This is after a poll by Synovate indicated that more than half of the population was unhappy with how the government had conducted its affairs. Together with his two other co-accused suspects, Head of Civil Service, Ambassador Francis Muthaura and former Police Commissioner Hussein Ali, the trio honoured the ICC Summons that sought to determine whether their cases met the set standards for international trials. [124], His government's first year in office received low ratings from the general public. Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate were respondents in these cases and were represented by Fred Ngatia and Katwa Kigen respectively. He has since visited Botswana to remove this perception and Botswana voted in favor of the AU's ICC Resolution. He attended secondary school in Nairobi and later traveled to the United States to study political science at Amherst College. The successful election of TNA's main candidates (Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto) continued to enhance TNA's viability. [77], There was some discontent with the official results, as would be expected in such a hotly contested election, especially in Raila Odinga's strongholds. [111] He has successfully rallied the AU against the ICC culminating in an Extraordinary Summit of the African Heads of State which resolved that sitting African Heads of State should not appear before the ICC. ", Though Uhuru had previously dismissed ICC summons,[57] he changed his decision along the way. However, it had been perceived that his administration's relations with Botswana were strained due to Botswana's support of the ICC process. One of the leading national newspapers noted that Uhuru Kenyatta had been out of the country 43 times as of November 2015[121] in a period of about three years since he took office in 2013, as compared to 33 times over a span of 10 years by his predecessor Mwai Kibaki. [2] He has been to married to Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta since 1991. Kenyatta did not speak in court, but denied the charges in comments to journalists as he left the court to catch a flight back home. He said Prime Minister Raila Odinga should take political responsibility for the acts of violence and killings that followed the 2007 presidential elections in Kenya. [127] In 2015, due to allegations of corruption against some members of his government, his poll ratings dropped to his lowest rating yet at 33%, according to an Infotrack poll. [11] Kenyatta ran as KANU's candidate in the December 2002 presidential election, but lost to the opposition candidate Mwai Kibaki by a big margin. [14] He was elected as President of Kenya in the March 2013 presidential election, defeating Raila Odinga with a slim majority in a single round of voting. Various opinion polls prior to the election placed Uhuru as one of the main contenders, and his Jubilee Alliance as among the most popular. In remarks to open the two-day workshop, Kenyatta noted that on a continent of around 1.3 billion Africans with a median age of around 20 years, there is a very tangible underlying sense The groups were the Coalition For Reform and Democracy, CORD, led by Raila Odinga, and the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AFRICOG). This move by Moi was seen as a ploy to install Uhuru as a puppet so that even in retirement, Moi would still rule the country through Uhuru and presumably insulate himself against charges of abuse of office that plagued his presidency. He told the three judges that "by telling his supporters election results were being rigged, fanned tensions and then failed to use his influence to quell the violence that followed the announcement of the 2007 presidential results. Kenyatta noted that on a continent of around 1.3 billion Africans with a median age of around 20 years, there is a very tangible underlying sense of urgency when it comes to expectations of government. Overall, the post-election violence of 2007 is said to have claimed about 1300 lives. [42] Raila Amolo Odinga disputed the election results at the Supreme Court which however held (7–0) that the election of Uhuru was valid and such irregularities as existed did not make a difference to the final outcome.