We may earn commission from the links on this page. The eureka moment happened when I realized that it's not so much the cheese and chocolate that taste great together, but that corn and chocolate taste great together. It may have taken my generation a few trips to Lisbon and Barcelona and Tokyo to realize it, but canned fish (or “conservas,” or “tinned fish,” depending on who you ask) is a whole category of its own, full of carefully crafted specialties with the potential to reinvigorate your home cooking — and snacking. Basically the difference is in the species. If you’re feeling really fancy, add a few lemon wedges, a bit of quick-pickled fennel, or a little bowl of onion jam to this snack spread. Get Yourself a Specialty Soda, as a Treat, Turn All Your Brownies Into Frozen Chocolate Bars, Take a Break From Instagram Aesthetics and Enjoy Some Good Ol’ Slop, Mindfulness Is Overrated. Woof. Fatty fish. What’s your favorite recipe for canned fish? Learn more and get started here. The 7 best and 7 worst canned foods from Aldi. I really got into the flavor combination! Canned fish is already risky business to begin with, then to pair it with a sticky-sweet milky substance is just adding fuel to the fire. Combo #1: Canned sardines with condensed milk. Sardines packed with tomato sauce or spicy peppers are great thrown in a hot pan with some garlic and shallots, with eggs cooked into the mixture shakshuka-style and a handful of parsley sprinkled over the top. And if you’re still feeling on the fence about these tiny fish (or if you’re trying to convince someone in your household to give them a shot), a classic pasta con le sarde rounds out the fish’s flavor with plenty of sweetness from onion, fennel, and wine-plumped raisins. It reminded me of something I grew up eating and cherishing—a sweet Taiwanese tinned fish called "Old Fisherman Roasted Eel"—so by the end of the tasting, I was fully amped to get cooking. Worst Sandwiches: Avoid These Diet Wreckers. Tinned, canned, jarred, preserved: these sea creatures are a pantry must-have. All rights reserved. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Here’s How to Make Takeout Feel Special. + #PaleoIRL, our new cookbook all about making Paleo work for a busy life is now available! The big problem with canned fish – especially fish canned in plain water – is how to make it taste good. We recommend 3rd party products via affiliate links. You can turn almost any can of sardines, whether it’s packed in tomato sauce, with pickled peppers, or with bits of lemon peel, into a perfect backyard (or living room) picnic with a few slices of buttered bread or a stack of saltines. To make the canned sardines less...mushy...I breaded each filet in cornstarch then fried them in peanut oil until golden and crispy. Sardines, bone-in salmon, and bone-in mackerel are all common examples. It’s the only way it can be preserved.” Keep the canned variety around for mashing into vinaigrettes for at-home Caesar salads, sauteeing into garlicky oil to begin tomato sauces, or for punching up the umami in a meaty braise. and more news to start your day, The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Worth Checking Out, A few of our favorite things on sale now and through the weekend, America’s Dive Bars Are Among Those Hit Hardest by Alex Trebek’s Death, The dive tradition of watching ‘Jeopardy!’ over beers and shots will end with Trebek’s final episode on December 25, Family of a Publix Employee Allegedly Not Allowed to Wear Mask Is Suing the Chain for His Death, Gerardo Gutierrez, a deli worker described as ‘friendly, dedicated and charismatic,’ died in April after contracting the novel coronavirus, 8 Highly Giftable Cookbooks by New York Chefs, These new cookbooks are perfect for those missing their favorite NYC restaurants, Stock Your Pantry With Ingredients from Around the World, Care of These Online Shops. One thing I decided could elevate this pairing was adding some sort of a crunchy texture into the mix. *) and celebrate all processed melty cheese products. And yes, it can even be tasty! Canned fish: it’s more than an emergency dinner when you don’t have any other protein in the house. Will a Cafeteria Tray Solve All My Problems? Wild-caught, sustainably-harvested fish. Got one to share? I was so looking forward to this combo because I love Cheetos to no end, and I love chocolate (like 99% of the world's population). Some people are totally happy to eat a room-temperature can of sardines just dumped over some salad greens with a drizzle of mustard, but if you want some extra tips on making salads delicious, take a look at this list of ways to jazz them up, or try…. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The texture is quite special, too: lighter than the densely crunchy Cheetos, but not as airy as the puffy variety. I took the condensed milk and mixed in equal part Sriracha and a squeeze of lemon juice, whisking it until it resembled a smooth mayo-based special sauce. See our ethics policy. it’s actually pretty easy to can fish yourself at home, Salmon and Beet Salad with Spicy Dressing, this recipe for curried shrimp and spinach. “You can’t go wrong with sardines,” says Zumpano. The freshest news from the food world every day, A Starter Guide to Buying, Eating, and Cooking With Tinned Fish, Sign up for the According to a Scientific American Report, if you want tuna that’s low in mercury…. The bigger the fish, the higher it is on the food chain, and the more chance it has to accumulate mercury from all the other fish it eats. Absolutely fantastic. In spite of what you may have learned from your parents or grandparents, canned seafood is a lot more than just a practical and economical way to shop for a big family. While there are plenty of specialty anchovies out there (like Spanish boquerones) that are designed for snacking, as Intriago explains, “An anchovy that is in a grocery and is shelf-stable is going to have a high content of salt. I, for one, adore cinnamon raisin bagels (maybe even more than I love an everything bagel *gasp! These are the best of the best—which is to say, these are also the worst of the worst. Paleo Leap does not provide medical or nutritional advice, treatment or diagnosis. These recipes make canned fish into a “real” main course for dinner, so you don’t feel like you’re just eating out of the can. Combo #3: Cinnamon raisin bagel and sliced American cheese. I mean, remove the conventional taste buds that you've been indoctrinated by and gaze upon how good this looks: To be completely honest, this combo really didn't need to be taken to new heights—it was pretty satisfying as is. newsletter, Kamala Harris Hopes You’ll Be Comforted by Her Cornbread Dressing Recipe This Thanksgiving, Plus, hazardous crockpots. If you’re not mixing it with a fatty dressing (like mayo), buy the stuff that comes packed in olive oil. Some people are happy to eat it straight out of the can, with nothing or just with a little salt and pepper, but it’s perfectly reasonable to prefer something slightly more sophisticated. Read the full disclaimer. Bring Back the TV Tray, Stop Using a Microwave or Oven to Reheat Pizza, Make Restaurant Leftovers Your Cooking Superpower. Get it now here. Anna Hezel is senior editor at TASTE and the author of Lasagna. 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