Not only can DIY coffee decor save you a ton of money, but it also adds a unique style that customers won’t be able to find anywhere else. Perhaps because they have more children? Add bright lights to bring out the shine on those stainless steel appliances you use to make the trendiest new coffee blends. Get your restaurant set up for success with Upserve! Think of art sparingly hung on the walls and clean and sleek lines on everything from your furniture to storage. If this sounds like you, look no further for inspiration. Loyalty discounts never go out of fashion. Restaurant Insider is your source for restaurant news, trends, information, tools and conversation. It would be great if your coffee shop could attract not only coffee but also art lovers. A post shared by Niche Lane (@nichelane) on May 31, 2019 at 12:43pm PDT. Whether you’re daydreaming about the future or you’re invested in a space and eager to open up, these unique coffee shop decor ideas are the place to start. If you’re planning on serving up crepes with your coffee, having Parisian cafe decor is a huge selling point. For those looking for a softer solution, a bookcase containing fairy tales, sheets of paper, crayons and some board games would be enough. Minimalism is coming back in a big way when it comes to coffee shop decor. Whether you’re daydreaming about the future or you’re invested in a space and eager to open up, these unique coffee shop. By the end of this post you’ll have a unique coffee shop idea of your own! Download the How to Design a Restaurant Guide. The key here is to let raw elements shine in their natural states. In Northern Europe, coffee shops with a play area have become popular. Smooth white walls with tan counters and tables to match can create a clean modern look any 21st-century coffee-lover will love. 7 Tips to Immediately Boost your Business. Wall decor, curtains, and unique decorative pieces from the days of old can help pull together the theme, keeping the coffee (and nostalgia) brewing. My job as the stewardess is to keep it organized and stocked…, Marksson on Instagram: “A dark themed, industrial kitchen designed by @caroline.kincheski . He spent many more years in the service industry, and brings his knowledge and love for the restaurant-world to Upserve where he provides the best restaurant technology to restaurateurs around the country. Second, don’t shy away from bold colors—they’re what separates Latin American decor from many other types. Putting it out to pasture and getting a new one is always an option. A post shared by retna pujiarti (@retna.pujiarti) on Jan 10, 2018 at 10:00pm PST. In Italy, there are so few that the opening of a new one triggers word of mouth between families with children. If the wall is plastered, part of it could become a large blackboard for customers to write their thoughts. A post shared by Theo Kain | Travel Life Art (@kainblog) on Jun 1, 2019 at 7:06am PDT. A post shared by Isabela Cantarelli (@belacantarelli) on May 26, 2019 at 8:40am PDT. After ordering their cappuccino, customers are invited to pick a cup or a small ceramic or chalk statue and, paint brush in hand, let their creativity flow. Whatever you do. There is something peaceful about the smell of coffee and watching the snow fall outside. When it comes to decor, focus on keeping it cozy. 50 Cool Coffee Shop Interior Decor Ideas Most of us go to coffee shop, and I must confess that I can stay there forever drinking coffee and talking to my friends. staircase that leads to more seating above makes it a great place to while away an afternoon. Repurposing that gem full of sentimental value is also another route worth looking into to. Ryan McSweeney started his restaurant career as a dish-washer at the Sundae School Ice Cream Parlor in Dennisport, Massachusetts. Stimulate customers senses even more than the coffee you serve with some eclectic cafe decor. The idea is simple: you take a book or you can leave a book. The plan goes something like this: create a beautiful space where you spend your days roasting coffee beans and serving up delicious drinks to the people who will eventually become your regular customers. Sprawling coffee shops like Starbucks are the antithesis of the tiny, local Italian spot. Pottery cafés usually dedicate one day a week to ceramics and offer standard coffee shop service during the rest of the week. As such, you don’t need to sweat it out when coming up with one. The buyer of the brick may colour it or write an inscription. It's super time consuming, a lot of hard work, & it kind of rules your life for a while. Is Your Coffee Shop in Crisis? A vintage-inspired coffee shop takes inspiration from the days gone by and brings it into the modern day. If the wall is made of exposed bricks, you could sell the bricks virtually and give the proceeds to charity. Once everything has been set, from the drying to the price of the small statues, the café will become the place to be for all ages. So many Mexican coffee shops are filled with two things: books and great music. Looking for more decor inspiration? Fill your spot with furniture from local woodworkers and add handmade cushions of comfort. What to say... First of all THANK YOU for everyone who supported this market of ours from near and far because it was AMAZING for our second year hosting The Found Cottage Mercantile Market & I felt all the good vibes and prayers you sent our way. After ordering their cappuccino, customers are invited to pick a cup or a small ceramic or chalk statue and, paint brush in hand, let their creativity flow. Play up natural light as much as you can and keep your dishware simple, and you’ll nail the rustic vibe on the head. With the right cups, tables, and utensils, this just might be the style to drive the most Instagram-worthy results.