Everyone brings a dish.” was extremely successful, and you can replicate that success in your restaurant. This promotion is intended to … You don’t have to worry about your restaurant losing profit due to such activities; you sell products for less but, usually, in bigger quantities. You have additional settings to make sure things don’t get out of control: If you feel overwhelmed by all these options, then just stop reading so much stuff and just login now. This Christmas, consider partnering up with a local food influencer that can promote your brand and delicious food to their followers. Prior to implementing all your marketing ideas, it is worthwhile to define the target group you want to reach with your food promotion. A classic that you simply can’t go wrong with. Here is an example of a festive post you can use on Facebook. Everything that is in your restaurant offer. Take a page out of their book for extra engagement on social media: Social media is also a great platform for giveaways and contests, but more on that later. Prepare attractive discount vouchers to attract more consumers. $5 discount for every order above $30, e.g. When users visit your website, they should see that they can spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in your restaurant. Attract passersby with a cozy and festive window display. Don’t forget to put some tasty pictures and water mouth descriptions of offered food and drinks. Food promotion is all types of marketing communication utilized to raise customer awareness of your business brand and products. Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean your holiday promotions have to be too. Pizza! Define clear objectives for your campaigns and you’ll achieve them with minimum spend. By using a few unique & fun restaurant promotion ideas (for example, this unique restaurant marketing app actually pays people to attend restaurants). You should know that 85% of Americans use discount vouchers! Show you care about the environment by buying an artificial one that you can use for years to come, and decorate it with your staff. According to Zagat, 75% of people who browse food photos say they have chosen a place to eat based on social media. First, you have to decide the day and the particular hours when customers will have a chance to order food at special prices. One host. We have earlier showcased Poster templates for you and this time we are specifically targeting food promotion posters. Whatever your budget or time limit, you can find a couple of Christmas restaurant promotion ideas that work for your business. ***Download our free flyer designs for these 3 Christmas-themed events and start spreading the joy!***. Your customers just insert the code in the cart and the promotion shows up. By simply posting the photo of your food online, you can bring in your next customer. Here are some examples of what you can do to celebrate these 12 days: Day 1: Free dessert for people wearing a Christmas sweater, Day 2: 50% off all Christmas-themed drinks, Day 3: Everyone who posts a picture of your Christmas meals gets a complimentary coffee, Day 4: Customers who make reservations for Christmas Day get 10% off, Day 6: Everyone who donates to a charity gets a coupon for a free alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, Day 7: Open bar for groups larger than 10 people who make a reservation for Christmas Eve, Day 8: Bring a loved one and they get a complimentary dessert of their choosing, Day 9: Everyone who buys the full Christmas Day menu gets a mystery gift box, Day 10: People who subscribe to your newsletter get 30% off Christmas brunch, Day 11: Complimentary gingerbread for anyone wearing a Santa hat, Day 12: Free coffee voucher that you can use on January 1st with any purchase. Laura-Andreea Voicu is an experienced content writer with a knack for marketing and SEO. Encourage people to bring one dish each, with the promise you’ll be in charge of the drinks (open bar for everyone all night long featuring cocktails, long drinks, soft drinks, coffee, etc.). To attract even the most non-traditional of customers, let your restaurant Christmas specials speak for themselves. Last but not least, put the finishing touches on the Christmas atmosphere by putting together a festive playlist featuring beloved Christmas songs. Posters are one medium through which this activity can be carried forwards. Either way, this is how the promotions will look. Replace “playlist” with your restaurant’s name (e.g. If you plan to launch an online food ordering system at your restaurant or you are starting from scratch and wish to develop a restaurant website then contact us! Choose the meal in the menu that you want to apply a special deal to, set the discount in the UpMenu system, and notify your customers in the social media channels about the promotion. You can persuade your guests to order more and more often. However… 6. You can serve dishes like: For that sweet spot between morning and afternoon, come up with some festive Christmas brunch ideas that feature treats like: Don’t forget to cater to everyone’s needs by including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes on your Christmas menu. $5 off for every main dish plus dessert, e.g. Put some on your windows, around the bar, or even hanging from the ceiling. It’s worth considering for: new areas that you open for delivery, areas with high competition, areas with certain demographics (example: businesses special campus for which you could run ongoing lunch menus) and so on. Keep your blog regularly updated, but value quality over quantity.Discounts – modify the prices of your products to advertise items you would like to sell most. Without making their brand obvious, H&M managed to create a compelling story featuring quirky characters (that just so happened to wear H&M clothes). 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