Vance’s bestselling 2016 memo, If you glean anything from watching Shawn Mendes’ Netflix documentary In Wonder, it’s that Mendes really, really loves his girlfriend Camila Cabello. Learn to let go and trust that they will be … In that way, "Us" and "Get Out" are part of the same universe, and we can't wait to see the next nightmare Peele has in store for us. The people aboveground don't view The Tethered within either of those constructs. It's "Us" but also US. Account active Much like "Get Out," this nightmare has a dizzying ending that will leave you weighing different theories in your head long after you leave the theater. Red puts on Adelaide's "Thriller" tee, which is one of a few Michael Jackson references in the film. 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In the end, fake Adelaide wins. - I thought I already done told y'all to get off my property. The scene is portrayed in an almost sentimental light to the tune of the early '70s flower power song, "Les Fleurs." The film's final act begins with Adelaide Wilson on the search for her lookalike, Red, who has disappeared with the Wilsons' son. In the video above, we unpack all of the hidden meanings and social commentary within the film's last couple of scenes. We can see why they'd choose her as their leader. It’s a happy ending for just about everyone at the end of The Princess Switch: Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for Hulu’s Run. She had the strongest drive for revolution because she was determined to take back her life. This time Adelaide goes deeper into the fun house. Us Movie Explained: The Tethered, Hands Across America, Jeremiah 11:11, Rabbits, and Fan Theories ... both in terms of growing our community and in terms of keeping our moral … This time, our protagonists are the Wilsons, a family of four who are attacked by their deranged doppelgangers. Now she's finally returning to the site of this traumatic experience. Perhaps that's why when they finally get their revenge, they attack the throats of their targets, right around the voice box. This presumably is one those tunnels where The Tethered have lived underground all their lives. This article and accompanying audio shows some of the many Wonder movie lessons that are evident in this astounding movie. face to face with your evil twin is creepy. Earlier in the movie, Jason lodged his toy ambulance in the closet door to provide an easy escape, which we now see was a little coin of foreshadowing. It's also very scary and violent. Adelaide described herself as the shadow self of her impostor. This time though, we're shown that flashback in its entirety, and now we know what really happened that night. The violence is intercut with flashbacks to both women as young ballerinas, one performing above ground and the other dancing down below. Also, those strange inflections in her speech. Peele doesn't want us … Another is the single glove worn by each member of The Tethered. In the movie, this was all kickstarted when Red, Adelaide's double, broke free from her connection and rallied the Tethered after a dance recital. Red had attacked Adelaide, dragged her underground, and handcuffed her to a bed so that she could then take Adelaide's place in the real world. Much like "Get Out," this nightmare has a dizzying ending that will leave you weighing different theories in your head long after you leave the theater. So the cute little bunnies you see hopping around when they're out of their cages? “I think one of the things in a horror movie that can challenge the scariness is when the answers are easy and it is tied up in a nice, neat bow.”, As for why Peele chose to mainly express these problems through doppelgangers, that reasoning, The Meaning Of Jordan Peele Movie Us Is Very Complex, From the looks of the trailer, Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy looks like a melodramatic movie made in a lab to finally get Glenn Close or Amy Adams their, Typically, when actors finish playing the same character for nearly a decade, they mostly seek out projects that put distance between themselves and their, By now, you’ve probably heard that Hillbilly Elegy is bad —  really, really bad. - I didn't ask to see who was driving, I asked to see his ID. It makes sense then that the real Adelaide was the only member of The Tethered who could speak. He added that he wants to give audiences just enough to let their imaginations run wild without giving them concrete answers. They were forced to eat rabbits — uncooked, might I add — in order to survive. We need to stop bullying, show kindness, share our stories and listen long enough to see what is on the inside instead of what is on the outside. The climax of the film arrives when Adelaide finds Red, and the two finally face off. This Old Testament verse describes God's revenge on covenant breakers. Meanwhile, the sister Zora's double is called Umbri, the plural form of Umbra, which means the darkest part of a shadow during the total phase of an eclipse. After it's all over, Jason looks strangely at fake Adelaide as if he recognizes something somewhat off about her. As she's in the midst of killing her double, we hear a lot of guttural sounds, the kind of sounds that The Tethered use to communicate.