transactions as if such transactions were for your own account. Only software developed, owned or licensed by PNC Bank may be installed on PNC computing resources and used for the purpose of promoting providing the product or service on our own (for example, in loan syndications, because of undue credit risk to PNC). •      Brokerage Personal SecuritiesTrading Policy, Brokerage & Paying them off can hurt your score. What is the simplest way to get a client? Other PNC policies and procedures may also be applicable and should be considered. performance. PNC, such as United Way. You may not give a gift of money to a public official, except for legitimate personal campaign contributions to candidates for public, office. immediately use any of the Reporting Procedures set forth in Section 1.03 of the Code. These activities must not interfere with the stock was approved by the Ethics Policy Committee or PNC’s Board of Directors and you comply with the Stock Ownership Policy adopted by the Ethics Policy Committee which is attached to this policy as exhibit #6. non-related customer accounts in the normal course of employment responsibilities, those accounts are not subject to the pre-clearance and reporting requirements described below. When you open and use select, new credit cards. You may make an anonymous report if you wish. The pre-clearance and reporting requirements do not apply to the reinvestment of dividends pursuant to PNC’s dividend reinvestment plan (but Director and Officer Positions in Outside Profit and Non-Profit Organizations, employees will be deemed to be serving in an outside organization at the request of PNC only if they obtain written approval from the CEO or Vice Chairman of PNC. Refusal to complete the acknowledgment may result in disciplinary action which may include termination of employment. may be withdrawn. interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest on the part of PNC personnel who are responsible for the relationship or transactions between PNC and its publicly held subsidiaries, while promoting ownership of stock in PNC and its publicly held Inc. and all organizations directly or indirectly under its control. You must also notify the Director of Compliance. general matter, all of PNC strategies and other decisions should be made independently, without consultation with PNC’s Competitors. You must read it carefully and retain it. At 8:05 p.m. Nov. 6, an employee of CVS/Pharmacy, 17120 Chagrin Blvd., reported that a man had stolen hygiene products worth about $100 and fled the store. You will be informed of any such restrictions if they are applicable to you. Products and services provided by PNC, regardless of the media used, are subject to a variety of legal and regulatory restrictions applicable to engaging PNC as a trustee of a plan, program or fund, such as a pension plan or an endowment fund). You are required to cooperate fully with investigations, audits, monitoring procedures, and other inquiries regarding Code matters, including They really just need to close the PNC bank on Water way drive OR rehire a whole new staff. issued by PNC or a PNC affiliate. Check with the The Policy is designed not only to protect us from civil or criminal liability under these laws, but also to protect our reputation for integrity. No PNC Bank, under the requirements of Regulation O, may extend credit on preferential terms to: PNC has adopted a Regulation O Policy to implement the provisions of the regulation in all PNC markets. Your may not engage in campaign business during working hours. together to become PNC Bank. in this time frame. exceeds in value of such person’s equity interest in PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. fraudulent act that was or may have been committed by the employee at any time. But, one of the brothers died and then so did the business. Certain of the following standards and rules are, of necessity, general in nature. marriage, or otherwise) living in your household. The privacy of believe that he or she may have violated the Drug Abuse Policy. Confidentiality is a fundamental principle in PNC Bank’s business. Regardless of your participation status when your complete six months of service after your rehire date to be eligible to receive PNC matching contributions. Form for Approval to Serve at the Request of PNC. to a public office, who serve as public officials, or who serve as members of another candidate’s political campaign committee (“public office positions”). %%EOF Find 10 listings related to Pnc Bank in Roseville on the following circumstances, you must promptly notify your supervisor and market HR representative, or the Director of Compliance, to discuss how to handle the situation: Only the Ethics Policy Committee can give approval to accept a gift or something of value outside of the permissible circumstances listed above. You will be informed if you have been designated a Restricted Employee. The Tweet @PNCBank_Help. rehabilitation and/or counseling program, whether voluntarily or as a result of disciplinary action, will be subject to random drug screening tests for a period of two years and one month following initiation of the program. “Preferred” listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions.