QAS Qasim Khanate For example, many users will need to hit Alt+Fn+kj to open the console, while others may need to activate numlock (which may itself require the Fn key, such as Fn+ScrLk on a Thinkpad X61 or Fn+F6 on a MacBook) and then hit Alt+kj. AMG Armagnac will force an heir succession for England, but it will fail to work without the country tag in caps. MEI Meissen PEG Pegu SAV Savoy CHP Champagne What do I do? BRR Berar CEP Corfu MSA Malaya The country tag for Salzburg in Europa Universalis IV. Gives maximum papal influence to the player's country. BND Bundelkhand KUR Kurland HAN Hannover NAV Navarra Adds +5 merchants to the player's stock of merchants. SUL Sulu Personal tools. BUR Burgundy HRE Holy Roman Empire COR Corsica It also lifts Fog of War everywhere for 1 day. POL Poland MTR Mataram BOU Bourbonnais NOL Northumberland This page was last edited on 27 June 2015, at 18:55. Be very careful about entering a parameter with an out-of-bounds value—especially ID #'s—as this will cause a CTD. MLO Milan RIG Riga PAL Palatinate BIJ Bijapur KBO Kanem Bornu kill BRU. Please read before contributing. CRO Croatia PIS Pisa You can help EU Wiki by expanding it. The country tag for Pomerania in Europa Universalis IV. KHI Khiva PUN Punjab TIR Tirol New heir is born for the target country (this is only effective on monarchies). I have a notebook, and no numpad. These are defined in the common\decisions folder, where you can find all the decision names. POR Portugal KOL Cologne HED Hedjaz In addition, the discovered map of the prior country will "follow" the player to the new country as the map graphics aren't updated. Adds +5 spies to the player's stock of spies. VIJ Vijayanagar, GRE Greece ANH Anhalt All of the 'General Cheats' are verified, so make sure that your spelling of the code is right. MYS Mysore STY Styria For example. BRU Brunswick KHD Khandesh For example, typing in event 1054 ENG (case sensitive) would fire event 1054 ("Become an elector") for England. SIC Sicily TAI Taira CRE Creek NZH Nizhny Novgorod Increases prestige of player country by 17.5%. Where the "[" and "]" characters are not entered, but used on this page to denote the parameters (specifications) of the command. CHA Champa BOH Bohemia MLD Maldive MAI Mainz GAL Galicia YOR York, BRZ Brazil KAZ Kazan RYU Ryukyu MLW Malwa CRN Cornwall MOR Morocco MAZ Mazovia SIL Silesia ZAZ Zaporozhie, ALH Haasa Note that you can change it by both positive and negative amounts, but it can't go below 0. SUK Sukhothai TIB Tibet BRE Bremen TUR Ottomans ADE Yemen, AKK Ak Koyunlu HAB Austria Some of these codes don't work! LAN Lancaster Brunswick has 2 provinces within it at the beginning of the game. CAT Catalunya WARNING: While this command doesn't cause a CTD, it has some minor bugs. GBR Great Britain FOI Foix WBG Wurzburg COL Colombia Codes and other parameters should ALWAYS be entered in lower-case, with the important exception of country tags which should ALWAYS be in upper-case. TYR Tyrone PAR Parma (This is true for most people; see the FAQ below for other cases.) Changes the government of the target country. MEX Mexico ETH Ethiopia Note that windowed mode is not well-supported for general Windows play. (This may not be the actual command, though this function exists in the executable.). Prints a small summary of the target country's current tech progress to the Console Window. RFR Revolutionary France Allows the player to switch between countries in-game. SAX Saxony If in doubt, save your game before doing anything! (This command may be disabled. KHA Mongol Khanate GAK Gakwar BOS Bosnia PER Persia MUR Murom HUN Hungary TVE Tver SCO Scotland CRT Crete What's wrong? A country tag is the unique three letter combination that identifies each country. You may need to improvise and respond to various unique scenarios that do not occur in the guides. REB Rebels FIN Finland EPI Epirus Some useful event ID's are also provided in the next section. Adds +5 colonists to player's stock of colonists. Unknown effect which requires unknown parameter. HIN Hindustan SYR Syria Newer Dell notebooks may use Fn+F4 to activate NumLock (symbol for NumLock is a number 9 in a padlock). HOL Holland Countries with a crown () after their name were added in Heir to the Throne, while those with a kabuto () were added in Divine Wind. MAR Maharasthra BRI Brittany SPA Spain, AQU Aquileia BAN Banten ), Reloads map. PRU Prussia WUU Wu This can be used in the tag command to play as Salzburg. (. ANS Ansbach These are defined in the common\events folder, where you can find all the event id #'s. ACH Achaea ALB Albania ATH Athens BOS Bosnia BUL Bulgaria BYZ Byzantium CEP Corfu CRO Croatia CRT Crete CYP Cyprus EPI Epirus GRE Greece HUN Hungary KNI Knights MOE Morea MOL Moldavia MON Montenegro NAX Naxos RAG Ragusa RMN Romania SER Serbia TRA Transylvania TUR Ottomans WAL Wallachia Please help update this page to include information on the DW expansion. MUN Münster Many codes can be unloaded by repeating the command, but sometimes reloading the save or exiting the game is necessary. PEU Peru BHU Bhutan Arsenal of Democracy Europa Universalis 2 Europa Universalis 3 Europa Universalis: Rome Hearts of Iron 2 Hearts of Iron 3 Steel Division Tyranny Victoria 1 Victoria 2. AST Astrakhan TRI Trier USA USA ULM Ulm POM Pommerania MIN Minamoto TRE Trebizond, ALG Algiers THU Thuringia MKS Makassar These are Strategy guides based on player experience. WES Westphalia SOK Sokoto NOR Norway Adds +5 diplomats to player's stock of diplomats. The command to play as Brunswick in EU4 is:. BUL Bulgaria CHL Chile Requires additional commands, Enemy province defection (only if you're occupying it), Boundary Dispute (gain core on neighbouring province) (province event, you will gain core on one of the provinces BORDERING the province ID you use), Gives diplomatic insult CB / improves relations with neighbors, Army Tradition and minor investment (5027 in Divine Wind), Turns selected country into a Revolutionary Republic, Turns selected country into a Constitutional Monarchy, Sets capital + random province to Protestant, enables Reformation, Sets capital + country religion to Protestant, gives Reformation money, enables Reformation, Sets new legal heir from your dynasty in random country with royal marriage, New heir named Alexander / New heir named Caesar. CAS Castille However, gameplay may not necessarily be as per the guides due to the game's dynamic nature. TAU Taungu Its government type is a Theocracy. KRK Carnatic DAI Dai Viet TUN Tunisia, KZH Kazakh Note that you must exit the game in order to reset this mode. MAJ Majapahit SPI Sardinia-Piedmont tag BRU. VEN Venice, BRB Brabant VNZ Venezuela, DNZ Danzig This list is a compilation for all versions. UTR Utrecht, ARM Armenia The command to kill the ruler of Brunswick is:. ORL Orleans We recommend that these guides merely be used as a source of advice used to help develop your own strategy. BAS Ahmadnagar The country tag for Wurzburg in Europa Universalis IV. EU4 Country Tag List Find below a list of all countries and country tags in Europa Universalis IV. RYA Ryazan TOU Toulouse, AAC Aachen LNA Lan Na SAR Sardinia PAP Papal States There's also. SON Songhai DLH Delhi XIA Xia, ASS Assam ORI Orissa PRG Paraguay BHO Bhonsle Be careful too to only insert spaces between a command and parameter(s), and not within a code or a parameter, as spaces are used by the game to distinguish between the elements you enter. MUG Mughal ALB Albania A full list of event ID #'s may be found here. TEU Teutonic Order, ALE Alençon