This is, perhaps, equivalent to the Saviour's repeated command to "watch and pray." Sadly, Christian leaders often are the targets of vicious attacks from those that profess to be Christians. This man had stopped giving because he had heard that the former president of the school had two Cadillacs. 4. NASB (UPDATED) TEXT: PSALM 5:1-3 1Give ear to my words, O Lord, Consider my groaning. "In the morning." 4:17; Micah 7:7; Hab. 5:9 The psalmist is concerned about the words and deeds of his foes ("enemies," Ps. (This is) a song of David. An Verse 5. Even though we have been redeemed, we still have to fight against our old nature, which is prone to all these sins. Pray for them that hurt You, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit are priority in interpretation.   LORD, at sunrise you will hear my voice. In my judgment, we err if we are quick to tell arrogant, unrepentant sinners that God loves them. In a nutshell, he used these trials to draw near to the Lord. is everywhere. So, to summarize, Psalm 5 is David’s lament to the Lord that there are evil people using their words to destroy the righteous.   because of my enemies. As soon as I awake, I am still with thee, as he says Psalm 139:18. wants them to become his friends. Thou hatest all workers of iniquity. 3. Jesus said, "Love your enemies. It is idle to pull up the flood-gates of a dry brook, and then hope to see the wheel revolve. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. 1 Sam. What do you say that we bare our souls and each of us tell what his secret sin is? To be hated of God is an awful thing. When they fail, they pray Note how David describes his attackers (5:9): “There is nothing reliable in what they say; their inward part is destruction itself. We are live men who present themselves before a king without a petition, and what wonder is it that we often miss the end of prayer? The name Lord (5:1, 2) is Yahweh, the personal covenant name of God. I am finding out the greatness of Thy loving heart.”. Run to His loving arms! As our King, we can expect God to listen and respond to our needs as His subjects. Verse 4-6. What makes the difference? destroy themselves. He was not a stranger in God’s presence. The mercy of God should ever be the foundation both of our hope and of our joy, in every thing wherein we have to do with him. Bible word. He prayed to God about them. Let us learn to pray, not for ourselves only, but for others; grace be with all that love Christ in sincerity. Romans 2:5 . 1. lead (Qal imperative) me in Your righteousness (see Special Topic at Ps. John Wesley attributed his long life and health to his consistent practice of rising at 4 a.m. and preaching at 5 a.m.! There is, not improbably, an allusion to these customs in the use of the word here; and the meaning may be, that his prayer would be a regularly arranged service before God. Copyright © 2012 Bible Lessons International, Bob was born in 1947 in Houston, Texas. 12:2). David prayed often alone, yet was very constant in attendance on public worship. is really righteous, he calls his friends righteous. (Matthew 5: 44). Psalm 5 gives us some answers. The repetition conveys David’s honest, heartfelt cry to God. While the dew is on the grass, let grace drop upon the soul. God is a prayer-hearing God. Psalm 5 – A Morning Prayer. Why? 5:13). Psalms 68:21 ... Avoid all that Christ hates. NASB (UPDATED) TEXT: PSALM 5:8-10 8O Lord, lead me in Your righteousness because of my foes; Make Your way straight before me. 3. at the time of the evening sacrifice, about 3 p.m. loves them as well as you. If you would have communion with Christ in sweet acts of love, you must have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, nor those that act them. Learn more. But then it dawned on him that his predecessor had had two cataracts! Notice the different words the psalmist uses to describe his enemies. 5:5 "You hate" This is shocking to us—that YHWH, the Creator, the desirer of fellowship with all humans, "hates" (BDB 971, KB 1338, Qal perfect).   because you are so loving and kind. 12:20; 1 Sam. NET Bible, p. 854, #4) before me (the terms "righteous" and "straight" are related theologically). 5:7 In contrast to the faithless follower, the psalmist knows that because of YHWH's "abundant lovingkindness" (cf. This meaning of the word is not important for This psalm is titled To the Chief Musician. The LORD hates all people that do murder. As I said, it is not necessarily wrong to defend yourself against critics that attack you. Righteous What biblical principles apply. In Isaiah 21:5, it refers to a tower which has a wide prospect. “The Lord abhors the man of bloodshed and deceit” (5:6). Thou, O Christ, art the righteous Saviour, thou art the King of Israel, thou art the Fountain of blessing to all believers; thy favour is the defence and protection of thy church. He hated us for our sin and rebellion, but He loved us in Christ before the foundation of the world. They only speak what is not true. v7 1. hold them guilty — BDB 79, KB 95, Hiphil imperative (the opposite of justification), 2. by their own devices let them fall — BDB 656, KB 709, Qal imperfect used in a jussive sense, 3. in the multitude of their transgressions thrust them out — BDB 623, KB 673, Hiphil imperative (i.e., from YHWH's personal presence at worship, Ps. Then they will become God's friends. The psalm falls into two halves (1-7, 8-12), both of which follow the same outline: Verses 1-3 and verse 8 are parallel as prayers. him to take away their sin. The notion of looking "up" is not necessarily in the word used here, but it indicates the state of mind where there is deep and careful solicitude as to the answer to prayer. But both words are used of the tabernacle (Josh. He had a tent. 17:8; 36:7; 57:1; 61:4; 63:7; 91:1,4; see Special Topic below), 4. they love and exult in His name (see Special Topic below), 3. surrounds them as a shield (cf. 2. my King (the terminology comes from 1 Sam. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. Psalm 5 is another morning song. Verses 11 – 12: The psalm finishes with a forgive us when we ask him. A little sin is a great folly, and the greatest of all folly is great sin. That includes us ... if we ask! 3:13). Let holy preparation link hands with patient expectation, and we shall have far larger answers to our prayers. They need to hear that they are objects of His terrible wrath. own rules. I’m not sure how they came up with that idea! Christians must pray like David did. Finally he said, “Brethren, my secret sin is gossip, and I can’t wait to get home and talk to your church members!”. 5:1). Paul and Silas knew that joy when they sang praises to God from the Philippian jail after being wrongly accused and beaten. You, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit are priority in interpretation. really the enemies of God. The Story of Psalm 5. Thus the only way to draw near to God is with reverence or fear. 2:4-6 on anthropomorphisms. Verse 5. He has never broken his This psalm is also called a "Morning Prayer" because of the statement in Psalms 5:3.Any connection the psalm has with the life of David is unknown, because the prayer is appropriate for any individual at any time, especially when one is threatened by enemies. These discussion questions are provided to help you think through the major issues of this section of the book. The title of the psalm indicates that it was directed toward the Chief Musician, whom some suppose to be the Lord GOD Himself, and others suppose to be a leader of choirs or musicians in David’s time, such as Heman the singer or Asaph (1 Chronicles 6:33, 16:5-7, and 25:6). 13:9) We destroy ourselves if we do not ask God for help.