. Continue 28 miles on Foresthill Road to Robinson Flat Campground. and who do the programs serve? Trailhead Access Trailhead North parking is on Foresthill Rd, ½ mile east of the Foresthill Bridge, at the large parking area on the left, just after the bridge. Options will be available to either provide the facilitator with questions in writing for the facilitator to read, or to come to the podium in person. From Interstate 80, take the Foresthill exit to Foresthill Road and proceed 15.5 miles to the Foresthill Ranger Station. Quarry & Western States Loop Trail (H, B, E) 6.3 mi; Moderate to difficult. The trailhead is 1¾ miles south of ASRA Park Headquarters in the confluence area. Need the ability to download nonprofit data and more advanced search options? From Interstate 80, take the Foresthill exit to Foresthill Rd and proceed 15.5 miles to the Foresthill Ranger Station. Follow park social distancing measures. • is currently in agricultural production. Visit Hidden Falls Regional Park Trail System which shows a detailed, color-coded map all of the trails in the 1,200-acre park. Hikers, rafters and miners frequently use the road, and visibility around the narrow curves is limited. Hidden Falls Regional Park, 7587 Mears Place, Auburn, 530 886-4901. Continue approximately 5 more miles. Placer Land Trust. It is possible to continue downriver for a short way, or cross the river and travel upstream into Green Valley, which goes through private property and the trail is not maintained by the Forest Service. The transformation that has taken place at Doty is amazing. The trails will also cross the Kotomyan Preserve (160 acres) and the Outman Big Hill Preserve (80 acres). These preserves show off the beauty of Placer County, with its oak woodlands and vernal pools, which are unique in California.”, “Being a rancher is hard work, but spending time in beautiful open space makes it worth it. The trail proper is on the other side of Shirttail Creek. Prior to the railroad tracks, hikers see the markers for a buried telephone trunk line, and petroleum pipeline that they cross. Fish & Wildlife Service to remove much of this levee in strategic locations. Italian Bar Trail (H, B, E) 2.12 mi each way; Most difficult. Placer Land Trust (PLT) believes that quality of life deeply correlates with the presence of open space. At the end of this short spur (note: road is not recommended for low vehicles) is a parking area where the trail begins. In the 1880's, a levee was built along the southern edge of the creek to constrict the floodplain. Depending on water level, wade or boulder hop across Shirttail Creek. One mile beyond the dam, turn right onto Elliot Ranch Road, which is the dirt road just past the paved road to the campground. © 2020 Placer Land Trust.