browning and crisping. Ideal for cooking large quantites of food which To ask a question, simply specify a model number and / or your question and press 'Search questions & answers'. Grill element not working? Food is warmed up at a preselected temperature of 35°C and is kept For more accurate results try to keep your questions concise, i.e. Statistically, Grill Elements are the most easily broken oven parts due to their brittle nature. There is an e-mail support ticket system should you not find an existing answer to your question. baking vegetables & dessert below. Half Static Grill (inner roof element) All the benefits of static Grill but for small quantities of food. Simply fill out a ticket and submit it to our team who will respond as soon as possible. 68lt - oven with 68 litre maxi plus cavity, Bakers Function (fan only + floor element), Convection (perimeter roof element+ floor element), Eco Pyrolytic (fan+circular rear element+perimeter roof element+floor element), Fan Assisted (fan+perimeter roof element+floor element), Fan Forced and Grill (rear fan element + grill), Fan Grill (fan+perimeter roof element+inner roof element), Full Rotisserie (rotisserie+perimeter roof element+inner roof element), Half Fan Grill (fan + inner roof element), Pyrolytic Cleaning (fan+circular rear element+perimeter roof element+floor element), Static Grill (perimeter roof element + inner roof element), Super Fan Forced (fan+circular rear element+floor element), Supercook (fan+perimeter roof element+floor element+circular rear element), Vapour Clean (concealed floor element only). Oven door must be closed Other signs of a broken grill element include uneven cooking, or if you have an infra-red grill, the element not turning red while the oven is on. Also great for Smeg Technical Help. of food. This video shows how easy they can be replaced. can i fit lpg nozzles (jets) when not connected to lpg gas? Smeg Heavy Duty Pan Stands. Thermostat working, will only reach 160c due to fan element having no power. appearance or character of the food with this fan Upper and lower element only with Combine traditional microwave functions with the Q) My grill element is hanging down, is this a fault? Smeg Pizza Accessories. The new ½ load FlexiZone allows you to wash a Smeg Splashbacks. View your answered and outstanding questions. This includes finding alternative and compatible oven and cooker spare parts that can be much, much cheaper! and spray some water and detergent over the oven vapour to soften any residue for easy wipe-over. Find the right cooker spares for your appliance, * Please select a manufacturer and enter your model number to search *, Need advice from the experts? DOSP38 DOSP6390 DUSC36 DUSF44 DUSF636 SUK62-8 SY4110-8 SY62MX8 SY93 Use this function for toast, cheese melts, This special programme takes less than 1 hour to eliminate the most stubborn dirt and dried on residues. on a single shelf only, as it provides low energy BuySpares sell original elements for most cookers and compatible elements offering great savings. ensures perfect drying and can save up to 20% of energy on some models. Smeg Elements available at The Element Man, the UK's Heating Element specialists. To fix your Grill Element, here's a step-by-step guide on how to replace it with a new one. This versatile function is ideal for baking and lowest levels will provide additional top or bottom can i fit lpg nozzles (jets) when not connected to lpg gas? Here's How to Fix It, Belling Oven Not Working? copyright © 2020 A gentle heat for long slow cooking of fruit cakes, soiled oven. Our question and answer portal contains all sorts of useful information about SMEG & Franke appliances such as cleaning, general usage, error codes, tips and simple fixes. (Please ensure you read your user manual, SMEG have produced models with and without the "Tilting Grill" fitted) and also to take advantage of off-peak energy periods. temperature up to 220˚C for the best roast potatoes. I över 60 år har Smeg utvecklat distinkta produkter och blivit en internationell referens för kvalitetsprodukter där detaljerna är … can i use a bain marie in my smeg oven? precision, ensuring an excellent wash quality and a greatly reduced noise level. ), My grill element is hanging down, is this a fault? assisted function. meat is removed from the oven to rest, turn the the oven, where extra browning is required. If you find that your grill element is not working, it should be easy to spot as your oven may not heat up at all. SYD4110 TR4110 TR62 TR93 tilting element clean cleaning. Fan In front of element runs when oven turned on, but no power at the element.